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Chiraq – Jamie Style

Just a note before I get to my regular blog.

My human, Jamie, made this song, “Chiraq” – inspired by the title of the upcoming Spike Lee film by the same name.

Jamie composed this song to spotlight street violence in Chicago, as well as civil unrest in the rest of the world. In case I haven’t mentioned, Jamie is 14.

I hope you will give the song a listen. He also did the artwork. I think it’s his best work to date.

Woof! Love, Maggie

1/6/15 The Museum of Science and Industry

You’ll have to excuse me for being a little late with this post. It started snowing, and I’ve been spending all my available time hiding under blankets lest the humans force me to go outside and go potty in the freezing yard. So I haven’t had much time for the computer, what with the hiding and sleeping and all.


Flash back to Sunday and the last day of Christmas break. Jamie decided he’d like to do something productive with his day, and asked to go to Chicago’s famed “Museum of Science and Industry”. Dad agreed with zeal, but Mom was feeling iffy. She said she wouldn’t be much fun since she would be worrying about what time they left and all the things she had to do at home. So, she opted to stay at the house and get everything ready for the return to school; plus, check through correspondence, sort through bills, and work on the third manuscript.

That sounded like a plan to me since I knew I wouldn’t be going in the crate if Mom stayed home. Muahahaha!

Soon, the guys were zipping up jackets and donning hats. I had to wonder if there had been a change in plans, so I slunk under the kitchen table and tried to make myself invisible (white dog + white floor = where’s the dog?? Right??) Anyway, Mom busted me out and said that I was being silly and couldn’t I see that she still had her fluffy slippers on? I conceded the point, and came out and said goodbye to Dad and Jamie at the door.

Mom and I had a great afternoon together. She worked on the manuscript and got everything ready to avoid a mad scramble at 6:00 the following morning. So it was good on our end. Got in some good cuddle time too, during breaks.

Jamie came back with lots of pictures, some of which I’ll share here with you:

(Yes, those are real planes, dangling from the ceiling. Jamie told me that you can walk in and sit down in the passenger plane!)


Of course, Jamie knows the name, make, and model of all the aircraft. “That’s a train in the background,” he helpfully told Mom. (Mom rolled her eyes). The Museum had their famous “Christmas Around the World” trees up and that is one thing Mom wished she could have seen. Here is a shot of the harbor side of the Museum’s train layout.


And here’s the Real Deal, the California Zephyr:


They also saw the U505, a German submarine that was captured in WWII, and lots of other cool stuff.

I’m glad the guys had a great day out. But I’m also glad I had a great day in!

Woof! Love, Maggie

2/17/14 Guest Blogger: Jamie: “UFOs over Kneehigh Valley”

Due to positive feedback from my last post, I decided to take another crack at the WP community!

Kneehigh Valley:  Today is President’s Day.  In a faraway place called Chicago, February 17, 2014, meant at least 8 more inches of snow.  Our area got slammed with the 8″ and it is still snowing.  Due to the height of the snow, I christened our town Kneehigh Valley, after a famous railroad called Lehigh Valley.

Today, which is my half birthday (that is, halfway to my birthday) was “hella” boring.  The bright side:  I went to this golf clinic at my school and got to work on my swing.  I’m not an avid golfer, but there is a golf course by my house and I thought I should hone up on my golf skills.  When I get a car, golfing is something I’ll try to do more often.


UFOs:  I am a believer.  Our universe is infinity, and scientists already discovered like, a billion hospitable planets and counting.  And, those smart guys already said that where there is water, there is life.

When I was shoveling snow ( you know you live in Chicago when you dig snow off your driveway, not shovel it), and I looked up to see a football-sized blob of what appeared to be snow fly about 30 feet above me in an arc.  It was so huge that it blocked out the nearby streetlight’s beam before it crash-landed in between the streetlamp and my neighbor’s lawn.

Five minutes later, another one (slightly larger) took the same flight course.  Mind you, it was snowing at the time, and the flakes were drifting towards me while the objects were flying away from me.  After I finished shoveling, I wandered over to try to locate the two fast-movers.  I could not find them.  Were the two objects simply a weird snow-day coincidence, or were they some sort of alien device?  Maybe they were some kind of recon drones, used to see if we humans are a friendly race.  Maybe they were some sort of disguised flare, plotting a landing site for the mothership.

Our world may never know.

Your friend, Jamie

1/1/2014 Happy New Year to All!

Thank you to everyone for the good wishes over the holiday!  I’m trying to get caught up with all my comments and have been at the Reader until my eyes are about to pop.

I’ve written this blog to tell the story of how I came from a shelter to be with my new family.  And, through writing, I have found even more NEW family.  Vanessa (farfetchedfriends@wordpress.com) and her Young One came up from Arizona to visit with us.  Although I’ve spent some time in the crate while the humans ran around Chicago, we had a wonderful time.  The Young One always played with me, and I had lots of tug-o-war and other fun games.  Vanessa walked me and gave me lots of petting.  She brought me treats from the RunAMuck Ranch.  Yummy!

The humans had a fun time too:  The Morton Arboretum to see Christmas lights, a trip downtown to see The Bean, Michigan Avenue, State Street, a stop at The Pacific Garden Mission to be in the audience of an old-fashioned radio show (sound effects made in person!), a walk in the woods that started with beautiful scenery and ended with a pack of coyotes yowling.  Food was sampled:  Chicago style pizza, hot dogs (gotta have that celery salt!) as well as tons of other food.  (Mom and Dad started their diets today).

The humans stopped at the Sears Tower (called The Willis Tower only by tourists) with a view from the top.  I saw a picture of all the humans standing on The Ledge and believe me, I’m glad I’m a dog.

Cutest thing ever:  Jamie saying to Vanessa, “You and my Mom met kind of in a weird way.  Can I just call you Aunt Vanessa?” and I wagged my tail in hearty agreement. 

This 2014, remember that family is what you make it and sometimes, whom you make it.  And I love the new additions to my family!

Here’s that view from the top:


Wishing you all a happy, healthy, prosperous 2014.  Sending you out Woofs, tailwags, dogsmiles and face licks!

Love, Maggie