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12/1/16 Happy 1st of December

Today is the first day of December. This morning, Mom gave Jamie a Lego Advent Calendar – he was very happy and surprised, and said, “You got me one of these?! Thanks!!” to which Mom laughed and said, “You’ll probably be getting one til you’re 25! You’re still my baby!” Which makes me chuckle inside, since he’s a man now, with a deep voice, and a good foot taller than Mom. I used to boss Jamie around like a puppy. Now I jump for joy when he comes home, like I do for Dad.

Mom gave me a spray bath, and had Dad switch the tags to my Christmas collar, which is red and has bells on it. I feel so clean and Mom says I smell good. I waited right by Dad’s feet to get my collar back on. He asked me, “What do you want? You want your collar?” and I nodded my head one time, like dogs will do. My collar is a very important part of my identity. When I didn’t have a collar, I lived in a cage, and slept on the floor. Or, I ran the snowy streets, and ate garbage. When I got my collar, I got my Family, and now I get tucked in with a blanket to keep me warm and snuggly and a pillow for my head every night. My collar means I am Wanted, and not Stray.


Mom took me outside to explore the yard (before my bath). It’s quite cold outside, and I am very interested in the furry critters that keep popping through the fence. Many of these animals are ferreting (get it? ferret!) around for acorns and nuts. I like to bark at them. Some of these are feral cats, who stalk the birds. They pay me no mind, and are very cool cats, indeed.

Last night, I made Mom take me out at midnight, and the whole yard was pitch-black and smelled strongly of skunk. Mom let me go about 2 feet into the yard, firmly told me to “go potty”, then marched me back into the house. She was having no skunk incidents, or I’d be getting a lot more than just a spray bath this morning!

Sending you all December Woofs and tail wags!

Love, Maggie



6/16/15 Maggie’s Walk

Yesterday was an extremely rainy day. Today, it was cool and bright and sunny.

Dad actually got a break in the middle of his day and came home to eat lunch. Mom suggested we use the time to go for a walk! Naturally, I was doubly excited – Dad home AND a walk. Hooray!

The humans struggled to get me into the harness. I wagged my bottom and licked their faces and rolled on my back and showed my belly. Apparently, this was not what they wanted, because Dad said in a stern voice, “SIT!” I sat.

Fortunately, from a lifetime of playing with Legos, Jamie’s hand/eye coordination is very good, and he was able to buckle the harness fairly quickly. Off we went!


Dad suggested we go to the Midlothian woods because it would be less crowded. That’s the neat thing about Dad being home; he always has good ideas about going places.

We got to the woods and walked for two miles. During this time I found every mud puddle and gave myself a beauty mud spa treatment. I saw two little yappy dogs and raised my ears to them but Mom gave me a firm, “Leave it!” so I left it. She said I was a good girl, and was even better when a strapping Staffordshire boy dog came my way. Again with the, “Leave it!” and more praise from Mom. Dad said I seemed more relaxed.

Then we came up to this little guy. I went over for a sniff, but Mom held me back.


He was a very interesting little fellow, and smelled like the pond near our house. When he saw me, he pulled his legs and head in his shell. Dad said the turtle looked hot and dry, so he poured a little bit of water near his head. The turtle stuck his head back out, and looked happy.

As we left the parking lot, a little bit of a Min-Pin stuck his head out the window of a passing van and yipped at me as if his very life depended on it. Jamie roared with laughter, calling it a “doggie drive-by”. Indeed!

When we finally got home, Mom and Jamie hustled me up to the walk-in shower. (WHY does everything have to end in a bath???!) Mom cleaned me with the Argon Oil shampoo, and soon I was soft as a new chick’s feather. “How do I smell?” asked Jamie (who is going to the movies later). “Like Funyons, and like you need a shower,” retorted Mom. So Jamie had to have a bath, too. Well, there’s some justice in the world.

Soon, I was ready for my nap.


Goodnight, all!

Love, Maggie

2/6/15 Update from Vet’s Visit

Yesterday, Mom and Jamie took me in the late afternoon to see my favorite Vet, Dr. Craig, over at Oak Forest Animal Clinic.

I LOVE going to the Vet! There are always new dogs to see, cats in carriers, many interesting smells, and lots of friendly humans.

