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8/18/16 Birthdays and School

My young human is getting old. Yesterday he turned 16. He would have gotten his driver’s license yesterday on his actual birthday, but the day before, Mom discovered a snafu with the driver’s ed class that he took in the summer last year. When that discrepancy is fixed, he’ll be able to get his license. Jamie was disappointed and frustrated, but he acted like an adult about it and said he understood that these things happen. Personally, I think he took this disappointment much better than most adults I know! Woof! He should be able to get his license in about two weeks.

Sunday, we had a birthday party for Jamie and his friends. Lots of nice young humans came over, and we spent most of the time outside. They swam, played bean bags, badminton, volleyball, and pickle ball. Naturally, I got in the games where I could. I also tried to sneak some birthday cake. I was so tired out by the time the last one left that I fell asleep on the couch. Mom practically dragged me upstairs.



Yesterday was, besides Jamie’s birthday proper, the first day of school. He had to wear his shirt and tie, because they were taking ID/yearbook pictures as well.


Here is my young human, all ready for the first day of school as a Junior.

The cool thing about it is, today he did NOT have to go to school, because it is the day the Freshmen have the school to themselves to figure out where they are going for classes. The schools did not do that when Mom was in high school back in the stone age. Way back then, they just threw everybody into the school and let them sink or swim. I think it is nice that the new kids have a day to get grounded in their new surroundings before the pressure of crowded hallways and trying to get to class on time. It’s much better on the nerves, I think.

Tomorrow is going to start early; that is, getting up at 6 a.m. for the first full day of school. Mom says that for her, “summer is over” because school has started and the daily grind of Fall is here already. She says she’s going to keep the pool open for as long as possible, though, and try to hang on to Summer for a little bit longer.

Best of luck to everyone starting school or a new venture!  Woof!

Love, Maggie





3/23/16 Puppy Day

I’m going to cover a lot of ground in this blog.

Yesterday was Doug’s (weggieboy’s) birthday. I don’t know how many candles, because cb (contrafactual) didn’t mention that to me. Doug is still in rehab and hasn’t gotten home yet. That doesn’t seem right to me, but I’m not “medical” I’m “doggical” and I know this dog would rather recuperate at home. Please keep Doug in your thoughts, and a Woof! and tail wags to cb for keeping all of us posted.

I would like to put my two paws in regarding the cowardly and despicable terror bombings in Belgium. My heart and soul go out to the victims of terror attacks. I stand with you, Brussels.

It seems that certain groups of people want all the people to be the same. We find this at home and abroad. However…

That’s not going to happen. Humans are all different and should learn to live together and respect each others’ differences. It’s way too much to hope that some day, humans will celebrate each others’ differences in religion and culture and attend each others’ festivals and the like to get to know one another better.

I wish, I wish, with all four paws crossed, that that could happen. But I know it won’t, and that makes me sad. Fear and ignorance make the humans hate each other. I’m a dog. I love everybody, so I don’t see why people have to shove (insert belief here) down each others’ throats. Just co-exist. It should be a no-brainer. Love is so much stronger.

On to other things.

Today is Puppy Day, and to celebrate, I have this nifty picture of me laying on Dad’s lap.


It’s really quite apparent that I’m light as a feather and he doesn’t even know I am there, shoving him off the couch. I’m really a 6 pound lap dog, not a 60 pound American Staffordshire Terrier. See? See? Dad doesn’t mind a bit.

Woof, you humans, woof. Paws crossed you have a dog in your life.

Love, Maggie



2/1/16 A couple of notes and The Wednesday Witch

  • Happy February! We made it through January! That’s something to celebrate!
  • I took a few days off to celebrate my birthday and ended up with a posse of computer problems. It’s so bad, Dad actually purchased a new (refurbished) Mac and we expect it some time this week.
  • Mom got a note from her Super Agent Nancy, and has been editing and reformatting the books all weekend. She kicked started the computer* about a dozen times, but got the work done. Please wish us luck! We have our paws crossed!wetnoms

That’s a picture of me diving into those luscious wet noms for my birthday. Nothing but dry kibble since then. Oh, yes, and then there’s the treats (before you go feeling sorry for me, woof woof woof!)


*When Mom was a little girl, she read a wonderful story called, “The Wednesday Witch” by Ruth Chew (the book is since out of print. Mom still  has a copy, and has read it to all the kids). Basically, it’s a story about a very imaginative little girl; a cat named Cinders; magic scissors (they don’t actually cut anything, just make the item smaller); a Wednesday Witch; and a magic flying vacuum (canister style) named James.

When the Wednesday Witch (her magic was strongest on Wednesdays, the day she was born) wanted James to fly, she would point the wand end straight out and arrange the hose behind her like a tail. Then she would administer a horrible kick to James’ sides.

When the imaginative little girl got James, she realized he would fly just by pointing the wand. James was very grateful not to be kicked. And this is how Mom imagines herself trying to get the computer to work. Straddling the unit, pointing the mouse into the air, and giving it a couple of good, swift, kicks.

Oh, another point. Every vacuum Mom has ever owned has been named, “James”.

