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6/5/13, The Maggie Mobile, and Lance Armstrongs


A huge box arrived today from the man with the big truck.  Jamie and Mom were very excited over it!  Jamie tore open the box and proceeded to tinker around with a very strange-looking thing that he called, “The Maggie Mobile”.  What this had to do with me, I had no idea.  But I was about to find out!

Soon he had built a crate on two wheels that he was very proud of.  Then he went into the garage and there I was shocked to discover that both he and Mom had the two-wheels that nearly run me down when I am walking in the woods!  They call them “bikes” but Jamie calls the people who ride them, “Lance Armstrongs”.  I’m getting a little off track here, but when we’re out in the woods, he’ll say, “Look out, Maggie, Lance Armstrong at 1:00!” then he pulls me to the side as some guy in tight pants whizzes by on the two-wheels, er, bike.

Anyway, once I got over my shock that my family owned these things, I was even more surprised when Jamie pulled out what he called a “dogbone” and connected the crate (he called it a “trailer”) to Mom’s bike and said, “Let’s take Maggie for a ride!”  Then they tossed assorted treats into The Maggie Mobile and tried to coax me into it.

The rolling death trap.  NO WAY was I putting a paw in there, much less my head and tail!  Oh, they tried.  They even picked me up and threw me in!  But I jumped back out again through the flap, snatching the treats as I went.  Ha!!

But I may be in trouble over the weekend.  Dad says he’s going to strap me in!!!

5/31/13 Race Track

If you can believe it, it’s STILL RAINING, and we can’t play outside!  Jamie is pulling out all kinds of toys to amaze and confuse me today.  First, he brought out a little whizzing mechanical bird called a “helly-copter” and landed it on my crate!  I tried to snap it up, but I couldn’t catch it.

Later, he brought out two of the tiniest cars I had ever seen before.  I have never been one to chase cars until today.  He put the cars on the little table in the living room on a black curvy track and they started chasing each other around.  This got me VERY excited, so I jumped up, putting my front paws and legs on the table, barking and trying to snatch the cars off with my teeth.  But they were going too fast!  I was only able to get in a couple of sniffs, and they smelled dusty.  After a few good sneezes to clear my nose, Mom finally stopped laughing long enough to say, “She’s scratching up my coffee table – put that racetrack in the kitchen!”  So Jamie moved all his toys to the other room.

I’ll be very glad when it dries up enough to play catch again, without getting soaked!

5/23/13 Biting the Hand that Feeds Me

Mom had to force me into the crate today because she had to work in the Liberry today.  She is helping to close it up.  She’s thinking of going to volunteer at the Animal Shelter I came from next.  But anyway, I was in the crate for what seemed like a long time and when she and Jamie came home, I was so happy and excited to see them I wagged my tail so hard that my entire behind shook.  Jamie took me out in the yard right away to play because I was bursting with energy.  Then when I had run around for a while, Mom gave Jamie a snack and me a huge Rawhide to chew on – my favorite!

But I guess being in the crate kind of did something to me, because when Mom took me out to play later I was in kind of a bad mood.  When she tried to use the “out” command to make me drop a toy so she could re-throw it (like Laurel does), I snarled at her and tried to bite her hand.  I’m ashamed of myself now, but it’s what I did at the time.  After talking on the phone with Laurel, Mom took me back outside and we tried again.  This time, when I started my tricks, Mom wasn’t having any of it and I backed down.  Mom thinks I am feeling too comfortable, and now I am trying to see who is the boss around here.  Maybe that’s true.  I know that sounds lousy because this is a really nice family.  But you can’t blame a dog for trying to be on top.  Mom is being nice to me, but she is being very strict, too.

Much later, Jamie found this old noisy thing called a “clarinet” that made a horrible sound like all the squeaky toys I have ever terrorized mixed into one, come back to get me.  I hid under the table til clarinet was put away.  My poor ears!