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6/27/16 I’m not a good boarder

My humans went to Houston/Webster (NASA) Texas for Jamie’s Robotics International Competition. I will grudgingly let Mom post a couple of blogs about that, later. For now, my news.

I went to the Vet to be boarded. I’m not a good boarder.

While I was at the Vet, I managed to open my cage. I got out, and got into a fight with a dog that was much bigger than me:


The cut on my snout is stapled shut with a teeny little staple. I have to have it out July 5.

The Vet called Mom (who was really upset by this) and told her what happened. They treated my boo-boos at no cost, because they didn’t have me properly secured. Mom had given the staff my blanket and all my supplies and a BIG note in CAPITAL letters saying that I am not good with other animals. The people at the Vet were very nice. They always are, but they’re not my family, and I wanted to be home. Instead, they put me in another type of enclosure where I could move around a lot but it wasn’t considered a crate or a cage. Some sort of dog run.

This time, I didn’t think my people were coming back for me. I stressed and stressed and got blood in my poop from the anxiety. Mom is supposed to watch me, and believe me, she’s got an eagle eye on Yours Truly. Who is feeling much better and going to take a nap on the couch. My couch.

Meanwhile, Mom is tearing her hair out. She’s been trying to find someone to dog-sit in the home since last year, and everyone is saying they “don’t do overnights” because of liability. So the search continues.

Going for my nap now. I haven’t really slept well at all this past week.

Woof! Love, Maggie




3/16/15 The Honey Do Part 2

OK, so I have to tell you what happened today when Mom and Jamie went to the gym and I spent some time in the crate.

My crate faces the front door so I can keep an eye on the comings and goings of things. Off to the right is the door to the basement. Before the basement door, on the ceiling, is one of the light fixtures that Dad had to replace bulbs in, as his part of the Honey Do list this weekend.

I was kind of dozing, listening to the kids play basketball outside and with one ear to the “Ellen DeGeneres” show, when I was startled by a Pop! and a loud, Crash! The light fixture had fallen free, smashed on the tiles, and sent glass spewing everywhere. Some larger chunks skittered to a halt in front of my crate, while directly underneath the now nude light bulbs, there was an enormous pile of glass and dust that twinkled in the late afternoon sun like a pile of diamonds. Shattered diamonds!



There was nothing I could do but wait it out. I sniffed carefully around the crate, but no glass had made it in.

Mom and Jamie came home a little while later. Mom took me out and I immediately sunk, belly to the ground, and she asked me why I was cringing. Then she noticed all the glass. This was it! I knew it! I was going to be blamed for this.


However, Jamie sprang into action and grabbed the leash. He took me outside before I could step in any shards. Mom grabbed the broom, the dustpan, and Vacuum Cleaner, seemingly all at the same time. From my spot out in the back, I could hear Mom using some extremely colorful language through the open windows.

After the mess was cleared, and I was patted and petted and given a multiple treats, Mom called Dad. More colorful language. Dad: “*spluttering*”. Mom: “@##$%^$ could have cut the dog!”

Now, I’m not saying Dad put the fixture in loosely on purpose, but if he did, that would be a GREAT way to get out of the Honey Do. Just sayin’.


As for me, I’m just glad I didn’t end up with glass in my eye. And…I know nothing. I was sleeping in my crate. I know nothing, nothing at all!

Woof! Love, Maggie

2/14/15 A Valentine’s Day True Story

You may remember our human, Mike. He is the oldest human child (from Dad’s starter marriage) and lives in the big city.

Mike and his friend, Angel, were in a terrible car accident today which involved 18-20 vehicles including a semi truck. They escaped with minor bruises and injuries. Angel’s car is beyond totaled. Truly it was not their time.

This is what happened: the couple were en route to Springfield when they passed rural farm areas. It snowed this morning, and (with only the flat plains around) the wind whipping up turned the expressway very suddenly into whiteout conditions. Since it had been dry, people were whizzing up and down the expressway and had no room to maneuver when the whiteout hit.

Angel’s car was hit and sent spinning to the middle of the road. Unable to see, Mike and Angel got out and went to another car for assistance. After exiting the vehicle, it was hit numerous times. The car they got into was hit three more times. Thank God for Good Samaritans! Someone in the pileup was not so lucky and was airlifted to the hospital. We had some tense moments, but everyone on our end is now back at home safe and sound, although banged up and bruised quite a bit. Our thoughts are with the others involved in this accident.

So that was our Valentine’s Day gift of nail-biting.

On a happier note, Mom gave me a lovely, juicy bone for Valentine’s Day and says I am her sweetheart. I love my family! I took the bone nicely from Mom (no snapping) and chowed down.


Dad is making Mom her favorite meal of Black Pepper Tofu. The dish includes shallots, garlic, green onions, jalapenos, and ginger, amongst other things. The house smells delicious.

Last night, Mom made Dad and Jamie a roast beef and I got some of the gravy.

Wishing all of you a safe, happy, Valentine’s Day and lots of love from me to you!

Woof! Love, Maggie

8/13/13 Home Again, and an Emergency


Home again after my stay at the PetsHotel from PetSmart

The family went on vacation for the weekend, and I went to the PetsHotel at PetSmart.

But first…there was an emergency.  Jamie went out on his skateboard and fell hard and hit the curb with his head.  He also skinned his knee very, very bloody.  When he came in the house he asked Mom, “Can you do something about this knee?”  Then he asked, “Is there anything on my head?”  Mom stayed calm, dealt with the blood and the lump, and called the doctor.  Long story short, Jamie does not have a concussion but has to take it easy for the rest of the day.  He’s pretty shaken up.  He’s usually pretty good about helmets and all but you know, the one day he doesn’t wear it…he’ll be OK though.

This stuff with Jamie happened about an hour and a half Human Time after I got home.  Let me tell you, it was quite the welcome back! 

While I was at the PetsHotel, I was treated like a Queen Dog.  Every day I had two sessions of individual playtime, peanut butter treats, my dog food from home, the nice humans administered my allergy medicine, and I had my blanket and a T-shirt of Mom’s.  At first I wasn’t sure what was going on.  Being a rescued dog, naturally I thought I was being given a different home.  But I realized I wasn’t in a true kennel and that Mom wouldn’t have given me such warm reminders of home if I wasn’t going back.

Everyone at PetsHotel was very, very nice to me.  I loved my playtime and they told Mom I was a good girl and a pleasure to have, and they couldn’t wait to see me back again.  But I admit, I really missed my family and this morning, when I saw Mom waiting to get me, I was filled with joy. 

I really didn’t know how to act, though.  I didn’t jump, but I gave a lot of kisses and tail wags.  There were all kinds of dogsmells at the lobby of the hotel and I was busy sniffing as well as greeting my human.  When I saw the little car and climbed in, I knew I was going home at last.  It seemed like I’d been gone a long time.  I collapsed in the back seat.

At the house, Mom and Jamie were delighted with me and I had a drink and some treats.  Then I lay down on my blanket that Mom had put on the floor, but I realized how exhausted I was from being in the hotel and crawled upstairs to go to sleep on my bed.

I took a good, long nap for most of the afternoon and Mom says Laurel is coming to walk me since she has to stay with Jamie.  I’m going to just lay around until then.

I’m glad Jamie is OK, and I’m very glad to be home.  Woof!

Love, Maggie