Woof! Love, Maggie



7/20/15 “Mother Have Mercy” – Guest blogger, Mom

Hello, Maggie tells me many of you have sent birthday greetings and wishes for me and my husband, Jim. Thank you so much! I would like to share with you what I did on my birthday.

Maggie’s “older brother human” Erik came over and we went to this place called, “Art a la Carte” in Orland Park. There was a party of about 10 of us, and the gist of the thing was, you pay for an art class, bring a little snack and a drink, and have an art lesson. Art a la Carte supplies everything you need to create your own masterpiece, you bring the joie de vivre.

The theme of the party was, “Beach Bums”, and the painting was of three women sitting facing the ocean on the sand. The instructor shows you how to make the painting line by line. I REALLY was thinking of my friend GiGi when I saw all the art everywhere. I knew she would love this place.

Three of us, Erik, Deanna, and I, decided to be rebels and paint our own inspirations. The studio director politely told us that was just fine, but we had to sit at the end of the table so that others can see the lesson. Agreed!

Erik painted a lovely peacock. Deanna painted a lonely heart on a swing. I painted a sugar skull:


The caption is, “Mother have Mercy”. I hope you like it.

It was great fun and wonderful camaraderie.

Later, I got to see my (step)son Mike. I was so glad to see him, and the visit was much too short. It was great having all the kids in one place.

Overall, I would say, it was the best birthday ever.

Your friend, Elizabeth

1/27/14 Lurking

Can you see me? 


I found a good spot under the dining room table that allows my face to be in the sun, my butt in the shade, and a good view (if I turn my head) of the front window so I can spot intruders.  I like lurking beneath the table.  It’s hard for my people to wrangle me into the crate from here.

The news has been slow lately.  I mean, really slow.  The “polar vortex” seems to have come back, and everyone is house-bound. The only thing amiss I saw on the street today was a garbage can that got blown over.  So I put up a barking fit about that, hair raised and everything!  I’m a good guard dog, and if I see anything out of place on my street, I let everyone know.  Then I go back to My Spot under the table.  The sun feels gooood.  I’m glad that it is out.  I don’t like when we don’t see the sun for days at a time.  I can’t wait for it to warm up.  An added bonus to under-the-table-lurking:  when I roll over, I don’t fall down the stairs.  I have a “spot” on the stairs, too, but sometimes, I roll over in my sleep and tumble right down them.  Ouch!

Today when Mom checked the temp in Zeus it registered -6.  That’s no wind chill, either.  It’s too cold to snow, but the snow that we do have has been blowing and drifting.  The place looks like a white desert!  I have to wade through it to get to a clear spot in the back yard to do my business.  And there is a clear spot:  the crop circle where Mom and Dad put the pool up last year.  The snow blows right off it and lets me have a nice, round, target.  However, that stiff wind blows right up my tail, and I’ve been putting up a good fight about going out.  You humans have it lucky.  I have to run around in a circle three times in the snow before I can “go”.  (Don’t ask.  It’s a dog thing.)

Tomorrow is my birthday.  I’m going to be 2 years old!  Wait – in human years, I’m 14!  Maybe it’s time to show some adolescent attitude!  (“Here, sir, let me chew that shoe.”)  I’m excited about my birthday.  My people bought me a bag of stuff, but when I went to inspect it with my nose, they told me to “go lay down” and hung it up.  I hate being told to go lay down.  I’ve been looking at that bag all day and wondering what is in it.  Mom said she was going to make me a special birthday dinner, too.  I hope it’s wet food.  I’m getting tired of dry.  I’ll post again tomorrow and let you know how everything went.  Thanks for reading!

Woof!  Love, Maggie



12/18/13 1,000 Likes, A “Thank You”, and A Re-Introduction

I have been informed by WP that I have reached the milestone of, “1,000 Likes”.  While to some bloggers, this number is small, it represents a huge achievement for me.  (Tail wags!)  I want to thank you from the bottom of my Hairy Bullet heart for your Likes and Following my blog.  I know you could be doing other things with your time, and I try to put out a good, clean, blog for all to read.  I was excited a few months ago to have 5 Followers and 5 Likes, and I am just as excited today to reach this number with all of you.  Woof!

I was further nominated for A Christmas Bouquet (3 awards out of 48) by Ajaytao (Ajaytao2010@wordpress.com).  I am so grateful for his kind recognition.  If you are unfamiliar with Ajaytao, I urge you to check out his blog, and feast your eyes on his breathtaking pictures, his words of wisdom and sage advice, and poetic writing.  Thank you.

Finally, I wanted to re-introduce myself to some of my new followers.  I am Maggie, an American Staffordshire Terrier (commonly referred to as a “Pitbull”).  I am going to be 2 years old on January 28.  I was beaten, bred, my pups taken, thrown out into the street like trash, lived for 6 months without even a blanket in an animal shelter, and was put up for adoption by the kind, hard-working people there.  I was taken to my new home 7 months ago, and this blog is a diary of my journey from Shelter Dog to Family Pet, and my observations of Life As Seen By A Dog.

Thank you again for your support of my project, your kind words, and your time.  It means a lot to me!

Woof!  Love, Maggie