5/2/17 Paper rockets

OH boy, Mom and Dad came back! They sneaked in during the middle of the night but I came downstairs wagging my tail anyway. I was so happy to see them! Even though all my caregivers did a good job, I still missed my human parents.

I have been very exhausted with stress and worry. I licked my paws a lot and Mom frowned on that, reminding me that the Vet says I will have to wear the Cone of Shame if I keep it up. So I knocked it off.

I will say that this trip they took was easier on me not being in the crate at all. I am very happy about that!

Today things were pretty much back to normal. Mom wasn’t feeling well from something she ate yesterday, and we took a long nap. In the evening, once the family was all home and settled, Jamie started making these paper rockets that he launched out of an old paper towel tube. Some kids will play with anything!

Naturally, I got very excited watching the Poof! and the ensuing rocket. First he tried launching a table napkin, but I got hold of it and tore it up to bits. Mom told Jamie, “OK, now you pick up all the pieces of slobbery napkin!” So he did. A couple of rocket configurations later, he presented the Treat Launcher. Basically, he folded a Post-It into a cone shape and stuffed a treat inside of it. Then he propelled it out of the paper towel tube. The rocket shot off in one direction, and the treat went the other way.

First, I grabbed at the paper rocket, but then realized a treat was in the offing. Quickly, I changed my tactics and darted after the treat. The paper rocket flew very well, and landed in the ceiling light of the kitchen. Jamie had to drag a chair over to fish it out of the light fixture.


Jamie almost got burnt on the light bulb, but at least I got the treat!


Love, Maggie



21 thoughts on “5/2/17 Paper rockets

  1. Amy

    How nice to have someone to play with, especially when they have a treat dispenser! I know you are totally over the moon happy your pawrents are home. ❤

  2. cb

    “Jamie almost got burnt on the light bulb” … yet another reason for replacing all your bulbs with LEDs. In addition to using a tiny fraction of the power they are very cool (in so many ways). You save money twice – less upfront power to the bulb and less heat for the AC to cool (using less power).

    Saving the planet one Watt at a time.

      1. maggie0019 Post author

        LOL. Jim mistakenly bought the “bright white” instead of the “soft white”. Way too harsh for the kitchen. So Jamie quickly installed them (3-60 watters) in the fixture in his bedroom. Viola! Instant Frankenstein-lab lighting. Ha ha! When he has his room lights on you can see it glowing from the street. Jamie also installed the remainder of the “bright whites” on the exterior of the house, so at night, it looks like some sort of alien craft has landed on our front porch!

  3. loisajay

    Liz–I am so saddened to read the post today. I could not like it because I will miss you and sweet Maggie. Please take care and come back when you can. I am not unfollowing you so I will be here!


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