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12/25/14 Merry Pit-mas to All

I had my first holidays at home. It was wonderful to be warm, loved, and with my family.

I have a lot to tell you, but it will have to wait until tomorrow. Til then, I wish you and yours and Merry Pit-mas.


Woof! Love, Maggie

“Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men”


12/18/14 Santa Paws Is Coming to Town

Today, I got so excited because I got to  play Santa Paws for my friend, Laurel:


This was a sweatshirt hoodie with a big dog pawprint on it that read, “Walk With A Friend”. Laurel really liked it and tried it on right away. I was so happy to give her a gift. She is a wonderful person and a great friend!

Being in a “Ghost of Christmas Present” mood, I opened a gift I found under the tree, but alas! It was not for me, it was for Jenny. The ruined remains of the gift bought me a Polar Express ticket to the crate, but I was out before too long, wagging my tail so hard I knocked a few (plastic) ornaments off the tree. Woof!

Speaking of the Ghost of Christmas Present, Mom is reading the original version of Charles Dickens’ famed A Christmas Carol to Jamie aloud. I get to listen in, too, and lean against Mom when she gets to the sad parts. Mom says if there’s hope for Scrooge, then there’s hope for Dad too, but I don’t quite get her meaning.

Tomorrow, Erik is coming over for a marathon cookie bake. Jamie is taking his last final (his final final,  ha ha) and will be home very early from school. So everyone is chipping in and baking their favorites. Mom and Erik are also making 2 types of candy, which she has already told me I cannot have since Demon Chocolate is involved. Foiled again!

Hoping that all is well with you and yours, and whatever holiday you celebrate, I am sending you out a big dogsmile and tail wag. Woof!

Love, Maggie

12/1/14 Decorating for Christmas

Today’s blog features lots of pictures that Jamie took with his go-pro camera.

Mom fancies herself as “part Elf”, especially at this time of the year. And since I don’t know any other humans who wander around, wailing, “I can’t find my candy-cane duct tape!” I suppose I have to believe her.

Once my humans obtained their Christmas tree, they couldn’t leave it at that. Oh, no. Mom had to call in the Associate Elves (Erik, Jamie, Jenny) to come help decorate and put up lights.

I should point out that Mom just thought she’d get the tree done. But the Associates had other ideas.

Here is Jamie, putting the finishing touches on the top of the closet:jamiehat

and the finished project; a Winter Wonderland!


Here, Erik and Jamie attempt to move my chair so they could plug in Mom’s “Enchanted Forest”. Mom says this picture is blurry (she took it) but it’s one of her faves since I am in the middle:


As you can see, I was not moving from my spot. Nonetheless, they got the job done. The Enchanted Forest dwells in front of the fireplace.


Here’s a random decorating shot (Notice Mom is mostly standing around):


Erik approaches the big tree to survey the light situation: “Hmmm, where do I start?”


Anyone ever see “The Muppet Christmas Carol” where Rizzo the Rat says, “Thank you for making me a part of this” – ? Kind of my sentiments here:


The tree, in all its blazing glory:


You can see Santa’s airplane through the front window. He has a helicopter, too, but it’s hidden from view. Dad and Jamie put the decorations up outside; Mom doesn’t think she can do too much more out there this year.

But we cannot forget the first decoration Mom put up all by herself:


Whew! All this decorating and Elf business and Christmas music and candles has me tired out!


That’s it. I’ve had enough. I’m claiming my chair and resting. 24 more days and counting? I don’t think I can handle it…better get some snoozing in to rest up. I have a feeling this month is going to go by very fast! A Big Thank You, Woof and Tail Wag to Erik, Jamie, Jenny, and Dad!

Woof! Love, Maggie

1/3/14 Saying “Goodbye” to Christmas

Mom and Jamie packed up all the Christmas trees and other household adornments, and stripped the big tree of its shiny ornaments and toys.  Mom put on a pair of rubber work gloves so the needles of the tree wouldn’t scratch her, and carefully took off the lights and wrapped them up for next year.  I watched all the proceedings, and just got underfoot.  There’s nothing quite like carrying a big box of Christmas decorations and tripping headlong over a large dog.  So, Mom put me in the crate to allow her and Jamie to freely run up and down the stairs, stacking everything in the little storage room (or so I heard).   I feel a little sad that Christmas is over, and I miss the forest of trees, but I had a great “First Christmas” with my family (of 8 months!)  

