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6/21/13 Grin


(I know it’s a huge photo.  But it’s just so darn silly!)

Mom had to go to the VA Hospital to see Dr. L. for a checkup today.  Dr. L. keeps Mom in tip-top shape.  I’m really glad about that, because I want Mom around for a long time.  She’s a great source of Mommy-love and belly rubs.  Since the VA is kind of far, Erik came and sat with me for a bit so I wouldn’t be in the crate too long.  I guess I’m kind of spoiled in that regard.  We had a wonderful and fun visit!

My big, happy surprise came when Mom got home.  She gave me this cool stuffed bird (no squeaky toys for me)!  As you can see from the picture, I was grinning from ear to ear.  No, this is not a Photoshopped smile!

I smile a lot first belly rub in the morning, when I am so happy to see my master after the long, dark night.  That very first petting fills me with happiness, joy, and contentment.  I cannot suppress the grin stealing over my face or the thumping of my tail on the ground.  No matter what the day may bring, at that moment, I am filled with the golden smoothness of knowing that I am loved, and that I love right back.

Have you ever seen your dog(s) smiling?  Watch for it; it’s beautiful.

Love, Maggie