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3/23/16 Puppy Day

I’m going to cover a lot of ground in this blog.

Yesterday was Doug’s (weggieboy’s) birthday. I don’t know how many candles, because cb (contrafactual) didn’t mention that to me. Doug is still in rehab and hasn’t gotten home yet. That doesn’t seem right to me, but I’m not “medical” I’m “doggical” and I know this dog would rather recuperate at home. Please keep Doug in your thoughts, and a Woof! and tail wags to cb for keeping all of us posted.

I would like to put my two paws in regarding the cowardly and despicable terror bombings in Belgium. My heart and soul go out to the victims of terror attacks. I stand with you, Brussels.

It seems that certain groups of people want all the people to be the same. We find this at home and abroad. However…

That’s not going to happen. Humans are all different and should learn to live together and respect each others’ differences. It’s way too much to hope that some day, humans will celebrate each others’ differences in religion and culture and attend each others’ festivals and the like to get to know one another better.

I wish, I wish, with all four paws crossed, that that could happen. But I know it won’t, and that makes me sad. Fear and ignorance make the humans hate each other. I’m a dog. I love everybody, so I don’t see why people have to shove (insert belief here) down each others’ throats. Just co-exist. It should be a no-brainer. Love is so much stronger.

On to other things.

Today is Puppy Day, and to celebrate, I have this nifty picture of me laying on Dad’s lap.


It’s really quite apparent that I’m light as a feather and he doesn’t even know I am there, shoving him off the couch. I’m really a 6 pound lap dog, not a 60 pound American Staffordshire Terrier. See? See? Dad doesn’t mind a bit.

Woof, you humans, woof. Paws crossed you have a dog in your life.

Love, Maggie




12/26/15 Pitmas Eve

I have so much news to tell you about Pitmas Eve and Pitmas Day! It was all very exciting and happy and busy. We did all the usual things, like feast and open gifts, but there is one thing in particular I must tell you about.

Mom and all her boys (Mike, Erik, and Jamie) played an elaborate hoax on Dad.

It started like this: Dad wouldn’t tell Mom what he wanted for Christmas, so Mom and the boys decided to go in together and get him a brand-new Weber grill as a present. Everyone chipped in, and it was delivered Monday of this week.

Jamie and Mom hid the grill in the garage under a tarp and surrounded it with pool equipment. Dad didn’t notice a thing. He must’ve walked right past it 50 times. Sometimes, it’s good to have a messy garage! Since Mike wouldn’t be there Christmas morning, it was decided that the gift would be presented to Dad on Christmas Eve.

After all the cousins opened their gifts, Mike distracted Dad with some chit-chat. Mom gave the signal: “Erik and Jamie, go get some more ice from the freezer in the garage.” (Mom had Jamie move Zeus out of the garage earlier in the day).

Quickly, Erik and Jamie exited to the garage, ran to the grill, whipped off the tarp, added a huge red bow, and moved it into the center of the garage.

Erik ran in the house and gave Mom her signal: “Mom, the freezer is leaking!” Then he ran back out. Mom turned to Dad and said, “You’d better go out there and see what’s wrong!”

Everyone ran to the garage door, Dad still holding my leash, and when he opened the door, everyone shouted, “MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

OMG! You should have seen the look on Dad’s face! Erik thought he was honestly having a heart attack. Dad finally managed to squeak out, “Holy sh**!” before dropping my leash entirely. Everyone laughed, and clapped, and cheered. Dad could not get over how completely he was fooled, and kept opening  up the garage door and peeking to make sure the grill was still there. Later, Jamie helped Dad move it out into the back yard, and here’s a picture:


After the prank was done, and everyone settled down again, we had a nice dessert of all the cookies that had been baked, and a fruit cake that Mom made in November and had been basting weekly with brandy and orange juice. Then the entire assembly sat down and played games.

When the party broke up, Dad and Mom had nothing but compliments for me on how well I’d behaved. (More on that in anther post).

