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10/1/15 I Will NOT Be Clothed!

Today, Mom took Jamie for his chiropractic adjustment. Jamie’s back and neck had been kind of “jacked up” as you humans would say, from lugging around extensively heavy backpacks. (They now have a laptop system at school so he doesn’t have quite as much of a load to drag around).

Anyway, I don’t know if the chiro appointment released some endorphins or what on Jamie, but he sure is acting loopy. Like, for instance, they stopped at the grocery store for milk, apples, and the impulse item – cookies. Mom told Jamie to bag the things up and he proceeded to place the gallon jug of milk in a bag. “Mmm, hon, you don’t have to bag the milk,” Mom said with a grin.

“Here are the apples,” Jamie said politely, handing Mom the box of cookies. “I believe those are called, ‘cookies’,” Mom replied, trying to keep a straight face.

This kind of good-natured bumbling went on all night until Mom asked Jamie to get her a glass of almond milk while she folded clothes. Mom’s tummy is mighty sensitive to cow’s milk, so she’s drunk around to find an alternative. Helping herself to a cookie, Mom drank away half the glass of milk before gasping, “Oh, no, you’ve given me dairy milk!” Jamie went red in the face and stammered out an apology. Mom should be LOTS of fun in just a little while!

Anyway, back to the title of this blog. Before Mom got thirsty and drank the milk, she was putting up Halloween decorations and found my unused “Rufferee” costume (complete with a little flag) from last year. “Come here,” she said sweetly, and the next thing I knew I was buffaloed into … a shirt! A costume shirt at that!

I darted into the living room, bucking like a bronco and trying to tear the shirt off. However, the sleeves went over my front legs. I lay down and tried to scratch the darn thing off to no effect:


Finally, Mom said, “It’s no use” and took the shirt off. Immediately I tried to snatch it from her and chew it, but she whisked it away. I will NOT be clothed!

After Mom put away the costume shirt, she said I was smirking at her from my spot on the couch. She said I “winked” at her and “nodded my head” to her like I was saying, “hey”. I firmly deny such behavior.

Ah, bring on the trick or treaters, but no costumes for this girl!

Woof! Love, Maggie