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6/25/15 Collector or Hoarder?

The cleaning in the spare room continues.

Mom is trying to keep this overwhelming job doable by cracking it up into smaller chunks. Mom and Jamie devise a “game plan” for the day, decide exactly what they are going to go through, and set a time limit to do it in.

Today, Jamie and Mom tackled The Big Lego Bin, Games, and Cars.


You see, the Big Lego Bin had been acting as a “catch all” for Lego parts, half-destroyed Lego creations, and Lego people that had become separated from their environments. So, Jamie and Mom sat on the floor and placed all the large pieces in plastic gallon Ziploc bags, then moved on to the small, itty-bitty pieces and bagged them up, then on to the people. Mom had specific feelings for the Lego people, and didn’t want any left behind or thrown away in the confusion. I think she’s seen “The Lego Movie” one time too many!

Mom and Jamie then placed all the bags of Legos neatly in the bin, and moved it to the corner of the room.

Jamie then went through his games, rubber-banding the boxes of the ones he was donating (Mom was in charge of the donations bag), and stacking the others he was keeping neatly in the hallway for the time being. I went exploring where the games had been.


I’ve actually never seen this part of the room before.

Mom and Jamie took a much-needed break for a refreshing beverage and then went back to work.

The humans moved on to Cars. Cars, cars, everywhere. They placed all the loose cars they could find in a bin to be stored neatly away, under the bed. Mom said not to put the car bin away yet, though, since they have more sorting and organizing to do tomorrow, and she is sure they will find more cars:


Dizzying, isn’t it? Jamie has been hanging on to some of these cars since he was about 3. I’m sure there are some collector’s items in there, but he’s not parting with anything! Hence my question: Collector or Hoarder? There is still a lot of work that remains!!


PLEASE tell me we are done for the day!

Woof! Love, Maggie


5/31/13 Race Track

If you can believe it, it’s STILL RAINING, and we can’t play outside!  Jamie is pulling out all kinds of toys to amaze and confuse me today.  First, he brought out a little whizzing mechanical bird called a “helly-copter” and landed it on my crate!  I tried to snap it up, but I couldn’t catch it.

Later, he brought out two of the tiniest cars I had ever seen before.  I have never been one to chase cars until today.  He put the cars on the little table in the living room on a black curvy track and they started chasing each other around.  This got me VERY excited, so I jumped up, putting my front paws and legs on the table, barking and trying to snatch the cars off with my teeth.  But they were going too fast!  I was only able to get in a couple of sniffs, and they smelled dusty.  After a few good sneezes to clear my nose, Mom finally stopped laughing long enough to say, “She’s scratching up my coffee table – put that racetrack in the kitchen!”  So Jamie moved all his toys to the other room.

I’ll be very glad when it dries up enough to play catch again, without getting soaked!

5/13/13 Jobs

Today I am learning my new people’s jobs.  Dad goes to someplace called “work” and doesn’t come back til dark time.  Jamie goes to “school” and is gone most of the day.  Dad takes him, and Mom brings him back.  Mom is usually home except for when she goes to the school Liberry to help out.  Whatever that is.

Everything was fine until Mom said she’d “be right back” and went to a place called “City Hall” to get my license.  This time, she moved the garbage cans.  I got so nervous I pooped on the dining room floor, even though I’d just gone to the bathroom before she left!  When Mom came back, I slouched and cringed to show her I was sorry.  Mom called Dad and said that I have “separation anxiety” and canceled her gym class.  She took me in the car everywhere else she had to go today, but did not leave me in the car alone.  Mom says I did good in the car.  I like the car.  Mom is now looking for a Pet Sitter for me.  I heard her tell Dad on the phone that I need time to “adjust and realize that Mom is always coming back.”  I don’t know what that means.  Maybe if I knew what that meant, I wouldn’t be so nervous.  I really am nervous all the time, and I need a nap.

5/11/13 The Operation

Some people from the Shelter came and took me into a room with bright lights and made me sleepy.  They were very nice to me, but I knew something was up.  When i woke up the hair was shaved off my tummy and it hurt and felt tight.  I heard one of the Shelter people say that the lady from the day before was coming with the happy boy to pick me up – they really did want me!  I’m so happy, but I’m so sleepy.  The lady and the boy were worried about me, and kept calling the Shelter about me, so the doctor said I can go home with them tonight.  If I could stay awake, I’d be excited.

They’re here!  They came back, just like they said!  I’m still sleepy, so much is happening at once and I could barely wag my tail, but I knew their smell from yesterday.  A man was with them this time, and he smells like them.  Jay, the big man from the Shelter, gently picked me up and put me in their funny little car with wheels, Fee-yat they called it.  I’ve never seen one like that before.  They had all the back seats pushed down so I could stretch out.  The nice people are called Mom, Dad, and Jamie.  Dad drove home very carefully and Mom helped me out of the car.  They had a nice bed for me and lots of toys and stuff but all I saw was the soft bed and I slept all night and Mom stayed with me so I wouldn’t cry.