1/28/17 Maggie’s 6th Birthday!

Woof, Everyone!

Today is my 6th birthday. I started the day out with a warm sponge bath, which I enjoyed very much. Then Mom and Jamie surprised me with an unexpected trip to the Vet. I didn’t mind, because my new Vet is super sweet and will give me some squeezy cheese if I let her put that funny silver thingy on my chest. She also sits on the floor and plays around. She’s a good Vet.

Mom and Jamie took me to the Vet because they have been worried about my allergies. As you can see from the pictures below, my eyes have been very runny. Mom has been bathing my eye area with a soft cloth and warm water, but she was worried because these tear-stain crunchies seemingly are getting worse.

Doctorย has me on Benadryl and eye drops. I don’t mind the Benadryl, because Mom hides them in peanut butter, but I’m not thrilled about the drops.

Anyway, the doctor clipped my nails, exclaimed about how clean and infection-free my ears were, and gave me a belly rub and the squeezy cheese. She also said my teeth were great! She and her assistant are very nice people. We walked through the clinic, then we came home.

Mom broke out some presents:


I got some peanut butter Dreambones, which are delicious and no rawhide (allergies), and a new tuff toy to play with. The other two things are my new medicines. Jamie said I photobombed the picture, but hey! It’s my birthday!

The doctor also suggested Mom give me some plain rice with my kibble and maybe some chicken or hamburger since my tummy has been touchy. Mom cooked these delicacies and let them cool while I begged for a sample. Then she mixed it in my kibble and I had a great birthday dinner, and all on doctor’s orders!!

Later on we played with my new toy but I was guarding it from the human sneak-thieves, who like to throw it down the hall:


See my newly-manicured nails? Also, you can see the tear stains, but Mom promises they will be gone very soon.

Anyway, thank you for sharing my birthday! I hope you all have a woof-derful weekend!

Tail wags, Love, Maggie


31 thoughts on “1/28/17 Maggie’s 6th Birthday!

  1. hitandrun1964

    Happy, birthday sweet Maggie and you are soooo lucky to be loved so very much. Your mom takes such good care of you. You’re a sweet girl and I’m happy you like your new toy.

  2. Deziz World

    Happy Barkday bootyful Maggie. Sorry you had to go to da VET on your special day. Mes mew sissy Raena has those nasty eye leakys too. We use a purroduct valled Eye Envy. It’s good fur doggies too. They also have ear stuffs too. Ya’ might check into it. Raena didn’t like those eye drops either, but she’s purretty good ’bout da eye envy eye wash. And then da powder to whiten things up again and stop da infection and cut down on da stainin’. Hope your day is purrfect.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      Thank you! Mom used to use the “Angels Eyes” and it worked really well but then they changed the formula and now…not so much. Have a great Sunday! Woof!

  3. Amy

    I’m sorry we missed your birthday, but most important is that you had a good day with great foodables. Maggie, if I bleached our new Lucy totally white, you two would be twins. We know she is some kind of bullie mix. Do you know exactly what your breed(s) is?

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      Somehow this was in my Spammity-spam folder. I am an American Staffordshire Terrier. They gave me the dna swab when I was in the shelter. Lucy is a beauty. I hope that helped! Woof!


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