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1/10/16 The Omni Hotel

Well, I got a big surprise this weekend when Mom and Dad left for an overnight stay at The Omni Hotel in downtown Chicago!

They went with their friends the Serafins (who always find the most incredible deals, and plan the most fun adventures) because it was Mom and Dad’s wedding anniversary on the 8th. So they celebrated in style! Here is Dad, looking dapper in their elegant suite:


The hotel was very luxurious and comfortable, and Mom remarked that it was a welcome relief to get a full nights’ sleep without having to get up at 1 a.m. to take me out! The nerve!

I stayed home with Erik and Jamie and had bonding time with the young humans. Erik had to work Saturday, so Jamie took great care of me while he was gone, and was the perfect young master. When Erik came home from work, we had pizza (cheese) and video games. We had lots of snuggle time, too.

Meanwhile, Mom, Dad, and the Serafins went to the famed Art Institute of Chicago and walked around, viewing and discussing the artwork. Mom told me it was a breathtaking experience, and that she wants to go back with Erik and Jamie when they have all day to spend. The Institute does not want pictures taken (the flash isn’t good for the art) but a lot of people didn’t heed the rules. The museum workers were on their toes, telling people “put that away” and “don’t touch”. They really must be vigilant to protect the precious works.

Mom loved the statues from India, Rome, and Greece, and the windows by Chagall, but Dad’s favorites were the portraits by J. Singer. He brought home a coffee mug (such a tourist) of the famous “Nighthawks” by E. Hopper. They had a fabulous time.

Later, they went out to dinner at the renowned “Lawry’s” restaurant. That has been open for about 40 years in Chicago. The restaurant is very old-fashioned, and they served the food from these Art Deco “California Zephyr” style buffet stations:


The weekend seemed to fly by. The humans don’t always get to “play tourist” and we all had a great weekend in our own way. Mom and Dad were happy to come home and see us all, though, and of course, I was a good girl while they were gone, and got the whole human bed to sleep in all by myself! I spent no time at all in the crate.

I hope you all had a remarkable and fun weekend!

Woof! Love, Maggie



5/12/15 My Two-Year Family-versary!

Two years ago today, my life changed forever.

I was not much more than a puppy myself when I was bred, my pups taken, and I was kicked out, shivering, into the cruel streets and the snow. Cold, frightened, confused, terrified even – I still trusted humans enough to let the kind people at the Animal Welfare League pick me up and bring me back to the shelter. I was grateful for a temporary home and to be out of the brutal Chicago winter. I was incredibly sad about my puppies.

However, although I was out of the elements, my future was uncertain and the months dragged by. I got sick twice. I wondered what would happen to me. The bright spots in my day were when the volunteers took me out and played with me. I loved that. But my anxiety and stress increased every day. I had a large sore on the top of my head from where I’d taken to banging it against the top of the metal cage.

Then on May 12, 2013, I met the people that I knew would be my family. True, they walked slowly amongst the kennels and looked at every dog. But they kept coming back to me.

When a shelter worker brought me to the back room to meet them, I tried to explain to them that they were MY people, by kissing them, hugging them, and leaning up against them with all my might. Truthfully I thought my legs were going to give out from underneath me. I never wanted to let go.

Oh, the joy I felt! I could tell they loved me back. The pats, kisses, smiles, hugs. They never wanted to let go, either. I wanted to go home with them there and then, but I had to have a “spay” first. The nice shelter people were going to watch over me a for day or two after the surgery, but my new family was so worried that AWL let them come and take me home just a few hours later. It was a delicate ride, with Dad going very slowly and watching every bump and pothole!

Like I said, that was two years ago. I still remember every detail. I remember the smiles radiating from Jamie and Mom; the smell of Dad’s hand as he reached out to – very gently! – pat my fur.

My life is so different now, so changed, and not just because I have a soft bed to sleep on and Mom’s arm around me every night. It’s because I have a stable home, an adoring family, and all the love that my big, big heart can hold. Sometimes, I’m so happy, I think it’s bursting!

It’s so good to have a place called, “home”.

Woof! Love, Maggie


6/5/14 Frustrated!

I’m so frustrated!  I have the pic of Jamie’s graduation, some cool pix from a retro car show we saw, and a snap of us going for ice cream (I got a Frosty Paws).  And nothing is loading.  Advice, anyone?


Oh, I received notification that it was my one-year bloggaversary.  So thank you to my readers, I can’t believe it’s been a year and I hope I can get this photo issue resolved!


Love, Maggie