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12/21/14 The Marathon Cookie Bake

I was delighted when Erik showed up early to start off the Marathon Cookie Bake. Mom had been prepping for a couple of days: cans of fruit filling, bags and bags of powdered sugar, brown sugar, an assortment of nuts (besides my family), flour, cans of milk, chocolate chips, and the like took up all the space on the counter top.

Every cookie pan of every size had been taken out of the cabinet and cleaned. Mom also cleaned out the fridge, gutting it of perfectly good (read: old, moldy, “science experiment” leftovers) that I probably would have eaten had she not had Jamie take the bags out to the garbage cans immediately. Mom said she needed the space to chill dough and candy. Candy???!!!

I peeked in the fridge and the only things left in it were: milk, eggs, and more butter than I’ve ever seen anywhere. Low-fat cookies? Not on your life!

Erik arrived at 9:30 and they immediately went to work making Grandma’s Ice Cream Kolacky. They made two full batches. They moved immediately to Mexican Wedding Cakes, shortbread, spritz cookies, gingerbread, Pecan Tassies, chocolate chips (with and without nuts) and finally, the candy: fudge and peanut butter balls. Patiently, I waited to be the Official Tester, but had to satisfy myself with the crumbs and powdered sugar that ended up on the floor. Foiled again!


Jamie ended up being the Official Taster because so much chocolate was involved. He says the cookies passed muster and washed them down with a little milk:


But the real treat was Dad, who came home from work and said, “COOKIES MINE!!!”


I did get a couple of Marrow Bone treats for being a good dog. We had a great time visiting, dancing, listening to music, and baking. I love when the humans dance, because I get up on my hind legs and dance along. Mom was laughing so hard she didn’t get a picture. Overall, it was a great cookie bake!

At the end of the marathon, Mom said she was sore and felt old and couldn’t stand up straight. She said she thought she’d absorbed sugar and butter through her skin and felt like she’d OD’d on sweet stuff. She said, “No more cookies!”

It’s going to take her a couple of days to eat some, I think. Meanwhile, I keep looking slyly at the containers, willing them to fall off the table. Then I’ll be able to say, “cookies MINE!” Woof!

Love, Maggie


11/26/14 Holiday Crafts and Chicken Sticks

Mom is getting bored and restless. She is still on light duty, very light duty, and can’t do much around the house. I tried to get her to chase me and she would not, so I barked at her a little and she said, “Maggie, that is not going to fly!” She did pick up my toys and throw them to me though. I agree with Mom, it is hard to be patient! I do guess, upon thinking of it, that barking at her isn’t helping the situation.

Mom begged Dad to take her to the hobby store for a few items (she can’t drive for another week yet). I had to wait in the crate. Funny, I have hardly been in the crate at all since Mom came home from the hospital, and now, I REALLY hate going in there. I would much rather sit on my chair with my blankets. Dad says he can’t trust me, though, to be left alone (see my post, “The Spice Cabinet” for his reasoning!)

Anyway into the crate I went, and shortly afterward, Dad and Mom came back. They really weren’t gone long at all. They had a couple of bags that Dad carried and Mom had a happy look on her face. While at the store, Dad picked up a small bag of one of his favorite candies, “Chic-O-Sticks”, which he refers to as, “Chicken Sticks”, and started chomping them down with some coffee. They smelled like peanut butter, but he didn’t give me one.The nerve!

Mom unpacked the bags and Dad went to work. Mom says she misses her Liberry and the Wise Owls that are there, so she made some holiday ornaments to reflect her feelings:


She is also embarking on a hooked rug that she says she is going to give to the Liberry when she gets to go back to work. Meanwhile, Laurel stopped by and took me for a walk until my head turned pink from the cold. Then we came home and I felt much more relaxed. I didn’t bark at Mom anymore, but I did bark at Laurel when she stomped her feet to get my attention. Then they laughed at me, and I went and sat on my chair in a huff. Hmph!


Mom says she hopes her Wise Owls miss her like she misses them.

Other than some crafts, Mom has been working on 2 more Maggie books, doing a lot of word searches, and beating the pants off Dad at Scrabble. Mom told me today she would be very unhappy if she did not have me since I am good company, and with me, she is never alone.

Woof! Love, Maggie

11/3/14 How My 1st Halloween Went

I had my first Halloween in a furever home this year. Last year, I was training. This year, I got to see the trick-or-treaters. And there weren’t many. Mother Nature played her Trick and all our nice Fall weather went away, the cold came, and the fluffy white stuff fell from the sky. By the next day the weather was beautiful again, and Mom said they should have called a “Mulligan” and let the kids do it over. She doesn’t know what to do with all the candy.

Mom and Dad said I behaved very nicely. Jamie had his special friend over, and for the early part of the evening, I sat in the crate (and cried) just to get used to everything.  Soon enough, they let me out and I minded my manners well.

