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12/26/15 Pitmas Day

After all the excitement of Christmas Eve, Mom was happy that Christmas Day was going to be a lot more low-key and quiet!

In the morning, we opened gifts from Santa Paws, and you can see how excited I am from this blurry picture:


I got a new stuffed squeaky toy and lots of treats! (No chicken or beef – Santa Paws must have got my letter about my food allergies!)


Dad’s friend from work, Gines, (his name is pronounced, “He-nez”) came over for a quiet dinner. We played Christmas carols in the background, and worked on “tavern puzzles” that Gines had brought over for the occasion.

Tavern puzzles are elaborate metal puzzles that have to be taken apart and put back together again. They are very difficult, yet enjoyable! The humans worked on them for a long time while I chewed on my new toy.

After a simple Christmas dinner served by Mom and Dad, Gines made the family dessert crepes and Spanish hot chocolate. They were fantastic, and he even started the crepes on fire before serving them:



Gines is from Spain. His whole family moved to Venezuela, and is still over there. Gines was recently very ill and was hospitalized for five days. He lost his job, and when we invited him for Christmas, he was at first, shy to accept, because he said he was in a “bad financial situation”. Dad and Mom assured him that what they wanted was his company. When he visited for the holiday, he said that his time and talent (in making the crepes) was “all” he could give us. My humans thanked him profusely and assured him that this was the best gift of all.

When Gines left to go home, he hugged everyone and said, “Thank you for having me over as family.” I thought Mom was going to cry!

Truly, this was the best Christmas ever.

I sincerely hope all of you have had a wonderful, meaningful, joyous, holiday.

Woof! Love, Maggie


12/25/13 A Quiet Christmas Day

We’ve had a quiet Christmas Day. In fact, I think I made the most noise out of everyone, chewing on that giant rawhide bone and carrying it up and down the stairs!

Jamie received a beautiful, shiny, silver train for Christmas.  I am intrigued by the noises it makes.  It also lights up.  Here are two pictures of it going through the tunnel:



When I see and hear the train, I try to jump on the train table to catch it!  I have not been successful yet.

I had to spend some time in the crate today while my people went to see Grandma in the rehab center.  Mom says Grandma is painfully thin since her operation.  Mom was very happy to see, however, that the rehab facility was more like a hotel; bright, clean, shiny, no unpleasant odors, a nice dining room, airy, spacious bedrooms, very nice staff, and she also reported that the place was beautifully decorated and quite cheerful.  Everyone had visitors, and Grandma was happy to see us.  She’s still a little out of it, Mom says, and was using a wheelchair today.  Dad says that is because the doctor does not want her to fall, but she should be able to not use one when she gets out around January 3. 

Thank you, and wild, uncontrollable tail wags to everyone who sent good wishes for Jim’s Mom.

(One side note:  Mom did take a video of Erik’s light-up sweater, but the file is too big, so she is working on that.  Hopefully it can be posted in a day or two.)

Enjoy your Christmas Day!  Woof!

Love, Maggie