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3/1/15 Feral Cat Sanctuary!

I’ve been writing about the predominance of feral cats around our house this winter. In seasons past, we’ve seen a “swamp kitty” or two roaming about, but this winter is exceptionally harsh and we have about 5 or 6 (depending on the orange one) “regulars” in the woods next to the house. The cats crawl under the fence and sun themselves in my yard.

Our house is the last house on a dead-end street. To the left is a wetland, and in the Spring we have geese. So the geography is “retention pond/wetland/woods” and then our yard. We actually have a large side yard that is not fenced in and the woods border up on our property.

I’m telling you all of this so that you know where Mom put the Feral Cat Sanctuary. We’ve all been worried (yes, even me) about the cats since it has been such bitterly cold weather. Paws2Smile (http://www.paws2smile.wordpress.com) had a great suggestion that we build some sort of feral cat house. Mom remembered that Erik had a large crate in the basement, and thought that would make a good sanctuary for the cats. She spoke to her friend Lisa, and Lisa (being a cat expert) told Mom not to put blankets in the crate because if the cats got wet, they could freeze to the blankets. Lisa told Mom to get clean hay that the cats could burrow in, instead. That sounded reasonable to Mom.

So, Mom enlisted Dad and Jamie to hunt down a bale of hay. She enlisted Erik to bring up the crate from the basement. I sniffed it curiously but slunk away at the sight of, well, a crate.

Erik brought up the crate and took the door off. Mom said she didn’t want someone who was cruel to animals to trap the cats inside and starve them. Then Mom cleaned the crate and sprayed it with disinfectant.


Mom wrote on the top of the crate in big letters so that no one would mess around with it:


Then Mom and Erik went outside and filled the crate with the fresh hay that Dad and Jamie had delivered on the doorstep (I watched from the dining room window):


Finally, since Mom had boots and Erik just had shoes, she dragged the crate to the spot that is in the woods, but still on our property. She added a tin full of dry cat food (with vitamins and minerals). This cat sanctuary is close enough to our fence that Mom can monitor it from the back door window:


Mom trekked through 10 inches of snow to put out the Feral Cat Sanctuary. She said she hopes that, with it being technically on our property, no one will dispose of it or vandalize it.

Now I can watch the kitties, too! And since they have a place of their own, they can stay out of MY yard. It’s a win-win situation!

Woof! Love, Maggie


2/17/15 A Day In The Crate Part 2

I think today was a rotten day for everyone here. Never mind that it is Fat Tuesday and I got a nice treat. I was in the crate for so long, it wasn’t even funny!

Mom had to drive Jamie to school this morning, because Dad had his meeting at work. So that was a little over an hour in the crate. Jamie’s school is about 30 minutes away when traffic is good. Mom says that today the traffic wasn’t good (probably because of the holiday yesterday – everyone’s back to work today).

Mom came back, but had to leave in the afternoon to get groceries, pick Jamie up from school, and take him to Algebra tutoring. Fortunately, Laurel dropped by for about an hour, took me outside, and played ball with me. Then I had to go back to the crate til Mom and Jamie came home.

When they finally arrived, tired, hungry, and frazzled, we had a joyous reunion. Mom promised that, no matter what, no more crate today.

Mom really hates to put me in the crate. She tells me she’s sorry. I know Mom doesn’t like to crate me, and I understand that if I am left alone loose in the house, my anxiety rises to the point that I might hurt myself. But I still don’t like it, and never go in willingly, even though the crate is large enough that I can move around in it and it does have a soft fleece liner. Maybe I don’t like it because I know that my people are leaving. When I was first adopted, I’d go in the crate to sleep, but now I like my chair.


The other day, when Mom took a shower, I hid under the blankets of her bed. She didn’t see me and flipped off the light and closed the door. She went looking for me, and was afraid I’d gotten out. Meanwhile, even though she was only gone a little while, it seemed like an eternity to me and I let loose on the floor. I couldn’t help it. I was so frightened. Mom knew it, too, because she called me, “poor little girl” and didn’t even fuss about the mess.

(sigh) I’m so glad everyone is finally home. I’m ready to call it a night!

Woof! Love, Maggie

12/21/14 The Hairy Terror

I’ve had an action-packed couple of days.

Besides the Marathon Cookie Bake, the toilet broke. Mom called Dad, freaking out that the water was running and running and running. Now, Mom has been after Dad for quite some time about the leaks in the toilet. But this time, the dam broke and the water flowed freely in the bowl with a loud flushing, rushing sound. Dad knew this would be costly in terms of the water bill, so he actually went into action and – pardon me if I use the “F” word – fixed something.

Dad on the ground was more than I could bear. The sight of him lying there with his head wedged between the wall and the toilet provided me with the flashmob opportunity of a lifetime. When Dad started hollering, in earnest, “Maggie, OFF!” Mom sprang into action, dragged me into the kitchen, and gave me The Look.

I couldn’t help it. When Dad said, “Get the paper towels” I took him literally:


Dad got the toilet fixed, but I had the Hairy Bullet mentality and I had it bad. So the next day (today), Mom and Dad had an afternoon appointment with some old friends. That left me and my nemesis, Jamie, alone in the house. I quickly turned into my secret identity, The Hairy Bullet.

While Jamie attempted to slip unobtrusively into the garage to get a can of soda pop, I darted through the sweet spot, nearly knocking him flat. Then I sniffed around the various piles of skateboards and junk until he pulled me into the house.


