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10/7/15 Of Sunny Days, and Miscellaneous Poop

One thing about the weather here in Illinois: predictably, it’s unpredictable!

All last week we were freezing with well below normal temperatures. Mom had on her fuzzy socks and flannel night clothes, lighting the fireplace (how did we live without it?) every evening.

Today, it is about 75, Mom has her shorts on, and the windows wide open to let in all the light and air.

So it’s a beautiful day! Mom decided this was a good opportunity to pick up the dog bombs in the back yard. She hooked me to my nice, long tether, donned a pair of disposable, plastic gloves, and armed herself with a few bags.

Mom busied herself with the task at hand. I was delighted to be outdoors, and stuck my nose as deeply into the grass (and weeds) as I could get it. Sniff! Aah, wonderful outdoors-y smells. The warm sun shone on my white fur and I felt content.

Then I uncovered a secret treasure: a dropping of cat poop from one of the feral cats that roam about in the yard. Mom was safely on the other side of the yard, up on the little hill, picking up poop.

Seeing my chance, I flopped on my back and I rolled in my rich, decadent treasure. Mom looked up and saw me on my back, smiling wide, and wriggling back and forth, back and forth. Mom laughed and said I was a “silly girl to be rolling in the grass” and went back to her task. I was as luxurious in that cat poop as a fine lady in a bubble bath.

Mom finished up her labors and stripped off the gloves, deposited them in the bags, and tightly tied them up. Depositing them in the trash bin, she then went over to the hose and sprayed her hands thoroughly. She gathered up my leash and came toward me to take me in the house, where she would give her hands a proper soaping up.

I sat up at Mom’s approach. Mom looked at my white coat and gasped audibly. She took a step closer, which happened to be downwind, and gagged. “Smelly!” she choked.

In no time flat she’d unhooked me, leashed me, and frog-marched me upstairs.


I had been well-pleased with myself but realized I looked a sorry lot for Mom. She shut the bathroom door firmly and I knew what that meant:


Time for a bath!

When I was dried off and not stinky anymore, Mom fixed my blue blanket on the bed and let me lie upon it. She patted my head and kissed me on the nose. She said she understood about the cat poop and that we all have to do these things, sometimes.

Here’s to sunny days, making messes, and then cleaning them up!

Woof! Your sparkling clean girl, Maggie


3/18/14 Busy, busy

I’ve been very busy lately!  Let me be the first to say, I know nothing – nothing at all – about the 50 pounds (and then some!) of dog poop that the melting snow uncovered in the backyard.  (Gives most innocent look)

Mom and Jamie went out back to take advantage of the nice weather – umm, clean up the landfill of poop – while I sniffed at the remaining ice-packed snow and kept a lookout for That Rabbit.  After the massive cleanup, showers were had by all.  The stinky humans needed it. 

This weekend, Mom, Dad, and Jamie headed out for some real rest and relaxation at The Herrington Inn, Geneva, IL (check out the place at: http://www.herringtoninn.com).  That means I headed out to Canine Obedience College in Alsip (to be fair, http://www.canineobediencecollege.com) for a rousing weekend with The Alpha Male.  It was a play-hard weekend for me, and I came home with my tail wagging and happy to see my chair.  Nothing like the “take me a week to recover from one night” at PetSmart.

While Mom was out, Laurel swung by and caught me napping in the crate.  She took me out for a long walk to the stables and gave me a relaxing massage afterwards.  Please don’t tell me I’m spoiled.  I know that I am!  We went out back and I saw the rabbit.  I laid my ears back and went to give chase when – yank! – I realized I was still on a lead and attached to Laurel.  Foiled again!

Mom and Jamie are putting me out on the tether now.  I guess I’ll have to get used to it.  Mom says there’s no keeping me in the yard when that rabbit is around!

Spring is coming…I can feel it!  And I can see its bunny ears!

Woof!  Love, Maggie


(Who, me?  I know nothing!)



9/16/13 Weekend Update

Other than the migraine incident, we did have one nice day this weekend, and Mom decided to take advantage of it and put up the Halloween decorations.  Our house is now festooned with pumpkins, cats (jeez, cats!), and smiling monsters and skeletons.  I am very interested in the spooky little Halloween village, but Mom says, “Paws off!” so I am keeping my distance.  For now, anyway.

I’ve never experienced holidays of any sort before in a real home, and the preparation is exciting to me!  There is much mischief to be made with cardboard boxes of decorations and their newspaper stuffing.  Much shredding to do (nods wisely) and no coffee aftertaste like when I steal the K-cups!

Mom and Jamie and I put up an inflatable witch in front of the house.  I helped by stealing the hammer and rolling in the grass not long after my bath.  I like all the decorations.  Mom decorates cute, not scary, so there’s no weird noises or flashing lights to tweak a dog out.  Mom wonders how I will do at “Christmas”.  She says Christmas is her favorite, and she decorates every room.  I’ll bet there’s a LOT of newspaper and boxes then!  Whoo-hoo!  I can’t wait.


Finishing off the weekend, Mom and Dad went to the store after Jamie went to bed.  Mom needed a new pillow.  Her old one was flat and hard and she said it wasn’t helping her head any lying on a piece of concrete.  So off they went, leaving me alone in the house with a sleeping Jamie.

Normally, I’d just wander into his room and go to sleep myself on the cushy dog bed.  But lately, I’ve taken to nabbing Jamie’s Lego bricks, socks, shoes, and, really, anything I can get a mouth on.  If you saw Jamie’s room, you’d know I have a lot of snatch n’ dash options!  So, they shut his door before they left.  Big mistake.

When my human parents came home, they were less than delighted to see (and smell) the large package of dog “surprise” I had deposited on the hallway floor.  I came out happily to given them an initial greeting, and tell them I was pleased they weren’t gone too long, but quickly slunk under the dining room table when confronted with two sets of pointing fingers and Mom giving me “The Look”.

Mom cleaned up the surprise package while Dad did a great job of standing and pointing, and saying, “Uh-oh!”  I guess that’s a fair distribution of labor.  I felt bad about what I did, but then again, “–it happens”!

Fortunately, they weren’t too mad at me, and we all trooped upstairs to bed, with the new pillow in tow.  Comfy! 

Hope you had a great weekend!  Woof!  Love, Maggie