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7/28/15 Of Dragonflies, Peanut Butter, and Riding in Cars (not in that order)

Today has been a very busy day. My young human Jamie is in that thing called, “Driver’s Ed” and Mom has been driving him to this school and back every day. There’s irony in that, somewhere.

Lately, she’s been plopping a little medicine into the peanut butter and dragging me along.

I don’t really mind, because I’d rather be riding than in the crate. As long as I have my tummy medicine, that is!


Oh, I smell the peanut butter opening…


It’s so good, I can’t resist!

After taking my motion-sickness medicine, Mom waits for an hour or two and then we go out to the car. I know I am going, and do a little happy dance. “COMEHERECOMEHERECOMEHERE!” Mom says sternly, trying to put on my collar. Then we go out and load up in Zeus the Fiat.

At last we are on the way:


When do I get to ride in front????

Anyway, back and forth we went. To the school. Home. Back to the school. Back home. It was 91F out today, and the grass felt sticky. It was hot, we were all hot, and the humans decided to go into the pool.


Maybe if I conceal myself under this chair, Mom won’t take me back out.

But, she did take me back out. While we were in the yard (yes, I played with the squirt gun again), we saw this huge dragon fly. He danced back and forth over the pool. Mom and Jamie worried about taking the cover off the pool, fearing he would drown. Eventually, he met up with his damsel fly, and they flew away together. It was time to splash!


Yep! He’s a big ‘un.

Finally, after a thorough soaking with the squirt gun, I flopped onto the kitchen floor to rest. When I’d dried off and thought no one was looking, I sneaked over to my chair.


Mom says she loves it when I “pouch” my cheeks out when I’m sleeping. Ha! You should see the faces she makes when she’s snoozing.

Woof! Love, Maggie


7/21/15 Miscellaneous Stuff

Today started out with a car ride! I was so excited, I kept passing gas the entire time! Really, I was very happy to be out and about. Jamie started this thing called, “Driver’s Ed” and Mom and I had to take him to school. Mom kept the windows down the whole time, (I wonder why) and I happily sniffed all the air from Oak Forest to Orland Park.

*     *     *     *

This afternoon, Mom got a bucket and a couple of bottles of spray stuff and sponges. I wondered what she was doing. She backed Zeus out of the garage and told Jamie, “Car wash time! Go get the ShopVac, please.” I watched the humans through the front window. They looked quite sweaty. Today was a glorious, sunny, beautiful day and I wanted to go out and help. So I “kamikaze-d” the door to the garage, making it shake on its hinges. Mom popped her head in the house and told me not to be a silly girl, that she had no where to secure me in the front, and they would be done in a bit.

When they were finished, Zeus looked like a sparkling new car. He was washed, waxed, vacuumed, and tire-shined. Mom said she could imagine him wriggling with pleasure at all the attention. Better him than me. I hate taking a bath.

I do, however, like chasing water. After the humans cleaned and shined Zeus, they went into the pool for a dip. Jamie (who is easy on his toys) has an ancient squirt gun from the dollar store that is shaped like a giant crayon.  Mom swears he’s had it since he was like, 5. While my people splashed around, Jamie took the squirt gun and shot the water in an arc towards me. I chased that water and jumped like a dolphin at the zoo and barked at the droplets. I had so much fun. I got a little wet, and I Houdini-d myself off the tether. Mom put me back on and I lay in the sun to dry off. A nice day is a blessing around here, with all the rain we’ve had.

*     *     *     *

Today is the 21st, and this is the day Mom gives me my heartworm treat and my liquid flea & tick repellent. I love the treat, it’s so beefy tasting, but I dislike the feeling of the cold medicine between my shoulders. Granted, I can’t complain on how the product works, but…brrrr! That feeling! So Mom is trying to act all nonchalant about opening up the vial, and she has the treat in one hand. When I hear the vial go, “snap” I make a beeline into the living room. She coaxed me with the treat, though, and while I was eating it, she administered the repellent. Oh well. Safe from fleas & ticks for another month.

Hope you all had a glorious, wonderful, sunny, beautiful, day!

Woof! Love, Maggie


7/6/15 The Broken Toe

So, here is the story of Jamie’s broken toe.

Jamie actually broke his toe last week, falling UP the basement stairs.

Mom and Dad were already bunked down for the night when they heard the BOOM! of Jamie solidly hitting the landing. Mom bolted upright and screamed, “JAMIE! ARE YOU OK??” to which Dad rolled over and mumbled, “He’s fine.”

