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1/15/15 Say, Can I Say?

Can I say a few things?

Like, all the changes to WordPress are kind of tweaking me out. I might have to switch back to “classic” mode, because it kind of bothers me to see, “Yay!” after I create a post. Call me a curmudgeon, (get it? “cur” mudgeon) but I don’t like the “Yay” business. It’s harder to follow comments, too. I could gripe a while, but I’ll spare you.


Speaking of tweaking, Mom learned the hard way not to tweak my dog food. She changed my usual brand, and, while the new one was tasty, it had two unfortunate side effects.

The first was noticed by Dad, who was rocking his groove (aka, sitting in his spot on the couch) and I lay comfortably at his feet. I had eaten dinner and was feeling fat and happy, when a little burble started in my stomach that eventually worked its way out of my hind quarters. Sniff, sniff. Dad’s glasses melted off his face and he hollered, “WHAT is that STENCH?!” I have news for Dad. Girls don’t “fart”, they “fluff”. And fluff I did!

The next morning, I ran down to my favorite spot on the landing and hurked up some green stuff. Mom said, “This is why we don’t get new carpet!” for the umpteenth time, and cleaned up the mess. Soon she was back at the grocery store, buying my usual brand of dog food and giving away the rest to Erik, whose dog’s tummy is not quite as touchy as Yours Truly.

My stomach discomforts aside, Jamie has been working on a Lego “The Tumbler” Batmobile. It’s got about a zillion little (crunchy) plastic pieces, and they are all separated into little (crunchy) plastic bags with numbers on them. It’s become quite the game between him and I; him doing the building and me snatching the little bags and making a break for it. But his progress is very good. He only has about three bags left. Here are pictures of the interior and jet engine:




I’ll post a complete picture of “The Tumbler” when it’s completed. Yes, Jamie is certainly quite the Lego engineer.

Now if he could only engineer me up some dog food that didn’t make me fluff.

Woof! Love, Maggie