10/9/16 Dinner Party

Dad had his friend, “His Royal Gines*,” over for dinner last night. Mom made the occasion into a little dinner party. She used the nice dishes and glasses and everything looked sparkly. She told me not to jump and put my paws on the table, because I might accidentally pull everything down. So, I was good and kept all paws on the floor.


(*Gines is prounounced, “He-nez”, and one time, cb said, “His Royal Gines” and it kind of stuck.)

The fresh grapes and triple cream brie smelled wonderful, but Mom told me I could not have any Demon Grapes, because they are bad for dogs. She did slip me a little piece of cheese when no one was looking. Yum!

We were all happy to see Gines. Last year, you may remember, he’d had a run of bad luck where he was very sick and in the hospital, and then he lost his job. Gines is an artist and a hair designer. He had owned an upscale salon and retired. Due to the economy, his retirement was short-lived and he had to go back to work. Gines is a Continental gentleman from Venezuela, and has lived all over the world. He speaks fluent Spanish, French, and Portugese. English is his fourth language. We love Gines very much. He is family to us.

After dinner, Mom cleared away the dishes (she didn’t want anyone else to touch them) and Gines and Dad talked business while I got comfy on the couch.


They talked for a long time. Gines needed a new cell phone, and Dad was helping Gines pick out one that would be most helpful in his (Gines’) job. They talked for a long time, comparing prices and plans and “no contract!”

By this time, Mom was finished with the dishes and had seated herself next to me with a cup of coffee. Jamie was finishing up a project, and it was getting late.

Gines left amongst hugs and handshakes. It was a nice dinner party, and I will be happy to see Gines again, hopefully soon!

Woof! Love, Maggie




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