It was the best Pitmas Eve we’d had in a long time! I was so tired, I went up to bed before Mom and Dad and slept the whole night straight through.

I will post about Pitmas Day separately!

Woof! Love, Maggie


9/12/15 A Bad Knee for Dad

Today was a day especially for Dad.

Last night, the family went “cosmic bowling” for fun and adventure. Somehow, Dad crossed the foul line and twisted his knee sliding on the slippery alley. Fun, and adventure!

Dad sucked it up and limped his way to victory with a couple of strikes. This morning, however, he wasn’t feeling so triumphant with a swollen knee. Mom gave him a knee brace, and when he bent over to put it on, I decided to help with a little flashmob to the face. Slobber, slobber!!

Nearly knocking Dad and his knee off the kitchen chair, I ran up the stairs with my toy in my mouth, hoping Dad would chase me. At first he said, “no”, but he couldn’t resist, and limped after me, thus the race was on.

Upstairs, I ran around in a circle while Dad tried putting on his pants (one leg at a time, of course).

Once he was dressed, I darted in front of him and then quickly pounced on my precious toy, dropping to my stomach. Dad was limping mid-lurch and hooked one foot under my ribs. Trying not to kick me, he came down hard on his bad knee and flew – literally flew – two feet through the air, through the doorway, and landed with his hands splayed against the opposite wall. He missed putting a fist through the glass picture by this/much.

On the opposite side of the wall, Jamie snapped awake and sat bolt upright, his eyes round Os of surprise at the sound of his father nearly breaking through the wall and landing in his bed.

Thinking this was wonderful fun, I tossed the toy out in the hallway and scampered after Dad. Mom was still in the bedroom with her hair standing on end. Quickly I darted under Dad’s ankles and nearly sent him headlong down the stairs. Dad grabbed the railing and said that it was time for him to go to work, that he would be safer there.

My work here is finished.


Woof! Love, Maggie

6/16/15 Maggie’s Walk

Yesterday was an extremely rainy day. Today, it was cool and bright and sunny.

Dad actually got a break in the middle of his day and came home to eat lunch. Mom suggested we use the time to go for a walk! Naturally, I was doubly excited – Dad home AND a walk. Hooray!

The humans struggled to get me into the harness. I wagged my bottom and licked their faces and rolled on my back and showed my belly. Apparently, this was not what they wanted, because Dad said in a stern voice, “SIT!” I sat.

Fortunately, from a lifetime of playing with Legos, Jamie’s hand/eye coordination is very good, and he was able to buckle the harness fairly quickly. Off we went!


Dad suggested we go to the Midlothian woods because it would be less crowded. That’s the neat thing about Dad being home; he always has good ideas about going places.

We got to the woods and walked for two miles. During this time I found every mud puddle and gave myself a beauty mud spa treatment. I saw two little yappy dogs and raised my ears to them but Mom gave me a firm, “Leave it!” so I left it. She said I was a good girl, and was even better when a strapping Staffordshire boy dog came my way. Again with the, “Leave it!” and more praise from Mom. Dad said I seemed more relaxed.

Then we came up to this little guy. I went over for a sniff, but Mom held me back.


He was a very interesting little fellow, and smelled like the pond near our house. When he saw me, he pulled his legs and head in his shell. Dad said the turtle looked hot and dry, so he poured a little bit of water near his head. The turtle stuck his head back out, and looked happy.

As we left the parking lot, a little bit of a Min-Pin stuck his head out the window of a passing van and yipped at me as if his very life depended on it. Jamie roared with laughter, calling it a “doggie drive-by”. Indeed!

When we finally got home, Mom and Jamie hustled me up to the walk-in shower. (WHY does everything have to end in a bath???!) Mom cleaned me with the Argon Oil shampoo, and soon I was soft as a new chick’s feather. “How do I smell?” asked Jamie (who is going to the movies later). “Like Funyons, and like you need a shower,” retorted Mom. So Jamie had to have a bath, too. Well, there’s some justice in the world.

Soon, I was ready for my nap.


Goodnight, all!

Love, Maggie