4/5/17 Stop. Raining. Now.

ANOTHER cold, wet, rainy, grey day. It seems so unfair with parts of the country being in draught. We are inundated with rain. I don’t think the ground can take much more. I certainly can’t! Have you ever tried going potty with BOTH hind legs in the air?? It’s not an easy trick, but I hate putting my paws in the wet, cold puddles and mud!

Mom says James Bond has someone called “Miss Moneypenny”. Mom says she has me, “Miss Muddybelly”. Very droll!

I think Mom has gone stir-crazy. Wacko. Lost her marbles because of the lack of sun. Whatever. Today, she was cleaning the house for hours on end, moving the furniture, washing floors, pulling out that horrible vacuum. I looked at her like she was nuts. She even rolled up the rug and vacuumed under that. She took away all my lovely dog hair. Now I have to work hard to put it all back. She’s cuckoo.

Why’d she wash the floor, anyway? At least, why the one in the kitchen? As soon as I do go out, I bring in the paw prints while she chases me around with a towel. I guess that’s some measure of job security!

Meanwhile, I’m holding my bladder and finding all the blankets I possibly can.


Woof! Stay dry.

Love, Maggie



9 thoughts on “4/5/17 Stop. Raining. Now.

  1. Amy

    No, Maggie, your mom hasn’t gone bonkers. She just couldn’t stand looking at the dog hair and muddy paw prints any more. I’m the same way, Especially with two big shedding dogs and a muddy dog lot from where they’ve destroyed the grass.

  2. hitandrun1964

    Patio is flooded. At least the sun is out right now, at least for a few minutes. Yesterday was horrible, so dark and it never stopped raining. Blah. I think of you often Liz. I doubt the sun will las but even a few minutes is better than nothing.


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