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6/27/16 I’m not a good boarder

My humans went to Houston/Webster (NASA) Texas for Jamie’s Robotics International Competition. I will grudgingly let Mom post a couple of blogs about that, later. For now, my news.

I went to the Vet to be boarded. I’m not a good boarder.

While I was at the Vet, I managed to open my cage. I got out, and got into a fight with a dog that was much bigger than me:


The cut on my snout is stapled shut with a teeny little staple. I have to have it out July 5.

The Vet called Mom (who was really upset by this) and told her what happened. They treated my boo-boos at no cost, because they didn’t have me properly secured. Mom had given the staff my blanket and all my supplies and a BIG note in CAPITAL letters saying that I am not good with other animals. The people at the Vet were very nice. They always are, but they’re not my family, and I wanted to be home. Instead, they put me in another type of enclosure where I could move around a lot but it wasn’t considered a crate or a cage. Some sort of dog run.

This time, I didn’t think my people were coming back for me. I stressed and stressed and got blood in my poop from the anxiety. Mom is supposed to watch me, and believe me, she’s got an eagle eye on Yours Truly. Who is feeling much better and going to take a nap on the couch. My couch.

Meanwhile, Mom is tearing her hair out. She’s been trying to find someone to dog-sit in the home since last year, and everyone is saying they “don’t do overnights” because of liability. So the search continues.

Going for my nap now. I haven’t really slept well at all this past week.

Woof! Love, Maggie




4/12/15 I’ve been away

Sorry I haven’t written. I have been away at Canine Obedience. Mom pulled a fast one and took the family to Starved Rock for a weekend trip, and that landed me back with the Alpha Male for some dog time and re-training. Mom says Starved Rock was really beautiful, and she will do a post about it, so you all will know what a special place it is.

I was so lonely without my family. Granted, I have loads of fun with the Alpha Male, and we run and play a lot, but at night, I missed curling up on the bed next to Mom and Dad. So I was incredibly happy to see my family, smiling at me after pulling up in Dad’s van. The Alpha Male and I were seated, looking out of the window at the school, and saw them in the parking lot.

Mom jumped out of the van first and was all smiles as she opened the door. Even though I was filthy from playing outside, and must admit, somewhat smelly, she enveloped me in a gigantic hug and kissed me on the nose. Dad said I was a good girl and gave me a couple of pats. Then we were going home.

The drive home was uneventful and soon I was wagging my tail at the sight of our house. Mom had commented to Dad that I was very quiet in the car and looked serious. I was serious! Going home was serious business to me.

I came in the kitchen and drank a whole bowl of water. Then Mom took me out and I went to the potty. The next thing I knew, I was in the bath. Phooey. Actually, I didn’t mind so much because, truth me told, I could smell me, and I didn’t want to stink up the bed. So I stood quietly for my bath and even let Mom put my ear drops in. I gave a good, soaking shake when I got out and then lay down on my blanket.

I’m sure you can understand that I am over tired and to-the-bone-exhausted. I’m going to sleep now. I’m glad to be back, and I missed you all very, very, much.

Woof! Your friend, Maggie


2/24/14 Mom Writes: Mad as Heck! Maggie Injured While Boarded!

Because I am currently talking with their Corporate Headquarters, I am not going to name where Maggie was boarded for one night this weekend and came home, cringing and injured.  Here is the story:

We had a function to attend this weekend and it would have necessitated Maggie being in the crate too long.  She had fully recovered from her skunk incident, and was feeling excited and chipper, so we decided to take her to ___________________, where she has stayed before, and has had good experiences there.  I dropped Mags off Saturday morning and picked her up Sunday evening. 

Maggie seemed dazed and disoriented when I picked her up.  I thought perhaps she was moody or angry with me for dropping her off, so I didn’t push her.  She got home, refused to go out, refused food & water, and headed straight to her chair (where I set up her blanket) and passed out for 4 1/2 hours.  As soon as she crawled on the chair, I noticed my dog was injured and took the following pictures:




Note the scraped nose, the bloody elbows and inner thigh injury.  As you know, Maggie just had her nails clipped and, other than having a cracked nail, was cleared as perfectly fine by the Vet, and she didn’t have a scratch on her when she left my home.  I should know, I had given her baths and checked her all over from the skunk issue!

Maggie slept through me taking these pictures.  I called the facility but they closed early on Sunday.  I called the Vet.  They said to keep the areas clean, apply Neosporin, and watch her behavior for vomiting and diarrhea.  I know Maggie was in pain because we tried to give her a treat and she could not sit down.  She didn’t even eat the treat.  When I called out to Jim to look at her elbow when she was awake, just the sound of my raised (not yelling) voice caused her to cringe as if I were going to beat her.

All night Maggie slept in her chair.  I stayed on the couch and did not sleep.  Monday morning I called the boarding place, and the manager there basically told me that Maggie had done well, showed a little signs of agitation (not enough to warrant a call to me) and that it was her decision to upgrade her room.  I told her that it looked like someone had dragged my dog across the floor.  I said, “I’m not saying that happened, but that’s what her injuries look like, they are abrasive wounds.”  The manager responded that no one in her employ would hurt my dog and because my dog has a thin coat, anything could have irritated it.  She implied that the bath Maggie had before coming home could have caused the sores.  She further told me that Maggie tried digging out of her room and that caused the injury to her nose.  I had repeatedly told these people that Maggie was a shelter dog and COULD NOT BE KENNELED because it causes her to freak out.  When I asked why I was not notified of Maggie’s injuries, I was told that they were unnoticed.

I realized that I was not going to get a conclusive answer so I ended the call.  Laurel came and stayed with Maggie while I was at work.  When I came home, I called the Corporate Office and registered a complaint.  It will take 3 to 5 days for someone to get back to me.

Maggie has begun drinking again, ate a little, and has been sleeping a whole lot.  She can sit again and has used the “outside area” a couple of times.

Maggie sends her love and, although she can barely wag her tail, would wag it at all of you if she could right now.  I’m just on monitoring mode and letting her sleep.  I’ll keep you posted when someone gets back to me from Corporate.

Your friend,