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2/3/14 A Sigh of Relief

Mom’s not mad anymore.  She said she was disappointed that I nabbed the scarf and ruined it, but she understands that when I get into that doggie “red zone”, there’s just no going back.

We were walking up the stairs and I trotted on ahead and turned around to look at Mom.  Maybe it was because we were at eye level that she looked at me steadily and said, “I forgive you, Maggie.  You can’t help yourself, can you, girl?”  Then she reached out her hand and scratched me under the chin.  I propelled my tail around and around like a helicopter, I was so relieved and happy.

I am going to work on the command, “Drop it!” and Mom says she is going to work on putting things out of my way so she doesn’t have to say, “Drop it!” in the first place.  Sounds like a plan to me!

Woof!  Love, Maggie



2/2/14 The Scarf

Mom owns a beautiful, soft, wool and cashmere blend scarf that is her favorite possession.  Mom has taken great care of the scarf.  Dad gave it to her for Valentine’s Day some years ago (that could account for its softness, besides the blend of materials) and she really treasures it. 

I know all of this because she told me last night after I jumped up and snatched it off the back of the chair and took it to my place on the stairs and chewed a big hole in it before she could stop me. 

The scarf is totally ruined.  Mom is devastated and angry. 

Now I am ashamed of myself.  Mom isn’t talking to me.

Dad says he will replace the scarf, but Mom is still upset.  I’m in the doghouse big-time.

(tail droops) Love, Maggie