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11/7/15 New Toys!

I got the surprise of my life today when the humans went out! Jamie had a huge paintball/birthday party to attend, and while he was gone, Mom and Dad went to the store. I wasn’t happy about spending time in the crate, but had NO complaints when they came back!

They’d bought me a new rope toy (great for teeth flossing) and a new Nylabone for chewing!

I was so happy I rolled over and over with my new toys:


Mom fixed me a special dinner, too. But when I’d been out on the tether earlier (Mom was picking up “droppings”) I ate some weeds. I got busted, though, and Mom said I’d be sick later. She was right. I knew she was right, so I asked to go outside and when Dad took me out, I got sick in the grass instead of in the house. It was kind of my way of apologizing for eating the weeds. But they taste so good – !!!

Once I felt more comfortable I came back in and started playing again. Dad left to go pick Jamie up in Chicago. I am very curious to find out all about the birthday party and the paintball session. I’ll write more about that later!

Right now, I’ve got to go chew a toy! Woof!

Love, Maggie

11/15/14 Oh, boy, a new toy!!

Mom and Jamie went out. When they came back, they had brought me a brand-new toy!

This isn’t just any old toy. It’s very, very, tough – even though it is made from fabric. I think it’s stitched together out of Batman’s old uniforms. It has two squeakers, and if you bite it just right it lets out a noise. I love it!

Wanna play?


Oh, you are not seriously going to try to get this toy, now, are you?


Ha, ha! I beat you to the top of the stairs! MINE!!


Oh, I’m tired now. But you’re still not getting my toy. Muahaha!


Woof! Love, Maggie