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7/9/15 Classic Rock and Clean Windows

Those darn cleaning humans! They were at it again today, and this time, Mom had reinforcements!

A very nice man named Mr. Bourke came over in the morning. He is a handyman in the area who does odd jobs. Dad likes Mr. Bourke to help out since he himself never seems to have time to get around to things. Mr. Bourke has been sick, and Mom was very happy to see him again.

I gave Mr. Bourke my standard, happy, enthusiastic, greeting, and BAM! found myself cooling my paws in the CRATE! Mom said Mr. Bourke had to go in and out of the house, and that she did not want me a) running out every time the door was opened; or b) running to greet Mr. Bourke every time he had to come back in. (Which I totally would, so I get that part.) I was still pretty indignant, though.

Mom had Jamie turn on a music channel to something I’d never heard before. It was called, “Classic Rock” from the ’60’s and ’70’s. Grumbling under his breath, Jamie said, “Just because it’s a classic doesn’t mean it’s good,” and Mom shushed him “because their guest liked it”. Mr. Bourke loved the music and said it was great!

I now consider myself something of an expert on this subject, having listened for such a long time today, and I can tell you frankly I am not a fan of King Crimson. But that long-haired Gregg Allman has a big, big, voice that I liked. And Jimi Hendrix plays guitar like no other. (“‘There must be some way out of here,'” said the Pitbull to the Crate”). Sorry, that tune is stuck in my head!

After a long while, Mr. Bourke left and Mom finished her chores, too. Jamie helped out with the cleaning, but not too much, because Mom doesn’t want him further injuring his toe. He is walking without crutches today and Mom doesn’t want to risk the progress he has made.

I also must point out that the windows are completely spotless! I am somewhat miffed that all my dog snot that I worked so hard to paint the front window with is gone. Mom says we’re bound to get a bird strike or two since the glass is so clean. Now THAT I want to see!

All this cleaning has tuckered me out, so I am jumping on the couch for a nap. Mom vacuumed all the dog hair off but I am sure I can fix that.

Woof! Love, Maggie



6/29/15 Pulling Weeds, and Further Pawgress!

From what I have heard the humans discussing, this June 2015 has been the cloudiest, most gloomiest June on record. Not to mention that it has rained like, every day and the backyard is flooded. Which does not make my life easy as you can imagine!

There was a little sunshine yesterday morning, and Mom marshaled the troops outside to pull weeds, cut down errant little trees (that spring up from those helicopter-thingies), and trim bushes. I got to go out in front with the humans, and watch them groan and sweat. Mom said that at first the sun felt good on her back but that got old quickly. Nonetheless, they were happy it was sunny for the first half of the day, and got a lot of work done. Dad says the house doesn’t look like a “foreclosure” anymore, and they all took a dip in the pool afterwards.


sniff, sniff! goodbye, weeds.

Today dawned grey and gloomy and naturally, it rained for most of the day. Since Dad went to work early this morning, Jamie and Mom “sucked it up” and finished cleaning out what is now the train room. Here is a panoramic view of the train room before the trains are added.


The shelving that is to your left will hold train cars. Locomotives may be too heavy, as this was a DIY project with some pieces of plastic gutter. Quite clever, actually; the humans found the idea on Facebook.

The green table jutting out to the right is the train table proper. Jamie would like to add another, under the window, where the bed used to be, and join them with a trestle bridge. He also has the entire floor for his Lionel Fastrack, and the closet for airplanes.

I’m very proud of my humans for working so hard and getting the job done on schedule. It is amazing to think that one could barely walk in that room a week ago, and now the whole place is empty and clean.

I will post pictures when Jamie sets up his trains.


Love, Maggie the Engineer

9/8/13 The Basement


(Oh, boy!  Dad’s taking Mom out to dinner!  Woof!)

My people spent the day cleaning out the basement today.  The clutter, boxes, and discarded stuff from all the people who used to live here was monumental.  The worst was the huge, 200 pound TV that had to be brought up the stairs.  It was ridiculous!  Dad and Mom loaded it onto a dolly and Dad hoisted it up the stairs while Mom lifted from the bottom.  I was trapped in the stairwell behind them, watching them sweat and heave and mess up the door while I stood on the landing, tail between legs, whining.

Once the TV was dealt with, multiple…about 150…trips up and down the stairs were necessary to haul out all the junk.  I helped by running between everyone’s legs while their arms were full.  I also found a pen, some plastic toys, an old cassette tape, and a discarded tennis ball, to chew and shred while everyone else was occupied.  I left the little, tiny pieces of chewed material on the carpet for Mom to find.  I think Mom was wishing she had that Kirby, but I can’t be sure, because she was mumbling and flicking away beads of sweat.

Anyway, they did such a nice job that they are going out to dinner!  Wonder if they’ll bring home a doggie bag!  Yum!

Woof!  Love, Maggie


6/3/13 Bone Dry

Mondays are way different than Sundays, with all the cleaning up and work that has to be done around here.  Mom says everyone is “slack” on Sundays and leaves a big mess behind.  Even I could see that the kitchen floor was bad news, and I’m color-blind.  So while I basked out in the backyard in the sun and soggy grass, Mom dragged out Vacuum Cleaner, Mop, and a bunch of other stuff, including this spray for the furniture that smells like lemon pie but tastes terrible when you lick the table afterwards.  Yuck.

Now, I am a working dog, so don’t think that I just lie there and let Mom do all the heavy stuff.  No way!  My job is to check on her and make sure she’s safe.  I’m sure she appreciates it, seeing as she was home alone.  So, after she put Vacuum Cleaner away and started mopping the floor, I came in from the muddy yard to check her progress.  After I’d circled the floor to check her work, I went back out into the yard through the screen door.  Mom didn’t say anything, just got this look of what was, I’m sure, total appreciation on her face, and went and got the bucket again.  I did that a couple of times until she locked me out of the house for some reason.  When I came back in, the floor was dry.

Laurel came over later on to play.  I was really excited and happy, but watched my jumping.  I have got to admit, Laurel wore me out and that is saying a lot, considering Jamie’s new nickname for me is, “The Hairy Bullet”.  We played and ran around until my knees were weak and I could scarcely crawl into my crate to fall asleep til Mom and Jamie came home.

I don’t know why I didn’t ask Jamie to let me out when he was at the kitchen table.  It was later, and Mom was in the shower.  I knew she was, because I had just checked on her, and I still didn’t ask Jamie to let me outside.  I just squatted in the hallway instead.  Then I went back up to the bedroom and acted like nothing was up.  When Mom came down with me and a big basket of laundry, she almost stepped right in it.  Was she ever ticked!  Especially since she had cleaned the floor this morning!  So, for the second time today, I was booted out of the house until the floor was mopped and dry.  Bone-dry, you could say.