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7/9/13 Rainy Day Mood

Geez, it’s another rainy day.  The sky opens up and buckets of water come pouring down. We can barely see across the street.  Jamie is bummed because we haven’t had any true sunny weather.  I, too, am feeling bored and restless, cooped up indoors.  

However, the Thundershirt is working out nicely.  I definitely recommend it for all nervous dogs.  Too bad it doesn’t relieve boredom!  Mom says that when I go to school on the 27th, the trainers are going to address my anxiety and give her tips to deal with it.  I am really looking forward to school and being the best dog I can be for myself and my family.  Plus, it’s something to DO.  Perhaps when I finish school, I won’t have to be crated when my humans leave the house.  Right now, I know I am anxious and tend to chew and perhaps have the odd accident here and there due to stress.  But I’m actually quite housebroken.  It’s just the stress that gets to me.

One of the things I’m excited about for school is the fact that this particular facility has a LOT of experience with Pitbulls.  The people understand that Pitbulls don’t have to be a “bully breed”.  I am a very loving and intelligent dog who enjoys the company of humans.  I really have no interest in fighting or seeing who’s “boss”.  I know that if I excel in school, Jamie and Mom will take me a lot more places and I’m really pumped for that!

I just wish the weather would clear up.  I understand that there is a heat wave in parts of the country, but where we are, the temperatures have been below normal and a lot, lot, lot, of rain.  All this rain makes me sleepy and then when I do have a burst of energy, I’m usually getting into mischief.  Mom understands that, though, because we are limited to the amount of time we can spend outside.  She’s been cutting me a lot of slack.  For example, today I went upstairs at top speed and found a shoe box full of wadded-up tissue paper.  I took that out and shredded it in no time flat.  Mom said, “Maggie!” and cleaned it up, but I think she understands that I’d really rather be outside, chasing the sticks and chewing them up, too.  After all, there’s constructive chewing and destructive chewing.  I’d rather be doing the former but I’m getting so stir crazy, I’ll take what I can get.

(yawn) Time to go back to sleep!  Stay dry, everybody!

Love, Maggie