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6/11/13 Chillin’ by the Pool

Today, Jamie officially opened his swimming pool.  His friend Paul came over with his mom, Donna.  I have to say, I was on my best, “company” behavior and was rewarded with lots of petting and treats!  I hardly jumped on anybody.  Laurel is going to be proud tomorrow.

For the first part of the afternoon, I stayed near the pool and kept a close eye on the boys while they splashed around and made lots of noise.  At first, I was uneasy, but gradually I realized they were safe and could handle things OK.  Mom said I looked like “Maggie the Lifeguard” watching them, and all I needed was a whistle around my neck and sunblock on my nose to complete the picture.

Once I figured out that the kids were doing fine, I decided to take a break from the heat myself.  Mom had popped up a big umbrella, and Donna unfolded some lawn chairs, so I trotted over to the shady spot between them.  I lay down so that I was halfway under Mom’s chair, and she could reach down and rub my belly, and I slept like that for the rest of the afternoon.  This swimming pool stuff may not be such a bad thing!  I think I kind of like it.