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4/20/14 My First Easter

Today was my first Easter.  The weather was perfect with the sun shining and the breeze blowing.  I can hardly believe it’s the same backyard as a few weeks ago, when it was covered in snow!  Today was a day for family and togetherness.  There was a lot of love in the house today!  We had adventures outside, too.

Mom and Jamie planted a garden in the back of the swingset.  They started the seeds in little dirt pots a couple of weeks ago.  They’ve been growing in a little plastic greenhouse on the kitchen table, and they decided to put them outside.  Dad had to use a noisy machine – noisier than Vacuum – to dig up all the dirt.  I didn’t like the noise, but I helped dig up the dirt.  That was a fun job!  I don’t think Dad thought so, though.  He said it was hard work!

Mom and Jamie had just put the finishing touches on the fencing around the vegetable patch, when I heard this big-mouthed dog barking from a couple of houses over.  Laying my ears back, I took off at my Hairy Bullet finest – through the fencing, tangling up in my legs, rolling onto my back, then over onto my belly, shaking it off and realizing I had uprooted the entire fencing job in 2 seconds flat.  Dad had to fix the fencing.  I think I missed a baby cucumber plant by this/much.

The fun thing about the vegetable garden is Jamie watering it.  I love, love, love to chase the water coming out of the hose!  I got all wet and Mom says I still smell like skunk.  I’m not mad at her, though, because when I dried off, she petted me and told me how soft I was.


Dad bought Mom some outdoor furniture, and Mike came over and helped Dad and Jamie build it, while Mom cooked a big dinner in the house.  I helped by kissing everyone’s face as they sat in the grass.  I know they liked it because they kept saying my name.

I ran around and around with a stick until Mom called everyone in to eat.  I was so tired, I couldn’t even beg at the table.  I flopped down on the cool kitchen floor with my sides heaving.  Mom gave me a little Easter dinner afterwards because I did not beg.  I also drank lots of cool, fresh water.  But I liked the cold water from the hose much better!

The humans ate the pretty cake Mom made (from scratch) on the new furniture outside.  For a while, I played chase the stick and chase the foxtail.  Jamie hid in the big box the furniture came in, and popped out at Mom.  Mom screamed and laughed that Jamie got her but good.  Pretty soon, everybody turned into a zombie and fell asleep.  We could hear Dad snoring on the couch while I lay on my chair with Jamie, the wind from the ceiling fan flapping my ears and a contented smile on my face.


Now the sun is setting.  We have to take Mike home soon.  I hope you all had a happy Easter, Passover, or whatever holiday it is you humans celebrate.  I like this holiday.  I love my family!

Woof!  Love, Maggie

4/14/14 Aloha Chicken

Mom whipped up a dish for dinner that she calls, “Aloha Chicken”, since she learned how to make it when she was serving in the Navy in Hawaii.  Basically, she takes a bunch of sauces, pineapple, and chicken, and either cooks it in the crock-pot or bakes it in the oven.  She serves it with rice (white or yellow) and a steamed vegetable. 

I didn’t think I was going to get a taste, even though I licked Mom and Jamie’s respective elbows.  I was sitting there, thinking, “Aloha, chicken” when Mom gave me a few tidbits off her plate.  While I devoured it, I thought, “ALOHA! Chicken!”  We could use a bit of the tropics right now, considering it has started to snow.  AGAIN.

This weekend, we had mild temperatures and sun.  So, I lay down in the back yard next to Mom and watched some robins.


The sun felt warm, and good, and I was happy to be outside for a bit.  I’ve pretty much given up on chasing robins, or other birds (except for the geese) because they are fast and fly away quickly.  So, now when I go outside and see some birds, I put on fierce stance, and give them The Look, then let them fly away.

Up on the sloping part of the back yard that we call Breed’s Hill, some flowers are budding:


But, now it is snowing, and everyone is worried about our tender little blooms.

We are supposed to get 1/2″ of snow.  It’s enough that I don’t want to go outside.  Mom gave me a new chew bone, and I think I’ll stay in, curled up on my blanket and chewing on my new acquisition.

Hope the weather is better where you are,

Woof!  Love, Maggie

12/24/13 Noises on the Roof

Last night was a happy and strange night for me.  As I have mentioned, this is my first Christmas as a family pet in a real home, and I enjoyed myself immensely surrounded by my boisterous family.  Dad stayed home and cooked, and Mom, Erik, Jamie, and Jenny headed out for “church”.  I have never been to “church,” but Mom says she will take me in the Spring when they bless the animals.

I kept an eye on Dad.  After everyone came home, I was overjoyed and surprised to find Mike walking through the door!  I was so happy to see him.  I wish we could see Mike more. 

The humans did some really unusual things.  They popped open these shiny paper “Christmas Crackers”, put on little crowns, and dug around in a “Christmas Pudding”.  They played Christmas music, and talked loudly, and laughed and laughed.  I remember when I first got here and we had Erik’s birthday party.  I was frightened of the laughter and the noise of my family.  Now, I love it.

Gradually, everyone went out to do the things they had to do, leaving me home with Jamie and Mom.  They both got ready for bed.  After we tucked Jamie in, Mom fell asleep for a short time.  I lay close by, keeping watch.

Mom got up and wandered over to the stockings hanging on the mantelpiece.  She was wondering when they would be filled when suddenly, we heard a loud, thundering noise and voices up on the roof.  Mom dropped the stocking and ran upstairs, flinging the covers over her head.  I stood in the doorway and barked and barked.  Jamie, magically, did not wake up. 

This morning, when we woke up, there were presents piled all over the floor, and there was a huge rawhide bone for me.


I’m not sure what happened up there on the roof last night.  But I am nearly halfway finished with the bone today.

I hope you all had a happy holiday (whatever you celebrate) and a very Merry Christmas.

Woof!  Love, Maggie

9/8/13 The Basement


(Oh, boy!  Dad’s taking Mom out to dinner!  Woof!)

My people spent the day cleaning out the basement today.  The clutter, boxes, and discarded stuff from all the people who used to live here was monumental.  The worst was the huge, 200 pound TV that had to be brought up the stairs.  It was ridiculous!  Dad and Mom loaded it onto a dolly and Dad hoisted it up the stairs while Mom lifted from the bottom.  I was trapped in the stairwell behind them, watching them sweat and heave and mess up the door while I stood on the landing, tail between legs, whining.

Once the TV was dealt with, multiple…about 150…trips up and down the stairs were necessary to haul out all the junk.  I helped by running between everyone’s legs while their arms were full.  I also found a pen, some plastic toys, an old cassette tape, and a discarded tennis ball, to chew and shred while everyone else was occupied.  I left the little, tiny pieces of chewed material on the carpet for Mom to find.  I think Mom was wishing she had that Kirby, but I can’t be sure, because she was mumbling and flicking away beads of sweat.

Anyway, they did such a nice job that they are going out to dinner!  Wonder if they’ll bring home a doggie bag!  Yum!

Woof!  Love, Maggie