Mom was feeling “down” that Christmastime had come to an end, so she hung up Valentine’s Day decorations.  I have to admit to you, the heart she hung from the back door absolutely terrifies me.  It moves.  So I refuse to go near it.  This poses a problem for potty time.

Fortunately, after all the work was done, Jamie set up his little Hot Wheels racetrack around the kitchen area, complete with a jump over the fruit bowl on the table (I told you, the humans are trying to diet).


Grrrr!  Foiled again!  I’ll catch that little car next time, I promise!

Woof!  Love, Maggie



12/20/13 Christmas Cookies

Mom says this “getting ready” time before Christmas is her favorite time of year.  Today, she is baking about 6 different types of cookies.  I, of course, am helping by getting underfoot.  Mom says I can’t have the cookie dough because Demon Chocolate is involved in some of it.  I can sense the excitement in the air, and I’ve been running back and forth.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard, “Leave it!” and “Hey, Nose!” so much in my entire life.

One of the cookies Mom is baking is “ice cream kolacky” (pronounced, kol-ach-kee).  It was Mom’s Mom’s recipe.  Mom has a folded up piece of paper with her mother’s handwriting on it.  (Recipe to follow).  Mom says it has been many, many Decembers since her Mom passed away from an illness that the doctors assured her was 100% curable.  Mom says baking the cookies brings back memories of her Mom, especially since she can see her Mom’s neat, cursive hand.  Jamie sampled a kolacky and quickly said that there probably wouldn’t be any left for when Vanessa came over.

Like me, Mom was adopted.  But I was adopted when I was 1.5 years old; Mom was adopted when she was a baby.  Like me, she was unwanted, so Mom knows a thing or two about being kicked to the curb.  Also like me, Mom found a forever home.  The holidays are about family, and family is important to both of us.

When the kolacky were finished baking, I looked at Mom standing in the kitchen.

She is wearing a T-shirt with a Pitbull on it.  It’s all ripped up.  She’s coated in flour and powdered sugar from head to foot.  She has the beautiful strains of a classical “Silent Night” playing.  And right there, in front of the oven, I jumped up on my hind legs, wrapped my front paws around her waist, and gave my Mom a hug.  She didn’t tell me, “Off” or “Down”…she just hugged me back.  If you can…go give your Mom a hug.  If you can’t, send her a thought or a prayer. 

Woof!  Love, Maggie

Grandma Val’s Ice Cream Kolacky

1 lb. butter (not margarine), softened

1 pint vanilla ice cream (the cheaper the ice cream, the better…fancy ice cream has too high a cream content) softened to easy scooping but not melted

4 cups all purpose flour

Canned fruit toppings (SOLO and Bohemian Maid are good brands)

Cream together the softened butter and ice cream.  When well blended (it will look a little chunky from the ice cream being cold still), add the flour one cup at a time, until you have a smooth dough.

Pinch the dough and roll into small balls.  Press your thumb into each ball to make a thumbprint.  Fill the indentation with fruit filling.  Bake in a 350 degree oven for 20-25 minutes.  Cool, and sift powdered sugar over the cookies.  (Ovens vary, Mom bakes hers for 22 minutes).





12/18/13 The Ugly Christmas Sweater

Erik is going to an “Ugly Christmas Sweater” party.  He searched, and searched, and searched, for the loudest, gaudiest, most garish sweater he could find.  Unable to find one that was satisfactory, he took matters into his own paws and made one:


Yes, it lights up.  Yes, those are jingle bells sewn on.  Yes, he made it himself from a sweater he bought at Goodwill.

When Erik showed off the sweater to Mom and Jamie, I honestly thought they were going to hurt themselves from laughing so hard.  I think it’s kind of cute.  It reminds me of something a human dresses a little dog up in.

Mom is really proud of Erik for being so creative.  She says she is “lucky and blessed” to have sons that are opposite personalities, because this way, she gets a parenting experience that covers the whole spectrum.

Making the sweater must’ve sparked Erik’s creative genius, because now he is writing a story that he hopes will be made into a movie someday.  If he lets me, I’ll share it with you.  Woof!

Love, Maggie