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4/30/15 You’ve GOT to be kidding me!

Mom headed over to the kitchen for a snack. I just knew it was time for something delicious!

I trotted along at her heels, and headed for my spot on the rug near the sink. I anxiously awaited for whatever mouth-watering goodie she may intentionally or unintentionally drop my way.

Mom was busy at the counter. I sniffed and sniffed. My tummy quivered! It was almost time!

Mom popped a bit of something into her mouth and started to chew. I put on my biggest, most pleading eyes and cocked my head a little to one side (humans love that) and soon Mom was reaching her hand out to me with an offering.

Eagerly, I took the morsel from her palm – and then YUCK! Spat it out onto the floor. You’ve got to be kidding me! I was this excited over an ORANGE??


(sighs) Well, Mom liked it.


Your disappointed friend, Maggie

2/10/14 Food

The weather is still very, very cold.  The snow is piled up several feet high – so high, that when Mom takes me to pick Jamie up from school, she can’t see around the frozen mountains and has to inch Zeus out a little at a time to make a turn.

Needless to say, I haven’t been going out.  I’m spending a lot of time eating, and thinking about food. 

This morning, after Mom gave me my breakfast, I went to lie down on my blanket in the living room.  That is, until I heard her open the bread wrapper.  Then I zoomed into the kitchen, skidded across the ceramic floor, and took my “spot” on the rug near the sink.  Mom is usually good about sharing her toast.  Especially the crunchy, sprouted, no-flour toast that she’s been eating lately.  With a little organic peanut or cashew butter on it, that’s good eating.  Yum!

The other day, Mom made a pan of lasagne.  It was big enough to cut into thirds:  one third for the first night, one third to be frozen and gifted to Mike, and the final third to be eaten today.  Mom wasn’t hungry at dinnertime, so I danced around Jamie’s chair, looking for a table-scrap handout.  When Dad comes home, I’ll repeat that performance.  Taa-daaah!

I have learned that good-to-eat things come out of Refrigerator, Oven, Microwave, and Toaster Oven (do not bark at him when he dings!)  Pantry is stocked, too, and when I hear the door opening, I come running.  That’s where the dog food is.  Don’t tell Mom, but I can actually “nose” open Pantry’s door and get at the dog food.  I don’t think she’s noticed.  Cabinet is the place for treats.  When I want I treat, I prance like a reindeer over to Cabinet, and make Mom laugh.  Then she’s good for about two treats.  I put on a quality show!  Don’t listen when Jamie says I’m getting fat – I’m just getting fluffy!

Woof!  Love, Maggie