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6/2/15 A Grand Day for a Walk

Jamie and Mom surprised me with a walk today. First, Jamie gave me a heaping spoonful of peanut butter (“That’s too much!” said Mom, but I loved it) and inside she tucked my motion-sickness medication. We waited a bit, and I thought they were going to put me in the crate, so I flattened myself out on the bed, but then Mom said, “Who wants to go outside?” My ears perked up at that! Jamie chimed in, “Who wants to go for a walk?” and naturally, I started dancing when it was time to put on my “jewelry” and leash. “Sitsitsitsitsit!!!” Finally, I was ready and off we went.

Mom said this would be another kind of “test” for me, since it has been a week since I’ve been on my medication, and she wanted to see how I would react to other animals.

Several dogs were out on their lawns near the house and none of them were tethered or leashed (NOT a good idea), especially when I know these dogs will roam the neighborhood. We drove past them, though, and went to the woods.

It was beautiful, I just can’t describe it:


This was taken as we were walking. It’s not reflected off the glass in the car. It’s just a pure sunbeam that Jamie captured.

We did see a small dog and I was very interested. I didn’t bark or go nuts but my ears were up and I pulled. Mom checked me and Jamie said, “Get your nose in the clover, Rover, and relax!”

Hmpf. Rover.

I listened to Mom though when she checked me, so she feels I am improving. She says I have a ways to go and to not be a smarty-pants about it.

We wandered along the path for a long time. I did in fact stick my nose in the clover, and would breathe in deeply and then snort when a dandelion went up my nose. Jamie thought this was very funny.


Pardon my backside!

Now, home and fed, it’s time for a nap. These humans wear me out!

Woof! Love, Maggie