One pretty dog that was there – I’ll call her Gingie – had a sad look on her face because she twisted her knee and tore something. Another very hairy dog, I think it was an Afghan, was there for a checkup.  A feisty Chihuahua came in to be boarded over the weekend, and when they went to take him in back, he put out his legs and put on the brakes just like I do when Mom tries to put me in the crate. It was an enjoyable experience to see fellow animals.

I waited my turn and even “sat” between Mom and Jamie. When it was my turn to be called, we went into the little examining room. I found a tuft of hair on the floor (probably from the Afghan) and started to eat it. Mom had a horrified expression on her face! She reached down and wiped the hair out of my mouth and said, “Yucky! Don’t eat that!” Sometimes I like to do stuff like that to Mom, just to keep her on her game.

Mom hoisted me onto the table when the Doctor walked in with his assistant. I immediately recognized him and went wild with joy. While he evaluated the bumps on my back, I tried to crane my neck around to kiss him. Eventually, he relented and let me lick his whole face and hands. Dr. Craig says that I am the happiest dog he ever saw.

Dr. Craig found some scabs mixed in with the bumps. These are from the thorn thicket that I ran through. So, since I have a mild skin infection from that adventure, he prescribed me some antibiotics and told Mom and Jamie to continue to bathe me with the Phyto-Vet shampoo. Then he poured some tickly stuff in my ears because he said they were “a little waxy” and he prescribed this ear wash for me, as well. So I have weekly baths and ear washes to look forward to (not), although I didn’t mind at all when Dr. Craig massaged my ears.

Dr. Craig then gave me a quick checkup and I scored very high. My teeth are good, and heart, muscles, eyes, and everything check out OK. Dr. Craig shook Mom’s hand and then Jamie hustled me out to Zeus while Mom paid the nice lady at the office and got my prescriptions.

Oh, the ride to and from the Vet’s office was uneventful since Mom had coated a motion sickness pill with peanut butter (yum!) and given it to me an hour before we traveled. My stomach is VERY touchy.

So, with nothing seriously wrong and a few baths in my future, I thought I’d post my after-Vet pic:comehither

I feel good! Have a great Saturday!

Woof! Love, Maggie

5/30/13 50 Shades of Gray Dog

It has rained so much that my nice bath is a thing of the past.  Every time I go out in the yard, I turn a new shade of gray on my underside.  Mom keeps trying to towel me off but she knows it is a losing effort.  I flopped down on the kitchen floor and left a huge mud puddle behind.  It has been raining for days now, so Dad says there is really no point in giving me another bath until things dry up again.  Until that time, Mom just keeps coming at me with the towel.

I have made friends with two dogs in the neighborhood, Hotchi and Blue.  Hotchi lives next door and Blue lives down the block.  Hotchi is smaller than me and very furry and looks a lot like a fox.  I see him almost every day.  Blue is black with white paws.  She is older and a guard dog I see when I am out walking.  Jamie says Blue has one blue eye and one orange eye.  I, of course, cannot see this.

Laurel says if I was an old fighting dog, I wouldn’t be getting along with anybody, but the fact that I can get along with other dogs proves that I am not a fighter.  Well, I know that.  I’m a lover!

9/26/14 Basking & Bathing

Mom’s been feeling better today, and treating me like a Queen lately! I’m not taking any chances, though, and have stayed glued to her hip.

Mom let me go out and bask in the sunlight for as long as I wanted (which wasn’t super long because I get sunburned). She took a picture:


Oooh I look all white and glowy.

Then, Mom felt well enough to coax me into the walk-in shower for a bath. By the time I was done shaking off (Mom first ambushed me with a big towel), she was as soaked as I was!

Mom always laughs at my crazy behavior when she takes off my collar. I always start streaking around like the Hairy Bullet. And of course, I am streaking – I’m naaaaaaked! Woo-woo-woo!

Mom says that I act like a Wild Thing without a collar. She tells me, “You must know that collar means you belong to someone, Maggie, ’cause you sure act differently without it!” She says that every time. I can practically predict it! Mom won’t let me out of the house without my collar, even though I am micro-chipped. She says it’s too dangerous for me, being classified as a Pitbull.

Mom knows I don’t like the blow-dryer, so she lets me play and run around with my toys until I get dried off. Then she puts the collar on and Boom! I start behaving again. I guess it’s because I know they are still keeping me. It’s a sense of security for me.

Woof! Love, Maggie (The Clean One)