3/8/17 Mom’s Return Visit to RA Doc

Today, Mom had her two-month follow up appointment with her RA doctor.

In case you missed it, let me recap: In January, Mom was diagnosed with early-stage Rheumatoid Arthritis, a progressive auto-immune disease. Mom was given some medications (that were very expensive) and caused her some distressing side effects. Chris (cb, http://www.contrafactual.com) sent Mom the links to some videos by Dr. Terry Wahls. He also advised Mom to pick up the book, “The Wahls Protocol“. cb has blogged about this before, and Mom was really interested!

Mom watched the videos, bought the book, and she and Dad embarked on some significant lifestyle changes; including, but not limited to, eliminating inflammation trigger foods like gluten, dairy, eggs, and sugar; ingesting a whole lot of fresh fruits and vegetables; incorporating Juice Plus+ into their diet (also see cb’s blog for this), and returning to the gym for regular exercise. 

Back to today. The doctor started the appointment by telling Mom she looked great and said that she seemed to be doing very well on the medication. Mom took a deep breath and said, “No.” She then handed the book to the doctor, explained that the medication really bothered her stomach, and her wallet (!), and she had decided to take on an all natural approach. They talked some more, and Mom proudly said that she’d lost 12 pounds since she’d last seen him (the doctor) and anticipated losing more weight, and that she felt, “90% better”. Mom said if she can’t reverse the RA, she’d like to stop it dead in its tracks!

In a nutshell, the doctor was very happy with Mom’s progress and suggested a “wait-and-see” approach. He said that Mom had to closely monitor her symptoms and make sure she wasn’t ignoring any signs that the RA was getting worse. They discussed this some more, and he also suggested that she slowly and carefully try out – one at a time – the eliminated foods to ascertain which ones were the triggers. He then reiterated that she looked great and to come back in four months, but not to hesitate if she needed an appointment sooner.

Mom is over the moon happy and gave me so many scritches and belly rubs when she came home! She kissed my nose and said, “Maggie, let’s try some scrambled eggs for lunch!” I can’t wait for a table scrap!

Please check out cb’s blog at contrafactual.com for more  information on Wahls, Juice Plus+, and just because it’s a fun website with lots of sci-fi and fluffy cats.

Woof! Thanks for reading!

Love, Maggie



18 thoughts on “3/8/17 Mom’s Return Visit to RA Doc

  1. Amy

    I think your Mom is so smart in trying this natural approach. If she is open to it, I would also recommend some Eastern techniques such as acupuncture. You should have seen how much it helped Lexi’s hip dysplasia! And my neighbor, who has an auto immune disease, swears by it.

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      Many years ago, Mom used acupuncture to successfully alleviate symptoms of endometriosis. She told me to say that. Those are big words for a dog. LOL Woof!!!

  2. loisajay

    This made me smile, Liz! Why some people are so receptive to pills when they could try an alternative. I’m glad your doctor was on board with this, too. Yay for you!

      1. Heartafire

        Tide says Woof, he hasn’t much of a tail but wags his”nub”. His mommie didn’t do the tail thing, he came that way. 🙂

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