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7/26/13 Guess What Happened Today?

I cannot believe this even happened.  I fell asleep in Jamie’s room on the comfy dog bed and Mom and Jamie LEFT THE HOUSE and WENT TO THE STORE and didn’t put me in the crate at all!!  They just left me sleeping there and sneaked out.  I was so konked out, I didn’t notice a thing until they came back home and called me downstairs!  Then I got lots of loving and a treat!

Whoo-hoo!  I didn’t destroy anything!  Since I was so good, Mom and Jamie took me out on a really long walk that tired me out.  I came home and collapsed on the kitchen floor.  (It wasn’t too hot today, but still!)  That kitchen floor felt nice.

Woof!  (tail wags) Love, Maggie


7/19/13 A/C and Mom’s Birthday

The Air Conditioner is back on line.  The Repairman came and I had to go in the crate.  Jamie put the fan not too far from my crate and Mom turned it on so that I would be cool.  By the time the transformer was fixed, it was over 80 degrees in the house!  So I’m glad I had the fan.

I don’t like being in the crate, though. 

Grandma came over and I jumped on her.  A couple of times.  They are really trying to keep me off her.  Then Grandma said, “You’d Better Get Rid of That Dog!”

Back in the crate.  Mom said, “We are Not Getting Rid of That Dog.”  Mom does not look happy and in fact, she looks stressed out.  Grandma is here until tomorrow and Mom has to watch both of us.  I’m confused, because Grandma keeps saying to get rid of me, then she feeds me at the table.  I know she feeds me, so I jump on her.  Mixed signals from humans do not help me at all.

At least Mom is going to see a Bruce Willis movie tonight for her birthday after Grandma goes to bed.  I suppose I will have to go back in the crate, because of the jumping thing.  (sigh) I am not looking forward to going back in the crate. 

Well, at least Air Conditioner is working.

Love, Maggie







7/17/13 More Random Thoughts

I feel like such a girly-girl today.  I went to the groomer’s and was there for almost 3 hours.  Granted, they were running a little late, but I saw lots of dogs, got a bath, a conditioner, my nails filed, teeth brushed, breath spray (hhhhhello!) and a spritz of cologne.  Mmmm-mmm!  Nice!

Laurel came by today and since it was like 100 degrees outside, we worked on commands in the house.  This got me to thinking about the incident with Rufus.  I guess the problem was not me defending my territory and family, but the fact that when Mom yelled for me to stop I did not stop.  I know obedience school is going to help me with this.

It’s after 10:00 pm and Dad is still not home from work yet. 

Mom and Jamie went for a “midnight swim” after dinner and we could hear the coyotes yowling.  At first we thought it was an ambulance.  There was definitely a pack of animals.  I barked out some warnings but we went in soon afterward.  Brrrr!

Mom made a reservation for me at the pet hotel for when they go out of town for a weekend.  I’m going to be spoiled rotten!

Tomorrow is Dad’s birthday.  The day afterwards is Mom’s.  Partytime!

Stay cool!

Love, Maggie





6/27/13 Pet Surprise, Part 2

Mom bought a big new filter for the smaller fish tank because she said the fancy goldfish are growing and the Fish Surprise is winning the battle.  I have seen her grimly cleaning the gravel with the Quiet Vacuum a lot lately, so maybe this will help the situation.

Jamie took this opportunity to ask if he could get a Betta fish for his bedroom and Mom completely flipped out.  “No!”  she snapped.  “I am cleaning up Fish Surprise in two rooms and Dog Surprise in the backyard.  There is (surprise!) everywhere and you don’t need more (surprise!) in your room!  I’m not getting another thing to clean up after!”

I watched this heated retort with great interest, head cocked to one side.  But Jamie didn’t return fire, he just looked crestfallen.  It is true that no one but Mom cleans up any of the surprises.  Dad will just point to them with his eyebrows raised and say, “Hmmmm?”

Mom used to say that if she was rich, she would get a horse.  I guess that is all out the window, now, even though dogs and horses get along great and I think it’s a good idea.  But somehow I can’t imagine Mom shoveling out great heaps of Horse Surprise.  Where would she put it?  We don’t live too far from a stable, and sometimes when I am on my walk I see the man driving a tractor full of the stuff down the street.  I could just imagine Mom driving a tractor full of Horse Surprise through the backyard and piling it up near the pond out in front of the house.  I’m sure the neighbors would appreciate it!

Makes the Fish Surprise look like an easy deal.  I think the horse will have to wait.

Love, Maggie