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2/3/15 More Snow On The Way

I’ve been hiding in the bed, hoping Mom won’t make me go outside.

Jamie did shovel me out an “area” so that I can go without the snow brushing against my belly. I know a lot of furry dogs right now are loving the snow and having a blast. My fur is so thin that I just hate it.


(aaahhh… that’s more like it)

View out the front window:


And out the back:


Would you want to go potty in this!?

Erik, Jenny, and “the other side” of the family went to Hawaii and was gone for 10 days. Which turned into 11 since O’Hare Airport canceled their flight back. But they are home now, exhausted from waiting and waiting at the airports during the wee hours of the morning.

Erik should be coming over any day, and I can’t wait to see him! I am hoping to see Laurel soon as well. Right now, travel is very limited and the weatherman on the TV news told all humans that if they absolutely do not have to travel later this evening, to stay home. Because more snow is on the way.

Oh, joy. (Makes Grumpy Cat face). At least Jamie is feeling better. He was very ill, but went back to school today.

Take care, humans, keep warm. Take care of your companion animals and guard them against the cold. No one should be an “outside dog” in these temps. Make sure if you are walking your pet, you wipe off the pads of their feet. Salt is dangerous and painful. (Maybe your dog will wear boots but I refuse).

Woof! Love, Maggie


1/14/15 Bits n Pieces

Woof! Hello! It’s been kind of slow here news-wise. It’s been very cold, and I have been having problems going outside. Mom and Jamie are keeping a close eye on me though, and Laurel stopped by yesterday and we took a lovely walk until my back leg stiffened up on me.

*     *     *

Erik stopped over and I just love to see him. He holds me on his lap like I’m a baby. I wrap my paws around his neck and smile and smile. I feel like a little poodle when he holds me! Maybe, I’m part “designer dog”. They just have to build a purse big enough to hold me.


*     *     *

There is a basket by the hall tree that Mom tries to keep covered. But I have discovered the secret of sniffing inside and rooting out objects to steal away and chew. Shoes, scarves, gloves, all are fair game. However, I found something different in the pocket of a jacket that was tossed in the basket. It was Jamie’s old iPod Shuffle. I snatched it up and ran to my favorite spot on the landing. I’d seen Jamie with these thingies in his ears before, and I wasn’t sure how it worked. I could not push the button because of my long nails. So, I just chewed it.


The iPod Shuffle wasn’t happy about this state of affairs, and the headphones even less.

Jamie freaked out that maybe I swallowed a magnet, but a review of the remains showed no ingestion, just chewing. Hey, I love music!

Woof! Love, Maggie

1/8/15 C-cc-cold

Brrrr! It is extremely, dangerously cold. Hypothermia in a matter of minutes.

Jamie put my coat on me but I didn’t wear it long.


Potty is not my friend these days. I went out to pee, and my hind legs got so cold, I was dragging myself back into the house with only my front legs working. Mom ran out and got me. She screamed for Jamie and they covered me up with blankets and got me warm and happy again. Then, Jamie braved the cold to shovel me out a designated “potty area” so I don’t have to put my feet in the snow. That made things easier.

However, I’m just going to stay in with a good book and hold it!


Woof! Love, Maggie

11/12/14 Why so freezing??

OK, OK, I get it: it’s November. But it’s not January! It is ridiculously cold outside. On days like today, I wish I’d let Mom put a coat on me. Alas, I am stubborn.

Mom and I went for a brisk (and I do mean brisk) walk this morning. I got in lots of good sniffs, peed on Blue’s lawn, and everything was fine until we got to the second block. Then the wind shifted, and blew right up my poor tail. I was ready then and there for Mom to carry me back (not going to happen)! We hustled it back to the warm house, and Mom gave me a treat for walking so nicely.

My humans have put up a new tether in the backyard. It’s taken me a few days to get adjusted to it. At first, I thought they were just leaving me out there. Then I realized I can walk around quite a bit. The lead on the tether is about 25 feet, so I have lots of room to sniff around and take care of business. But I can’t get under the fence or chase anything. I suppose the human plan is to shovel around the tether when the fluffy white stuff falls, and scoop me out a little roaming area. Not that I plan to stay out in that kind of cold for too long! But Mom remembers when I chased a squirrel all across the frozen pond last year, and she says she’s not going through that again this year. Speaking of which…

Mom was revisiting some blogs from last year around this time and hoo-boy, was I misbehaving! Knocking over lamps, taking chunks out of the walls and floor, barking at Jamie, and generally being a four-legged nuisance. Mom actually thought she would have to re-home me, I wasn’t listening at all. Then I went to boot camp and things improved. Thank goodness. I nearly “hairy bullet-ed” myself out of a good home. I’m so glad that didn’t happen.

In other news, Mom has a strange little bag packed in the kitchen. She says she has to go away soon to a far-away place called, “The Hospital”. I know it is far away because I can’t see it from the front windows or out the back yard. So it must be far. Mom says she is OK with having “The Operation” but she is worried about all of us back home. She is making lists for Dad and Jamie so no one forgets to feed me or the fish, change the filters on the tank, let me out, and things of that nature. Mom will be away most of next week, and I am going to probably be in the crate a lot. But I’ll update you when I can.

Til next time, I’m cold and tired from being outside and going to snuggle with blankie and take a little nap. Have a great day!


Woof! Love, Maggie

12/11/13 White Dog In The Snow

Since it’s been bitterly cold out, Mom has been forcing me to wear a coat.  I’ve responded by refusing to go outside, and holding and holding and holding my “p” until I think my bladder is going to burst.  And if you can’t relate to that, try putting your bare behind on the cold, flaky snow, and see how easy it is to do your business!  Woof!

However, today it is a balmy 21 degrees, and the wind isn’t blowing too badly (I hate the blowing wind!!!), and the sun is shining, and I had really been holding it, so she let me out without the coat.

Can you see the white dog in the snow?  Woof!


Keep warm!  Woof!  Love, Maggie