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12/27/15 Pensive, thoughts

I’m not going to rant or anything, but I am feeling pensive today and would like to share some thoughts with you.

As you know from my Pitmas Eve and Pitmas Day posts, we had company over the holiday. I like having company. My primary issue is that I want to jump up and kiss everybody, and that could tend to knock younger, smaller, humans over. So, when company came to our house, my human parents kept me on a leash the entire time, with someone watching over me.

I was a good girl. Once I welcomed everyone I settled down and I did not jump.

I would like to gently point out, however, that if children insist on startling dogs (or cats), they are likely to wind up getting hurt. No one got hurt at our house over the holiday, but this is an important message that I feel needs to get out there.

Human children should be supervised around animals. Because when dog bites or cat scratches happen, it is always the animal who gets blamed/held in quarantine/put down. Seldom do people blame the humans for anything. But, for example, when a friendly cat gets picked up by the stomach and whirled around, he or she, no matter how good-natured, can only take so much!

Likewise, with a large dog. We are not meant to be ridden. We do not like when human children pop out of nowhere, grab our muzzles, then scream loudly in our sensitive ears. Or when they suddenly leap on us, wrapping their arms around our necks and choking us with no warning. These practices directly lead to dog bites and cat scratches, especially on the face and head of the human children involved.

I just want to know – if my parents are supervising ME, shouldn’t the OTHER parents be supervising THEIR kids??

Just a thought.


Woof! Love, Maggie