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9/10/15 The Jesters Festers, and the New Collar

We have a lawn service to keep the front, side, and back yard, trim and clean. They just cut the grass, and do not do weeding or bush trimming or any other thing of that nature. This frosts Mom’s cookies (we have a pretty good-sized lot, all told), because she thinks it is unreasonable to employ someone to just to cut the grass.  Mom calls these lawn people the Festers, but lately, she’s been calling them, “The Jesters”.

Dad thinks the Jesters are funny. Dad has a strange sense of humor. The Jesters have flooded our basement by cutting our hose with their powerful lawn mower, and this flooded our window well and hence the basement. They’ve cut open a couple of our seasonal “pop up” pools. They’ve destroyed dozens of solar lights, and at least two of my tie-down tethers for when I’m out back. Dad says to Mom, “Don’t say anything. I want to see what they will do next.” Mom thinks Dad is nuts.

When Mom put up the latest casualty, she mentioned to one of the Jesters that the tie-down was right here (indicates in the grass) and said, “I wouldn’t want you to mess up your nice lawn mower.” Said Jester then ran right over it. Again and again. The tie-down, which should support dogs up to 150 pounds, began to lean over at a crazy angle. After a couple of weeks, Mom began to worry, and upon further inspection, noticed that the rubber-coated, wire cable had been tied in knots in a couple of places to hide where it had been sliced in two. Mom mentioned to Dad we might need yet another tie-down. “Ha-ha-ha-ha!” Dad laughed. The Jesters were doing their job.

Jamie built a nice bonfire the other night when it was a little bit cool. We all went out to enjoy it, and Dad put me on the tether. Mom raised an eyebrow. The humans took their seats and all admired Jamie’s nice, bright, fire. Everyone relaxed.

Suddenly, out of the bushes of the side yard, one of those feral kitties came bounding out! Quick as a flash, I jumped up to give chase. Snap! Went the plastic fastener on my collar. Snap! Went the wire cable. Snap! I bolted through the fence, making a large hole, only to realize a split second later that I was a) out of the yard, and b) my collar was gone. By this time, the humans were on their feet, hollering and chasing and waving their arms. I slunk back to the fence, feeling naked without my collar.

The humans used a lantern to find my broken collar. There was just enough of the plastic fastener to hold me if I didn’t pull. I was feeling sheepish, so I didn’t pull.

Jamie ran around to the side yard and clicked the collar on. Then he gently put on the leash and put me in the house to cool my paws while the humans went back to the bonfire.

The next morning, Mom surveyed the tie-down. It was completely out of the ground. She grit her teeth, and went out to the big box store to buy another.

Dad, meanwhile, wasn’t laughing so hard anymore. He bought me a new collar with a pretty bow on it, and he made sure the fastener was metal. You can see the bow better in the second picture.

Woof! Love, Maggie




5/7/15 Visitors!

Yesterday was a very exciting day. We had lots of visitors!

Dad took the day off to watch over Mom, and after he brought Jamie to school, he came home with Mom’s sister (Auntie), her niece (Val), and Uncle Rick. Mom was overjoyed to see them, especially since Auntie has been so sick. (Mom says Auntie still looks very thin but is at least up and around.)

We all went out in the back and sat under the umbrella. Mom kept her foot up and all the ladies chatted. Jamie came home from school not long after (Dad had to pick him up) and the men decided to demolish the old swing set that was rotting away in the back yard.


I was having a blast! Mom connected two tethers so I had lots of room to roam without the danger of me going through a hole in the fence. I rolled in the grass, chased fat bumblebees and birds, and played “stick” with Uncle Rick and Dad. Mom made sure my water dish was outside and filled and I drank and drank and drank. Uncle Rick works with horses and he knows about dogs, too. I was so happy!

Dad grilled some food and everyone ate while the sun set. Then we had a surprise, because Auntie’s other daughter, Heather, stopped by. Our Erik couldn’t make it though, and we missed him a lot.

Pretty soon, Jamie had to go to play floor hockey and Dad lit the bonfire for Mom and everyone else. He took Jamie to the game while Mom sat with her crutch and the rest of the family around the blaze. They talked and talked until the stars came out. At first, I was “on guard” near the fence, but when I saw that nothing was happening, I lay down in the thick grass near the humans and rested. It was very dark, and the stars were twinkly, and the heat of the fire warmed my fur. I slept a bit.

Soon, Dad and Jamie came home and everybody had to leave. Mom says it was the best day, and she wasn’t lonely, and it was like having a party in the middle of the week. I myself loved it because I was out all day and got lots of playing and attention. As soon as the humans left, I stretched out as large and as long on the human bed as I could and fell fast asleep. What a great day!

