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6/18/15 Misadventures of Deep Cleaning

Today’s story is a tale of how things rapidly escalate out of control when Mom is involved. Dad, naturally, was not at home at the time of the incident.

It all started when Jamie put on a T-shirt that was too short on him. “Hmmm.” Mom frowned. “When’s the last time you went through your shirts and cleaned out your dresser? Or anything in your room, for that matter?” Jamie shrugged. Wrong answer.

And so, it was decided that Mom would set the timer for 30 minutes. Jamie would tackle the dresser; Mom would tackle the closet. At the end of 30 minutes, the job should be done. I found a cozy place on the bed to snuggle down and watch. And stay out of the way.

They flew to work and got the job done in the time elapsed. I was impressed, and continued to watch with interest. Something was up.

That was when Mom announced that they were “moving on” to the two spare rooms. Jamie looked horrified, but Mom had roped him in. The spare rooms are where all the junk has collected.

“I’ll set a time limit of three hours. In that time, we’ll work as hard and fast as we can and get as much done as possible. We’ll be done for the day, and if needed, we’ll come back to it tomorrow,” Mom promised.

I want to point out that, the only reason Jamie went along with this, is that one of the spare rooms is going to be his “train room”. Right now, he has trains in that room, the basement, and his bedroom proper. The idea of having a centralized “train room” is very attractive to him.

The ensuing frenzy of activity was really something to see. The bagging, sorting, garbage-ing, swearing, sweating, moaning, and groaning, was fantastic. Mom kept shouting words of encouragement. She wouldn’t let me take any pictures, though. She was too embarrassed of the mess.

The really cool thing is, I found an old bag of “Sour Patch Kids” that Jamie was throwing away, and while the humans were busy, I snuffled through the trash and ate all the candy. Brrrr, it was sour. But tasty and chewy at the same time. After I ate it and made a mess of the wrapper, Jamie snitched on me to Mom, who gave me A Look. But she was knee deep in shoes, and didn’t say anything.

Finally, Mom yelled, “Wrap it up!” and they took out all the garbage. Mom called The Epilepsy Foundation to arrange for a pick up of all the bags of donations. There’s no way all that stuff would fit into Zeus.

There’s more cleaning to be done tomorrow, but for now, the humans are tired out.

Woof! Love, Maggie

6/1/15 Floaties

So, it’s June 1, huh?

Feels more like a nice October day here.

Jamie and Mom spent a great deal of time cleaning out the garage. I thought I would get upset at not being allowed to run loose in the garage with them, but they propped the door open with a cd/radio player and, after letting out a couple of choice whines, I just lay on the floor and watched them. They talked to me and chucked me under the chin a few times, and it was good. I felt OK, and surprised myself!

Mom uncovered a large, black, plastic bag and said, “Oh, yes! The floaties!” Jamie hurried over to look. They brought the bag into the kitchen, and with it, a small, evil-looking pump.

The pump made a LOT of noise for being so small. I lay my ears back and watched them with a “you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me” look on my face:


Pretty soon, the kitchen was filled up with stuff like this:


Mom and Jamie explained that these strange-looking toys were floaties for the pool, and the pump had filled them up with air. They were both very excited and wanted to go swimming after their back-breaking work in the garage. It became quite cold, however, and began to rain, so that was the end of THAT.
Jamie found room in the newly-cleaned garage and put the inflated floaties back. They are hoping that Thursday will be nicer so that when Laurel comes to visit, they can play in the pool.I don’t understand why they aren’t sensible, and chew on sticks in the shade if they want to cool off.Woof! Love, Maggie

5/26/13 A Great Day

Today makes up for yesterday.  It is Sunday, and Dad is home all day.  I love Dad, and Dad loves me.  I can tell.  He is very strict with me, but I know he is fond of me.  I don’t see him as much as I see Mom, so when I do, it is Special Time.

Today, Jamie had the idea of going to the Growly Mill and the woods around it for a very long walk.  Mom called the PetSmart to see if they could give me a bath after.  It’s been 2 weeks since my operation, my stitches are gone, and I am all better now.

My family cleaned out Dad’s work van and we all hopped in.  We rode in the big van for a long time.  It was exciting, but I didn’t ride in the back.  I stayed up front with my people. I like to be near my people.  When we got to the woods, Dad took my lead this time and he walked me.  I tried the tugging and pulling game, but Dad is strong.  I figured out pretty quickly that he wanted me to walk by his side, and I did.  We walked and walked and walked.  Then we had to walk all the way back.  It was deeper woods than by our house; very beautiful and good-smelling.  Not a lot of humans around.

When we got back to the van Mom offered me a drink, then we drove to the PetSmart where a nice lady named, “Heather” took my lead and gave me a bath.  She was very friendly and even though I was nervous without my people, it wasn’t too bad because a lot was happening at once.  I’m just glad I didn’t need my nails clipped.  I did NOT like the hair dryer.  So, Heather let me dry myself in a big cage.  I worried about what would happen next, but sure enough Mom and Jamie showed up with big smiles and treats!  Everyone said I did a great job.  In the back of my mind I was worried they weren’t coming back, even though I saw the other dogs going home with their people. 

Dad was waiting in the van and was full of praise.  That made me feel so good inside!  I realized how tired I was and fell asleep with my head on Jamie’s leg.  When we got home, Dad gave me a new collar that matches my leash.  Everyone says how clean and white my coat is.  I feel like a new dog!