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1/7/14 Floats Like A Butterfly

Mom had four dark bananas, and she made an outstanding Banana Bread.  How do I know this?

To start with, I spent a great deal of time sniffing around in the kitchen.  Ahhhh!  Nothing like the sweet smell of a baking banana bread.  Mom opened the oven door, and took my quarry, er – the banana bread – out, and set it on a rack to cool.

Patiently, I waited, biding my time until Mom took the bread out of the pan and gave everyone (except for me) a slice.  Mom then went upstairs for a bath, and left Dad in charge.  That was the break I’d been waiting for!

Dad sat on the couch, “rocking his groove”, with one eye on the TV and the other on his tablet video game.  I quietly sneaked into the kitchen, leaped up on my powerful hind legs, floated like a butterfly in mid-air, craned out my neck, and snatched the loaf of banana bread right off the cutting board.  It was set back from the counter, but I can stretch my neck like a giraffe if I want to.  I devoured a fourth of it, and left the sad, half-chewed remainder of the bread on the ground for a snack to be had, later.

I should mention that, at Jamie’s insistence, Dad bought me one of those super-soft, fleecy blankets, just like the one Laurel gave to Mom for Christmas.  After gorging myself on the still-warm banana bread, I returned to the living room, stretched out on my soft new blankie, and fell asleep at Dad’s feet with a big smile on my face.  Dad knew nothing of the incident.

I would have gotten away with it, too, had I gone ahead and eaten the last of the loaf.  But as I was napping, Mom came downstairs from her bath and quickly surveyed the situation, summing it up with, “Jim!  This is what happens when I leave you in charge for 20 minutes!”  Fuming, she cleared away the mess and spent the rest of the night monitoring me for a tummy ache.

Oh!  I’m so good when I’m bad!

Woof!  Love, Maggie 

12/14/13 A Blog in Pictures

The snow started falling last night.  It snowed and snowed and snowed until about 5:00 this evening.  Although I’m not anywhere close to being a snow dog, I still ran around a little in the backyard:


But then I ran into the house and jumped into bed with my blanket.


Jamie was supposed to take the ACT this morning, but it snowed so much we had to reschedule.  He was the true living snow legend, as the snow blower punked out on him and he had to do all the shoveling by hand:


Later on, after things had settled down again, Jamie built a Gingerbread Train.  I was so excited for Mom’s Super-Sticky, Sweet Royal Icing and more candy shrapnel falling from the kitchen table.  But Jamie was very neat and used all the candy.


Most of the time, when Mom opens the back door for me to go out, I slink around the other side of the kitchen table.  But she shooed me out of the door and I frolicked in the snow for a few minutes until my feet got cold.  (Mom and Jamie had bought me some booties, but they were too small, so I have to get another pair).  When I came in, I ran straight for my bed:


Dad says I have the right idea!

Woof!  Love, Maggie


6/8/13 I Do Not Have Dog Breath – and other thoughts


I do not have dog breath.  I know this because I snuck into the laundry room and got out the box of Carpet Fresh that Mom uses on the living room rug, brought it out into the backyard when no one was looking, and sprinkled it all over the grass.  I’m feeling mighty fresh, myself.

Jamie caught me shaking out the box (Mom was in the shower; I’m determined to never let her bathe again) and ran after me with the hose once he took the box away from me.  I hadn’t eaten much, and Mom said it was mostly Baking Soda anyways.  So I got a nice shower out of the deal, too.  My people keep sniffing the air as I walk by.

* * *

Pitbull.  Mom cannot get enough of him, Skrillex or Will.i.am.  Fortunately, I have gotten over my fear of music, because she is playing it constantly!  Suddenly, she starts dancing around, and I like to join in on my hind legs.  I think I make a good partner.  Even though I’m not supposed to jump, Mom laughs and dances with me, but I usually give up first.  Mom tells Dad that if Pitbull, Bruce Willis, or The Rock shows up the house, she’s out the door.  I don’t know who those people are, but I’ve been keeping an eye on the front window, just in case anybody comes over.  I like to give everybody a good welcome.

* * *

Bad things happen to my tummy when I steal Brussels Sprouts out of the garbage.  Bad, bad, things.

* * *

If you’ve left me a comment or feedback, and I haven’t gotten back to you, I’m sorry, I’m still very new to this site and I’m learning.  I don’t mean to be aloof or unfriendly.  Give me some time and I’ll get back to you, just have to figure things out.  And I have to finish my nap and chew up this Rawhide.  Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment! 

* * *

I’m adorable!  And I love my blanket!  It’s the best blanket in the world.  Someone please come give me a belly rub – I’m about due for one.  Woof!

5/28/13 Sick as a Dog

Was I ever sick today.  First I had diarrhea in the backyard.  Then I threw up all over the back seat of the car when we took Jamie to school.  Mom said she was really glad she put a blanket down back there.  (I tried to help Mom clean it up by eating the puke, but she wouldn’t let me.)  Mom was really nice about the whole thing.

So I slept for most of the day.  Mom went to the Liberry to work.  She said she is “packing things up” and came home very, very sad.  I was in my crate for a long time today since I wasn’t feeling so good.  Mom and Jamie went out, but I didn’t really mind since I was just sleeping anyway.

When they came home, my stomach was feeling better, and I was tail-wagging again.  They made a really big deal about me.  Later on, a huge thunderstorm hit.  Bigger than the one we had last night!  My humans got ready with flashlights in case the power went out.  The thunder was very loud and the lightning was very bright.  I didn’t like it at all, and I barked and barked to tell it to stop.  The wind was so strong that the trees were bending over and some guy’s car down the street was making beeping noises.  My ears hurt.  I put my tail between my legs and dragged my blanket out from my crate and tried to dig myself underneath it.

Then Dad came home.  I was so happy to see him, I jumped up high and fell on my back.  But I was OK, and I didn’t care.  I was just relieved to see him.  The next time I looked out the window, all the rain was gone and the night was perfectly clear with the moon shining and the trees standing straight and tall.  I know it’s because Dad came home.  Dad makes everything better.