Feeling peevish that I was thwarted in my garage escapades, I snatched one of Jamie’s shoes that he had placed next to the back door. I ran upstairs in full bolt mode, and while chasing me, Jamie fell flat on his face. I was doing the typical terrier move of swinging the shoe around with my head, and I bashed Jamie on the side of his face, next to his eyebrow. I gave him a little black eye, but he put some ice on it and was OK. I, however, was summarily tossed in the crate and there I stay for quite some time.

When Jamie let me out to go to the potty, I dashed into the dining room, ears flat against my head, and grabbed up a gift that had been foolishly left on the floor (in a corner, next to the fish tank, supposedly where I could not get at them) and ripped the bow off the large box, and tore open the small box. Sailing past Jamie into the living room, I whipped Mom’s good Christmas fleece blanket off the couch and chewed a hole in the corner before Jamie could stop me.


Mom and Dad came home and I got a good berating and many scowls. No treat for me!

Mom says I do not behave for Jamie and the next time, she is going to crate me, so he doesn’t get another black eye from my Hairy Terror activities.

I guess I’m done for today. Tomorrow is another day!

Woof! Love, Maggie

11/26/14 Holiday Crafts and Chicken Sticks

Mom is getting bored and restless. She is still on light duty, very light duty, and can’t do much around the house. I tried to get her to chase me and she would not, so I barked at her a little and she said, “Maggie, that is not going to fly!” She did pick up my toys and throw them to me though. I agree with Mom, it is hard to be patient! I do guess, upon thinking of it, that barking at her isn’t helping the situation.

Mom begged Dad to take her to the hobby store for a few items (she can’t drive for another week yet). I had to wait in the crate. Funny, I have hardly been in the crate at all since Mom came home from the hospital, and now, I REALLY hate going in there. I would much rather sit on my chair with my blankets. Dad says he can’t trust me, though, to be left alone (see my post, “The Spice Cabinet” for his reasoning!)

Anyway into the crate I went, and shortly afterward, Dad and Mom came back. They really weren’t gone long at all. They had a couple of bags that Dad carried and Mom had a happy look on her face. While at the store, Dad picked up a small bag of one of his favorite candies, “Chic-O-Sticks”, which he refers to as, “Chicken Sticks”, and started chomping them down with some coffee. They smelled like peanut butter, but he didn’t give me one.The nerve!

Mom unpacked the bags and Dad went to work. Mom says she misses her Liberry and the Wise Owls that are there, so she made some holiday ornaments to reflect her feelings:


She is also embarking on a hooked rug that she says she is going to give to the Liberry when she gets to go back to work. Meanwhile, Laurel stopped by and took me for a walk until my head turned pink from the cold. Then we came home and I felt much more relaxed. I didn’t bark at Mom anymore, but I did bark at Laurel when she stomped her feet to get my attention. Then they laughed at me, and I went and sat on my chair in a huff. Hmph!


Mom says she hopes her Wise Owls miss her like she misses them.

Other than some crafts, Mom has been working on 2 more Maggie books, doing a lot of word searches, and beating the pants off Dad at Scrabble. Mom told me today she would be very unhappy if she did not have me since I am good company, and with me, she is never alone.

Woof! Love, Maggie

11/20/14 Mom Goes for An Operation, and Maggie Weighs In

November 17 – I have never seen the humans get up so early. It was still dark-time. Dad let me out, carried a suitcase to the car, and then popped me in the crate. I am so confused. Jamie is still upstairs sleeping. Why are Mom and Dad leaving? Mom looks very sad.

Jamie got up later and went to school with a nice lady, but I didn’t get to come out of the crate. Where are Mom and Dad?

Laurel came to exercise me and play. I’ve been lonely all day, so I was happy to see her. I still do not know what is going on. Dad took Jamie somewhere after school. Dad looks very worried. Jamie looks upset, too. They did not come back too late, but Mom is not with them. Maybe Dad re-homed Mom. Why would he do that? She’s housebroken. I am worried.

November 18 – I heard Dad and Jamie talking in the kitchen. Mom is far away at the hospital. She had an operation on her tummy. I remember when I had an operation on my tummy. The vet shaved off all my nice white fur, and it it hurt to walk for a while. I wonder if the same thing happened to Mom. I miss Mom very much, and I am sleeping in her spot waiting for her to come home. Laurel comes to let me out and play every day. She talks to me and tells me Mom will come back. I’m still worried.

November 19 – Today, the telephone rang before Jamie left for school. Guess who it was? It was Mom! Dad put the phone by my ear and I heard Mom say, “Good girl, Maggie, Mommy misses you so much.” I wagged my tail so hard my behind shook. Dad says Mom will be home tomorrow. I’m not going to let her out of my sight! I can’t wait! Tonight is going to be a long one.

November 20 – I can’t believe it! Mom is finally home. She can hardly walk. I guess the Vet got to her, too. I am so excited to see her! Mom came in and sat down on the couch. Dad took me out of the crate with my leash and brought me over to her. I did not jump but I did wash her whole face and both hands. My tail was going like a propeller. When Mom stood up (slowly and carefully) I did try to jump but Dad had me. I was so happy to have her back. Laurel came and played with me. She brought Mom flowers and took me outside. I tried to tell Laurel, “Look, look, Mom is back!” and I think Laurel understood me, because she laughed and patted my head.

Mom has a long recovery ahead. She can’t sleep in her bed yet so I will be taking care of her spot, or sleeping in my chair keeping an eye on her. I am so happy, happy, happy, to have my Mom back home!


Woof! Love, Maggie