Jamie said afterwards that it felt like he had walked the plank and suddenly the Earth flew up and hit him. He took the rest of the stairs quickly in an attempt to “walk it off”. He then headed to his room and promptly put a sock on, telling Mom, “I’m fine.” Dad mumbled, “See? I told you he was fine.”

Mom said, “That didn’t sound ‘fine’ to me.” I opened a sleepy eye from my spot at the foot of the human bed and thumped my tail when Jamie limped into the room.

Mom de-socked Jamie and looked at the toe. It was swollen, and there was a thin blue line under the toenail of the big toe on his left foot. Mom got the ice pack and Ibuprofin, while Jamie insisted nothing was wrong.

But the toe did not get better and finally Mom had had enough of this sock-foolery. So to the ER Jamie did go, and there the X-Ray revealed a Closed Fracture of the Great Toe.

Here I am, watching over Jamie’s foot:



Doesn’t it look like I am being a good Nanny Dog? He has my undivided attention.

Woof! Love, Maggie

6/26/15 I’ve Only Done What They Asked Me To Do

Yesterday, Mom and Jamie met some New People. They went over by the New People’s house.

Mom came back sad. She said that I was brought up during their conversation. She said that the husband shook his head and said, quote, “I would never love or trust a Pit.” Many people feel the same.

Mom stroked my back and told me she said to him that I was loving, loyal, and a good girl. Sure, I have my issues. Who doesn’t?

In all my life, I’ve only done what they asked me to do. The humans who abused me before. The humans who took care of me at the Shelter. And the humans I have now. Yet, I am feared, I am discriminated against. Who made me this way?

The long-time-ago humans took me from my mother when I was just a puppy. When I was very young, they made me have puppies, then they took them, too, and kicked me out. Into the snow. You know what Chicago winters are like. Not even people from Alaska want to come here in December and January. But there I was, on the street, with my naked pink paws and thin, thin coat.

It’s not my fault I wasn’t socialized with other animals. It’s not my fault I was kept in a cage. In all my life, I’ve just wanted the humans to love me. I have lived to please. I remember when the man from the Shelter shook Mom’s hand and said, “You’re taking Maggie? She’s such a people person.”

I’m a people person. And I dream of the day when me and my kind have an equal chance like other dogs.

Woof! Love, Maggie (a little bit sad)


6/16/15 Maggie’s Walk

Yesterday was an extremely rainy day. Today, it was cool and bright and sunny.

Dad actually got a break in the middle of his day and came home to eat lunch. Mom suggested we use the time to go for a walk! Naturally, I was doubly excited – Dad home AND a walk. Hooray!

The humans struggled to get me into the harness. I wagged my bottom and licked their faces and rolled on my back and showed my belly. Apparently, this was not what they wanted, because Dad said in a stern voice, “SIT!” I sat.

Fortunately, from a lifetime of playing with Legos, Jamie’s hand/eye coordination is very good, and he was able to buckle the harness fairly quickly. Off we went!


Dad suggested we go to the Midlothian woods because it would be less crowded. That’s the neat thing about Dad being home; he always has good ideas about going places.

We got to the woods and walked for two miles. During this time I found every mud puddle and gave myself a beauty mud spa treatment. I saw two little yappy dogs and raised my ears to them but Mom gave me a firm, “Leave it!” so I left it. She said I was a good girl, and was even better when a strapping Staffordshire boy dog came my way. Again with the, “Leave it!” and more praise from Mom. Dad said I seemed more relaxed.

Then we came up to this little guy. I went over for a sniff, but Mom held me back.


He was a very interesting little fellow, and smelled like the pond near our house. When he saw me, he pulled his legs and head in his shell. Dad said the turtle looked hot and dry, so he poured a little bit of water near his head. The turtle stuck his head back out, and looked happy.

As we left the parking lot, a little bit of a Min-Pin stuck his head out the window of a passing van and yipped at me as if his very life depended on it. Jamie roared with laughter, calling it a “doggie drive-by”. Indeed!

When we finally got home, Mom and Jamie hustled me up to the walk-in shower. (WHY does everything have to end in a bath???!) Mom cleaned me with the Argon Oil shampoo, and soon I was soft as a new chick’s feather. “How do I smell?” asked Jamie (who is going to the movies later). “Like Funyons, and like you need a shower,” retorted Mom. So Jamie had to have a bath, too. Well, there’s some justice in the world.

Soon, I was ready for my nap.


Goodnight, all!

Love, Maggie