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7/2/15 I Want To Help!

Today, the humans took all the sheets and pillowcases off their beds and washed everything.

The house was alive with the smell of Gain and Downy! I sniffed the air appreciatively.

Naturally, with all the activity, I wanted to help.


I figured I was helping Mom by keeping the pillows warm.

Then we moved on to Jamie’s room. I sprawled formally across his unmade bed:


We are still working on the train room, and we are making an addition to the train table. We put in the roll of carpet (which will be used after we get the plywood home; it’s 4’X8′ and won’t fit in Zeus the Fiat). I, of course, was interested immensely in the new table and tried to jump on it as a display of my enthusiasm:


I would have made it, too, if Mom hadn’t put her hand out. Foiled again!!

Now the beds are made and smelling great. I (almost) can’t wait til bedtime!

Woof! Your helpful friend, Maggie


12/14/13 A Blog in Pictures

The snow started falling last night.  It snowed and snowed and snowed until about 5:00 this evening.  Although I’m not anywhere close to being a snow dog, I still ran around a little in the backyard:


But then I ran into the house and jumped into bed with my blanket.


Jamie was supposed to take the ACT this morning, but it snowed so much we had to reschedule.  He was the true living snow legend, as the snow blower punked out on him and he had to do all the shoveling by hand:


Later on, after things had settled down again, Jamie built a Gingerbread Train.  I was so excited for Mom’s Super-Sticky, Sweet Royal Icing and more candy shrapnel falling from the kitchen table.  But Jamie was very neat and used all the candy.


Most of the time, when Mom opens the back door for me to go out, I slink around the other side of the kitchen table.  But she shooed me out of the door and I frolicked in the snow for a few minutes until my feet got cold.  (Mom and Jamie had bought me some booties, but they were too small, so I have to get another pair).  When I came in, I ran straight for my bed:


Dad says I have the right idea!

Woof!  Love, Maggie


9/25/13 The Joys of Sleeping

Last night I slept great on the Human Bed because of a “happy accident”.  See, Mom was in the bathroom, putting on her 15 layers of lotion (that tastes really good when I lick her on the face), and curled up in her spot next to the pillow.  Dad is still iffy about me sleeping on the bed, and he said, “Get that dog off the pillow!” Mom was all, “I’ve got to get into bed anyways” and tried – emphasis on tried – to scoot me over.  But all she did was succeed in getting my butt under the covers.

“Don’t put that dog under the covers!  Hey!  No!”

“I’m not putting her under the covers; she just ended up there.”

Well, once I got the feel of those cozy comforters, I knew…there was no way I was moving an inch.  Nope.  Besides, I was gassy, ’cause I gulped dinner down fast, and the blankets kind of muffled the fumes.  So it worked out for everybody.  I didn’t move a paw all night and in the morning, was the first to greet Mom as she groggily reached for the alarm.  Slurp!

Woof!  Love, Maggie



9/13/13 If You Don’t Like It, Don’t Eat It!


(Look!  I found Dad’s pillow!)

Today has been a great day for doing absolutely nothing.  The heat wave finally broke and it feels like cool Fall weather.  Mom has the back door and the windows open and a good breeze is going throughout the house.

Not that I’m using the back door much.  I’ve been sleeping up on the Human Bed all day.  Then maybe, I’ll lounge downstairs for a bit, possibly saunter outside for a moment, then back up to the bed, or possibly the couch.  I have recently discovered Furniture.  What a day!

Mom ate some lunch and heated up a flour tortilla on the stovetop.  It smelled interesting and I took my usual spot on the rug to wait for a tidbit.  Mom’s pretty good about sharing.  She gave me a small piece, and I sniffed at it gingerly, consented to take it with a face like that tortilla was killing me, walked near the kitchen table, and dropped it on the floor.  Then I came back to see if there was anything better in the offing.  There wasn’t.  “If you don’t like it, don’t eat it!” Mom said severely.  I caught up another piece of the tortilla, walked over to where the first one was sadly lying on the tiles, gave each piece a bit of a chew, then promptly spat them out.  I don’t think I like tortillas too much.  Mom cleaned up the gooey, pasty, mess, scolding the whole time.

Time for a siesta!  Ole!  Woof!  Love, Maggie