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4/22/15 Mom’s Been Sad

Mom’s been very sad lately. She got a phone call from her sister over the weekend, and her sister was very, very, ill. Mom’s sister lives just over the border one state. It was late at night, and Mom’s sister had to go to the hospital. Mom grabbed Dad and off they went.

I was left in charge of Jamie. I kept Jamie busy by nudging open the closet door and pulling shoes and scarves and gloves out of it. When Jamie got tired of that game, he put something in front of the closet to keep my nose out of it. Then we relaxed and watched some TV.

Jamie and I stayed up until the early morning. I think about 3. Then Jamie sleepily crawled into Mom’s side of the bed and I followed, laying at his feet and guarding him. It was an important responsibility. Mom and Dad came home about an hour later. Mom gently prodded Jamie to his bed and Dad took me out. Then we all crawled into the human bed and tried to get some sleep.

Mom could not sleep a wink. I even tried to cuddle with her but she just stroked my back in an distracted way. The next day, she took a nap for two hours and felt a little bit better. Of course, I stayed with her. But Mom was moving like a zombie. She hadn’t seen her sister in four years because she moved around a couple times, and for Mom to see her so thin and ill, really disturbed her. I guess, you know, first I got sick then right after I healed Mom’s sister got sick. So it was kind of a double whammy for her. She’ll be OK though. I’m here to watch over her.

Woof! Love, Maggie


4/12/15 I’ve been away

Sorry I haven’t written. I have been away at Canine Obedience. Mom pulled a fast one and took the family to Starved Rock for a weekend trip, and that landed me back with the Alpha Male for some dog time and re-training. Mom says Starved Rock was really beautiful, and she will do a post about it, so you all will know what a special place it is.

I was so lonely without my family. Granted, I have loads of fun with the Alpha Male, and we run and play a lot, but at night, I missed curling up on the bed next to Mom and Dad. So I was incredibly happy to see my family, smiling at me after pulling up in Dad’s van. The Alpha Male and I were seated, looking out of the window at the school, and saw them in the parking lot.

Mom jumped out of the van first and was all smiles as she opened the door. Even though I was filthy from playing outside, and must admit, somewhat smelly, she enveloped me in a gigantic hug and kissed me on the nose. Dad said I was a good girl and gave me a couple of pats. Then we were going home.

The drive home was uneventful and soon I was wagging my tail at the sight of our house. Mom had commented to Dad that I was very quiet in the car and looked serious. I was serious! Going home was serious business to me.

I came in the kitchen and drank a whole bowl of water. Then Mom took me out and I went to the potty. The next thing I knew, I was in the bath. Phooey. Actually, I didn’t mind so much because, truth me told, I could smell me, and I didn’t want to stink up the bed. So I stood quietly for my bath and even let Mom put my ear drops in. I gave a good, soaking shake when I got out and then lay down on my blanket.

I’m sure you can understand that I am over tired and to-the-bone-exhausted. I’m going to sleep now. I’m glad to be back, and I missed you all very, very, much.

Woof! Your friend, Maggie


12/26/14 The Letter I Got From Santa, And Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, Mom hung up a stocking for me over the fireplace. Then she put trees in front of the fireplace so I would not be tempted to jump up and snatch the stocking down. On Christmas morning, the stocking was stuffed full of goodies, and, lo and behold, a letter from Santa Claus himself!

The letter said that I had been a very good girl this year. I was happy to hear that! I have been trying so hard.

I also received a rawhide shaped like a wreath, a package of small rawhide treats, a new Nylabone, a giant KONG stuffed dog toy, and a treat jar full of soft treats.

Most special to me, though, was a new dog tag from “Tags for Hope”. The tag is shaped and colored like a driver’s license (made to look like it’s issued from your state), and has my picture on it. It has Mom’s cell phone number in big text on the top, and my name, fur color, eye color, species, and breed on the front. On the back, Mom had the Tags people include that I am very friendly to humans, but do not get along well with smaller animals. She also listed my allergies, my vet’s phone number, and my microchip number.

I am touched that my humans love me so much that they don’t want to chance anything happening to me should I become lost. Being home with my family was the greatest gift of all this year, and that’s not found in any bag or box under the tree.