Today we are all tired. I guess that is to be expected! Mom goes later to have the bandage changed on her foot. She is doing well, and says that yesterday was like a shot in the arm for her.

Woof! Love, Maggie

5/23/14 The First Summer Bonfire

I guess technically, Summer doesn’t start until Monday.  But with today’s fine weather, Jamie and Mom decided to light the first bonfire of the summer.

They waited until the sun began to set and when it was near dark-time, Mom started the blaze in her little outdoor firepit.  I was excited to be outside and played with my stick (which actually is a wiffle bat that I run around the yard with).


Mom brought out a plate of something that smelled delicious, and in short order, she and Jamie were roasting marshmallows on long sticks.  I had forgotten about marshmallows.  It’s been a long time since roasted-marshmallow time!


Mom dropped a marshmallow and said I could have it.  It smelled burnt and at first I didn’t know what to do with it.  Mom stuck her finger inside the confection to show me it was still good.  So I pawed it, licked my foot, then promptly devoured the marshmallow.  Delicious!

The fire was warm, the air was sweet, the grass freshly cut, and the wind chimes sang softly from the front porch.  Mom leaned her head back and started counting stars.  I sat next to Jamie and hoped he would drop a marshmallow, too.  The night was perfect!

It got darker and darker.  Jamie cuddled down into his coat as the breeze picked up.  Here, he’s being all anonymous:


(That coat is huge on him!)

Finally, Mom said I was getting a little too interested in what was going on beyond the woods, and the humans packed up and went inside.

I had a lot of outdoor time today, so I am good and tired!

Woof!  Love, Maggie

10/11/13 Camping in the Backyard

Jamie, Mom, and I are camping in the backyard tonight!  I’m so happy!  Here is a pic of me with the tent and, as you can see, I am mid-tail wag!  I can’t wait to get inside the little house with my people. 


We’re going to have a bonfire and S’mores (I can never figure out that name), too!  Of course, no chocolate for me but sometimes I snag the odd marshmallow off the plate!  Mom has a good book she is reading aloud to Jamie so we’ll have story night, too.  I’m so excited!

I hope everyone has a great Friday night!

Woof (under the stars), Love, Maggie

6/18/13 On Summer

Summer is almost here, and we have already settled down into our hot-weather routine.  This is fine by me as I love routine and don’t like disruption.  It brings on an anxiety attack!  I like my humans in their places, where they’re supposed to be, when they’re supposed to be there, doing what they normally do. 

My Summer day usually starts around 7:00 a.m.  Mom and I get up first.  Mom lets me out, wakes up Coffee Maker (another growly appliance), feeds the goldfish, feeds me, and then I go out again.  Mondays are busier as there is the milk, the dry cleaning, and the trash to deal with, too.

When I feel it is time, I go wake up Jamie by sticking my nose in his ear, then giving his face a good washing.  Dad wakes up by Alarm Clock.  I do not like to be around when Alarm Clock starts screaming.  He hurts my ears.

Eventually, everyone trickles down for breakfast, and someone fetches the newspaper.  Mom makes breakfast, and I take my place on the mat by the kitchen sink, near the stove.  This is my spot during all meal preparation.  It is almost as good as the middle of the kitchen floor.  Mom hasn’t spilled anything hot on me yet, and even though she is always telling me that I am in the way, the chances of her tripping and dropping food are very good.  So it’s a choice place to be.

I like this Summertime Living much better than the constant scrambling around when Jamie is in school.  I’m hardly ever in the crate.  It’s light outside longer, even I can tell that.  And, the humans are spending a lot more time with me!  Last night, they were out until 11:00 p.m. Human Standard Time, having a “bonfire” and a “Tiki Torch Party” in the pool with Erik and Jenny.  Except for Dad.  He came home from work a little early for the party, and then refused to get wet.

I secretly think that Dad is part cat.  He hates the water and, as a matter of fact, hates getting any part of himself wet at all!  Dad tells Mom, “You can drown in 1 teaspoon of water!” and this is an argument that Mom cannot seem to win.  Anyway, Dad stayed dry and played Fetch the Stick with me until the bonfire, which was good, because by that time I was ready to collapse completely.  By the time I crawled onto my dog bed I was groaning out loud and whimpering, I was so tired, and I couldn’t even wag my tail a bit!  I conked out in about two seconds flat and slept all night.

Hooray for Summertime!  I hope we have another nighttime party, soon!