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12/20/13 Christmas Cookies

Mom says this “getting ready” time before Christmas is her favorite time of year.  Today, she is baking about 6 different types of cookies.  I, of course, am helping by getting underfoot.  Mom says I can’t have the cookie dough because Demon Chocolate is involved in some of it.  I can sense the excitement in the air, and I’ve been running back and forth.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard, “Leave it!” and “Hey, Nose!” so much in my entire life.

One of the cookies Mom is baking is “ice cream kolacky” (pronounced, kol-ach-kee).  It was Mom’s Mom’s recipe.  Mom has a folded up piece of paper with her mother’s handwriting on it.  (Recipe to follow).  Mom says it has been many, many Decembers since her Mom passed away from an illness that the doctors assured her was 100% curable.  Mom says baking the cookies brings back memories of her Mom, especially since she can see her Mom’s neat, cursive hand.  Jamie sampled a kolacky and quickly said that there probably wouldn’t be any left for when Vanessa came over.

Like me, Mom was adopted.  But I was adopted when I was 1.5 years old; Mom was adopted when she was a baby.  Like me, she was unwanted, so Mom knows a thing or two about being kicked to the curb.  Also like me, Mom found a forever home.  The holidays are about family, and family is important to both of us.

When the kolacky were finished baking, I looked at Mom standing in the kitchen.

She is wearing a T-shirt with a Pitbull on it.  It’s all ripped up.  She’s coated in flour and powdered sugar from head to foot.  She has the beautiful strains of a classical “Silent Night” playing.  And right there, in front of the oven, I jumped up on my hind legs, wrapped my front paws around her waist, and gave my Mom a hug.  She didn’t tell me, “Off” or “Down”…she just hugged me back.  If you can…go give your Mom a hug.  If you can’t, send her a thought or a prayer. 

Woof!  Love, Maggie

Grandma Val’s Ice Cream Kolacky

1 lb. butter (not margarine), softened

1 pint vanilla ice cream (the cheaper the ice cream, the better…fancy ice cream has too high a cream content) softened to easy scooping but not melted

4 cups all purpose flour

Canned fruit toppings (SOLO and Bohemian Maid are good brands)

Cream together the softened butter and ice cream.  When well blended (it will look a little chunky from the ice cream being cold still), add the flour one cup at a time, until you have a smooth dough.

Pinch the dough and roll into small balls.  Press your thumb into each ball to make a thumbprint.  Fill the indentation with fruit filling.  Bake in a 350 degree oven for 20-25 minutes.  Cool, and sift powdered sugar over the cookies.  (Ovens vary, Mom bakes hers for 22 minutes).





12/18/13 The Ugly Christmas Sweater

Erik is going to an “Ugly Christmas Sweater” party.  He searched, and searched, and searched, for the loudest, gaudiest, most garish sweater he could find.  Unable to find one that was satisfactory, he took matters into his own paws and made one:


Yes, it lights up.  Yes, those are jingle bells sewn on.  Yes, he made it himself from a sweater he bought at Goodwill.

When Erik showed off the sweater to Mom and Jamie, I honestly thought they were going to hurt themselves from laughing so hard.  I think it’s kind of cute.  It reminds me of something a human dresses a little dog up in.

Mom is really proud of Erik for being so creative.  She says she is “lucky and blessed” to have sons that are opposite personalities, because this way, she gets a parenting experience that covers the whole spectrum.

Making the sweater must’ve sparked Erik’s creative genius, because now he is writing a story that he hopes will be made into a movie someday.  If he lets me, I’ll share it with you.  Woof!

Love, Maggie

9/16/13 Weekend Update

Other than the migraine incident, we did have one nice day this weekend, and Mom decided to take advantage of it and put up the Halloween decorations.  Our house is now festooned with pumpkins, cats (jeez, cats!), and smiling monsters and skeletons.  I am very interested in the spooky little Halloween village, but Mom says, “Paws off!” so I am keeping my distance.  For now, anyway.

I’ve never experienced holidays of any sort before in a real home, and the preparation is exciting to me!  There is much mischief to be made with cardboard boxes of decorations and their newspaper stuffing.  Much shredding to do (nods wisely) and no coffee aftertaste like when I steal the K-cups!

Mom and Jamie and I put up an inflatable witch in front of the house.  I helped by stealing the hammer and rolling in the grass not long after my bath.  I like all the decorations.  Mom decorates cute, not scary, so there’s no weird noises or flashing lights to tweak a dog out.  Mom wonders how I will do at “Christmas”.  She says Christmas is her favorite, and she decorates every room.  I’ll bet there’s a LOT of newspaper and boxes then!  Whoo-hoo!  I can’t wait.


Finishing off the weekend, Mom and Dad went to the store after Jamie went to bed.  Mom needed a new pillow.  Her old one was flat and hard and she said it wasn’t helping her head any lying on a piece of concrete.  So off they went, leaving me alone in the house with a sleeping Jamie.

Normally, I’d just wander into his room and go to sleep myself on the cushy dog bed.  But lately, I’ve taken to nabbing Jamie’s Lego bricks, socks, shoes, and, really, anything I can get a mouth on.  If you saw Jamie’s room, you’d know I have a lot of snatch n’ dash options!  So, they shut his door before they left.  Big mistake.

When my human parents came home, they were less than delighted to see (and smell) the large package of dog “surprise” I had deposited on the hallway floor.  I came out happily to given them an initial greeting, and tell them I was pleased they weren’t gone too long, but quickly slunk under the dining room table when confronted with two sets of pointing fingers and Mom giving me “The Look”.

Mom cleaned up the surprise package while Dad did a great job of standing and pointing, and saying, “Uh-oh!”  I guess that’s a fair distribution of labor.  I felt bad about what I did, but then again, “–it happens”!

Fortunately, they weren’t too mad at me, and we all trooped upstairs to bed, with the new pillow in tow.  Comfy! 

Hope you had a great weekend!  Woof!  Love, Maggie