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12/1/16 Happy 1st of December

Today is the first day of December. This morning, Mom gave Jamie a Lego Advent Calendar – he was very happy and surprised, and said, “You got me one of these?! Thanks!!” to which Mom laughed and said, “You’ll probably be getting one til you’re 25! You’re still my baby!” Which makes me chuckle inside, since he’s a man now, with a deep voice, and a good foot taller than Mom. I used to boss Jamie around like a puppy. Now I jump for joy when he comes home, like I do for Dad.

Mom gave me a spray bath, and had Dad switch the tags to my Christmas collar, which is red and has bells on it. I feel so clean and Mom says I smell good. I waited right by Dad’s feet to get my collar back on. He asked me, “What do you want? You want your collar?” and I nodded my head one time, like dogs will do. My collar is a very important part of my identity. When I didn’t have a collar, I lived in a cage, and slept on the floor. Or, I ran the snowy streets, and ate garbage. When I got my collar, I got my Family, and now I get tucked in with a blanket to keep me warm and snuggly and a pillow for my head every night. My collar means I am Wanted, and not Stray.


Mom took me outside to explore the yard (before my bath). It’s quite cold outside, and I am very interested in the furry critters that keep popping through the fence. Many of these animals are ferreting (get it? ferret!) around for acorns and nuts. I like to bark at them. Some of these are feral cats, who stalk the birds. They pay me no mind, and are very cool cats, indeed.

Last night, I made Mom take me out at midnight, and the whole yard was pitch-black and smelled strongly of skunk. Mom let me go about 2 feet into the yard, firmly told me to “go potty”, then marched me back into the house. She was having no skunk incidents, or I’d be getting a lot more than just a spray bath this morning!

Sending you all December Woofs and tail wags!

Love, Maggie