The few times the doorbell rang, I barked an alarm, then “sat” and “stayed” on command. Then I asked for a treat since I was being good and guarding the house.

Two Halloween incidents that stand out in my mind are: 1) when I was in the crate, our first trick-or-treater came around with one of the neighbor dogs. This dog took a sniff of MY Mom and shot into the house. Mom grabbed the dog in a bear hug and said, “No! No! Maggie’s in the crate and she’ll have a fit if you are here!” and she gently pushed the dog back outside. I cannot BELIEVE that when I was incarcerated, someone tried to get on my turf. I tell you, one cannot slack off for a second around here. Woof!

2), Mom had this annoying light (she called it a “strobe light”) in the kitchen and was taking it outside. I didn’t like it and started backing up when I saw it. But then it let out a werewolf howl, and I tucked my tail in and ran like heck for my spot upstairs. I guess I’m kind of a fraidy cat sometimes. Mom realized it was upsetting me and switched it off. Then she put it in front of the door with the motion sensor on, so the trick-or-treaters could enjoy it.

I guess the howliday was OK. Jamie was bitterly disappointed when the Dalek costume fell to pieces bringing it upstairs. Luckily, Mom had bought a “Blues Brothers” suit for him just in case that happened. So Jamie dressed like Joliet Jake and later put the tie on me and called me, “Elwood”:


My sweet home, Chicago!

Woof! Love, Maggie

10/21/14 Chrome Dome

I am not sure how to feel about all this Halloween nonsense. The candy and caramel apples smell good, but Mom won’t let me have any! She wants to put me in a “Rufferee” costume, and I’m having none of that!

Jamie’s Dalek costume is pretty much done except for maybe a little more spray-paint. However, he wanted something a little more portable for when he was out of it, so he purchased a costume fez and a chrome mask. He put it on and looked at me. I did not like this one bit! For one thing, what happened to Jamie’s face – it completely disappeared! And another – where did that strange dog come from who was looking out at me from that mask?

I put my rear end down and backed up against Dad. He put his hand on me and told Jamie to take off the mask because it was “scaring her”. So Jamie pulled off the chrome mask and was just Jamie again. The reflection dog disappeared, too. Mom took a picture of Jamie’s chrome dome and you can see why it gave my tail a turn:


I’m not sure I like this spooky stuff, where humans start looking like something else!

Last Halloween, I was in Boot Camp, but this year I’m going to be home. It’s really my first Halloween. We shall see how it goes! Mom says I’m going to “freak” because of the doorbell.


Woof! Love, Maggie

12/9/13 The Gingerbread Manor

My humans decided to make a gingerbread house yesterday.  Not just a gingerbread house, a gingerbread manor.  The manor is about twice the size of an ordinary gingerbread house.  Which, I would like to point out, I have never seen in my life and I don’t understand the point of building.  But I would also point out that it smells delicious, and all the little things that fall to the floor – like bits of candy, flakes of sugar, and blobs of frosting, – are MINE.  Whoo-hoo!  Sugar HIGH!  Buzz, buzz, buzz!

So Mom, who is half Christmas Elf, decides that this is going to be a Family Activity, turns off the football game (it wasn’t Dad’s team), flips on some Christmas music, and tells everybody else to go to work. 

At first, it seemed OK.  The huge house came with lots of frosting, and Erik and Jamie started building:


However, the house would not stay together, so Dad got involved:


Dad’s idea was to insert toothpicks into the house to keep it together while it dried.  As Dad pushed a toothpick into one side, the other side fell over. 

After about an hour and a half of this nonsense, Mom decided that it was time for her to Get Involved.  Mom examined the icing and determined that it was too dry, and no one had the sense to say anything.  While she was examining, the house was collapsing, and the bits of frosting gently fell to the floor, where I happily licked them up.

Mom then went to the all-knowing “Alton Brown”, and found a recipe for royal icing, which she quickly whipped up.  She then took matters into her own hands as far as building the house.  Total time so far:  3 hours.


The house was looking rather sorry, but Dad encouragingly placed some bits of candy on the roof to brighten it up.  For every candy he placed, three fell on the floor for me to scarf up.  By now, I was really revving!  Jamie decorated the house with Earth moving equipment, and said it was still “under construction”.  Mom said she had enough and it was time to go to bed.

Today, while Mom was getting ready for work, I decided to sniff around the house, which Mom had placed on a side table that stands about two and half feet high.  CRASH!!!  The house went over on its front, and I started slinking on the floor. 

Mom was glad the house didn’t crack or shatter, and said it was a testimony to Alton Brown’s icing that there wasn’t much damage.  After work she went to the store for more candy, and now the house looks like this:


In the front, and like this:


In the back. 

Mom shingled the roof with little mints and added lots more candy.  Dad said that I was the big helper with the house, since I not only cleaned up the mess on the floor, but if it wasn’t for me, it wouldn’t have been modified.  See?  I’m a helper dog!

Woof!  (still spazzing from sugar) Love, Maggie