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3/21/15 New Rug!

This is shaping up to be an interesting weekend.

Last night, the humans went out to one of those home stores and brought me back a new rug to lie on.

Mom has been after Dad for quite some time, saying that the old rug was “threadbare” and “fading” and (not that I had anything to do with this) “chewed in the corner”. “It’s 100% wool!” Dad cried, his inner thrift (i.e., cheap), showing.

So Mom finally wore Dad down, and he said he knew just the place to look for a new rug. Dad said, “This place is great. It’s like, as if I opened up a home store business with no money and lots of junk but a few good things thrown in if you look – you’ll love it!” Mom was dubious, but climbed into the van, anyway, and off they went.

Dad was right. The place DID look like he’d opened it on a shoestring. However, they had a very nice selection of area rugs, and Mom and Dad found one on something called, “clearance”, which meant they had enough money to look at some curtain panels and a curtain rod, too.

I helped set up the rug after Jamie hustled the old one down to the basement:


It’s soft and comfy! I love it! I did try scratching it, but Dad stood up and showed me the crate, so I slunk over to the couch and stole Mom’s blanket, instead.

So now, when Dad gets home from work this afternoon, he and Mom (or he and Jamie) are going to get out the “level” and install the curtain rod. This should be great. I can’t wait!

Woof! Love, Maggie

3/15/15 The Honey Do

Gracious, the snow has melted and that means Spring!  Mom has already broken out the “honey do” list for Dad, which actually consisted of replacing light bulbs in various rooms (Dad has it rough), while Mom prepared to paint the entryway from the garage.

You may remember, last year on Spring Break, Mom and Jamie painted most of the downstairs area. Mom did not do the hallway in front as she would need a scaffold for that. Nor did she do the entryway into the kitchen from the garage, because she and Dad could not agree on a color. Mom therefore, made and Executive Decision to paint the entryway to match the bay window in the eat-in part of the kitchen. Mom says she gave Dad a “year” to think about it and since he didn’t come up with an idea, she was going ahead with her plan.

I was delighted to see Mom kneeling on the floor. I scooted around the paint pots and ladder and gave a few kisses to her ear, and was planning a flashmob when she shooed me away. She said she didn’t want me to get paint on my fur. I went upstairs and played for a while:


Mom later stated that, “At times like these, you realize that your knees are not your friends.” But she completed the job and now the little entryway is cheerful, and even the door got a coat of paint or two:


Mom says there is only a small area left for her to paint downstairs, and then she is moving on to the upstairs. Mom’s honey do list seems to be a LOT longer than Dad’s!

Later on, after Mom had taken a bath in some smelly stuff, we crawled into bed. My human Mom tucked me in under the covers since the windows were open and the breeze was chilly. Oh, so comfortable! Welcome, Spring!


Woof! Love, Maggie

(PS – you are not seeing things, I did change my collar during the day!)

3/12/15 Peeking

I’ve been missing Dad. So I took over his “groove” on the couch.


I know I’m not supposed to be there. But here I am!

Mom asked Jamie what I was doing on, “Dad’s couch”. Jamie offhandedly replied, “She’s licked a hole in her chair!” Mom went over to inspect, and found that Jamie was only fooling.

Dad’s groove is quite comfy. That part of the couch feels soft and indent-y. The other cushion is much more stiff and unforgiving.

So I think I’ll camp out here until he comes home. When I hear his van in the driveway, I’ll jump off and greet him at the door. He’ll never notice the dog hair on his clothes later.

Of course, if I get caught napping – my goose is cooked!

Woof! Love, Maggie (The Mischievous)

2/28/15 Dad Was Sick Last Night

We had a scary evening. Dad left for work in the morning with a cold and came home in the evening very sick. He was walking bent over because his back muscles were aching. Every time Dad sneezed, Mom and Jamie flinched.

Mom has been bugging Dad to go to the doctor but he refuses to go. Mom says Dad is going to make her a young(ish) widow. She’s not kidding around, either.

Mom and Jamie ran upstairs, turned down the covers, got Dad’s pajamas ready, turned on the vaporizer, and started the heating pad. Then Jamie came down and helped Dad get up the steps. Mom gave Dad some green medicine and helped him get in bed.

I knew Dad was sick so I jumped in bed next to him and snuggled with him all night. I figured he could use the extra body heat. So I stayed right by his side. Dad asked Mom why I was there and Mom said, “She’s trying to comfort you. She loves you and wants you to feel better. She knows something is wrong.” Dad pet me and said I was a good girl. Then we all fell asleep.


Today Dad feels better. He says he’s going to the doctor but Mom has her doubts. He insists on going to work today but I wish he would stay home. I also wish humans wouldn’t be so silly. I always go to the Vet if I’m not feeling well. I’ll be on hand to take care of Dad when he comes home.

Woof! Love, Maggie

11/23/14 Wearing a lot of hats

Woof! I’ve been wearing a lot of hats lately around here. First and foremost, I have to keep an eye on Mom. I also have to be ready for snuggles at a moment’s notice.

I also have to be extra-vigilant in Guarding the House. With Mom on the couch, I am on the alert for intruders, cats, racoons, the UPS man, you name it. 🙂

Also today I had to supervise Dad and Jamie with the Cleaning of the House. Things were going smoothly until the football game came on. Then Dad would fold a sock; go sit down. Fold a towel during a commercial; go sit down. Move the chairs to vacuum; go sit down. And so forth and so on. I finally had to give him a little bark to get him to finish the job and then go sit down. Lucky I would never nip him!

Mom stayed on the couch so I had to Inspect. Sniff, sniff. Dining room floor is clean. Sniff, sniff. No dust  bunnies under the couch. Sniff, sniff. Aha! A crumb on the kitchen floor. Slurp, slobber, just doing my part, sir.


In one of my hats…


And in another!

Woof! Love, Maggie