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11/5/15 Hey, Guys!

Wanna play ball?


I do!


Woof! Love, Maggie


2/15/15 Sunday

Today was, by my standards, a good day. The humans got up early and Dad and Jamie headed out to the 2015 Auto Show, which was held at a huge convention center in Chicago.

They got to test-drive an Abarth by Fiat, which is the car Mom would like to get (it’s a turbo Fiat) when she gives Zeus to Jamie.


Mom and I had breakfast, and then I watched her get ready to go the “the gym”. But Mom had another trick up her sleeve. She pulled the big blankets off the beds and explained that the gym would be quick as she had to go to “the laundromat” to wash the bedding. Naturally, I helped by jumping into the pile of blankets and not letting Mom leave until I had decided she’d had enough hassling. Then I went into the crate.

Later on in the evening, I had to go back into the crate for a short time while my family went grocery shopping. I’ll tell you, I do appreciate the fresh treats when they come back!

Mom knew I’d be itchy from being cooped up so she got my new ball and threw it around. I loved that! I loved even more that the whole family got in the game. The humans chased me and threw that ball until I flopped on the floor, heaving and panting, and smiling my biggest smile.

Mom called Mike and he said he was OK today but felt like his butt “got a whuppin”. Mom said she could certainly understand that, considering the accident he was in yesterday! I was glad to hear Mike was doing as well as could be expected.

Mom’s meddling wasn’t done yet. Dad was parked on the couch in his groove, watching an old movie, “The Maltese Falcon”, starring somebody Dad called, “Bogey”. I lay down on my blanket to watch, too, but Mom interrupted, saying, “Jim, I hate to spoil your relaxation but it’s time for Pain Bills.” I do know Dad hates Pain Bills, because he always gets very grumpy. Mom explained that Pain Bills was so that humans can keep the things they have, like gas and electrical service.

So, they sat at the kitchen table and wrote out scribbley things and I licked Mom’s hand, but shied away from Dad, who still wore the Grumpy Look.

Jamie took me for a walk outside, where I saw those hockey players on the pond and barked and barked until he pulled me into the house. Finally, it was time for bed, and I was exhausted.


Happy Sunday, everyone! Woof! Love, Maggie

4/28/14 “Gimme Dat!”

Probably my favorite game to play with my humans is, “Gimme Dat!”

The game starts by me choosing a toy, bone, rope, stick, or the like, and prancing over to my respective human with my ears up and my eyes bright.  I take a couple of graceful little leaps to let them know I am in a playful mood.  They always fall for it.

Immediately, said human says, “Gimme dat!” and makes a grab for what I have in my mouth.  Tonight it was one of the indestructible Nylabones.  Mom tried to get a pic of me mid-air but alas, only had the following fuzzies to show for it:


Note, butt in the air, tail waving.  Mom says, “Gimme dat!” and I make a mad dash for the upstairs:


At this point, Mom was able to get the bone away from me and toss it down the hallway.  Scramble!  Pounce!  I win!

My humans are pleased with me, as I tended to be very mindful of my toys, and now I have learned to not be aggressive about them.  Mom has even taken a toy right out of my mouth with no repercussions from me.  I have learned that she is going to throw the toy, and then I will get it back.

Gimme dat!  I love this game!  I can play it all night.  Until I get tired, then I want to crash in my chair.  Unfortunately, tonight, I chose the ottoman, and rolled right off it.  Thump!

I played it off, though, by going into “belly rub” mode.  After I got my belly rub, I climbed back on the chair and settled down.


I’m a sleepy, good girl!  Woof!  Love, Maggie