We had company all Christmas Eve. The kids came over separately: first, Erik, because he was off work. Then Jenny, when she got off work; then they left, and a short time later the human Mike came over. Mostly, the humans ate, opened their gifts, ooohed and aaahed over how well I was behaving, gave me pets and loving, and played games at the kitchen table. Mom did not want to do a lot of “entertaining” because she is still healing, and because I behaved, she was able to relax and take it easy.

Of course, Mom could not resist giving me tidbits with my kibble for Christmas Eve dinner. I tasted some turkey, baby carrots, and lamb. Of course, I wanted the cookies, but had to settle for a rawhide!

Mom wrote a little bit about me to the Animal Welfare League (Chicago Ridge, IL) Facebook, and they put me on as their cover photo. That is the shelter I was adopted from. So if you are on FB and want to check it out, I thought I should mention it.

Whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope you had a good one, filled with love from your humans and animal companions. I hold you all close in my big canine heart, and wish all of you a very Happy New Year!

Woof! Love, Maggie

12/23/14 Santa’s Twerk Shop (jib jab)

Last night, I had a house full of humans. Uncle Wayne came over and took Jamie, Jenny, and Erik out for pizza. He exchanged gifts with Jamie and got him a really nice microphone and filter for his DJ work. Jamie was delighted!

When the humans came back from eating the pizza, we had some hilarious fun. First off, Uncle Wayne knows how to rile me up like no one can! We played and I got belly rubbed until I licked his glasses off his face. He knew I appreciated all the attention!

Then Uncle Wayne threw my blankets over me and called me a “Maggie burrito”. It was chilly and I didn’t mind the blankets, so I chewed them while I wore them a little bit:


Erik also gave me a lot of attention, and I have photo proof that I am a 55 lb. lap dog:


Then Erik busted out this app on his phone from the folks at jib jab, called “Santa’s Twerk Shop”.

First, he took pictures of everybody’s faces, then superimposed them on the elf faces. Then he started the app, which looked like the whole family was cartoon elves, twerking all over the workshop and the presents. It really was funny, being a cartoon and all, and Mom laughed so hard she almost fell down. She was holding on to the wall. But not before leaning over the couch to get a better look, and thus screaming in Dad’s ear with laughter!  Dad stuck his finger in his ear and laughed, too, Erik was laughing so hard he had tears in his eyes. And Jamie kept smirking and saying, “This is so wrong!” But everybody thought it was funny. I was excited and bounded all over the room, wagging my tail and hanging my tongue out. I like to see my humans having a good time, and if I’m involved, so much the better!

Woof! Love, Maggie

12/21/14 The Marathon Cookie Bake

I was delighted when Erik showed up early to start off the Marathon Cookie Bake. Mom had been prepping for a couple of days: cans of fruit filling, bags and bags of powdered sugar, brown sugar, an assortment of nuts (besides my family), flour, cans of milk, chocolate chips, and the like took up all the space on the counter top.

Every cookie pan of every size had been taken out of the cabinet and cleaned. Mom also cleaned out the fridge, gutting it of perfectly good (read: old, moldy, “science experiment” leftovers) that I probably would have eaten had she not had Jamie take the bags out to the garbage cans immediately. Mom said she needed the space to chill dough and candy. Candy???!!!

I peeked in the fridge and the only things left in it were: milk, eggs, and more butter than I’ve ever seen anywhere. Low-fat cookies? Not on your life!

Erik arrived at 9:30 and they immediately went to work making Grandma’s Ice Cream Kolacky. They made two full batches. They moved immediately to Mexican Wedding Cakes, shortbread, spritz cookies, gingerbread, Pecan Tassies, chocolate chips (with and without nuts) and finally, the candy: fudge and peanut butter balls. Patiently, I waited to be the Official Tester, but had to satisfy myself with the crumbs and powdered sugar that ended up on the floor. Foiled again!


Jamie ended up being the Official Taster because so much chocolate was involved. He says the cookies passed muster and washed them down with a little milk:


But the real treat was Dad, who came home from work and said, “COOKIES MINE!!!”


I did get a couple of Marrow Bone treats for being a good dog. We had a great time visiting, dancing, listening to music, and baking. I love when the humans dance, because I get up on my hind legs and dance along. Mom was laughing so hard she didn’t get a picture. Overall, it was a great cookie bake!

At the end of the marathon, Mom said she was sore and felt old and couldn’t stand up straight. She said she thought she’d absorbed sugar and butter through her skin and felt like she’d OD’d on sweet stuff. She said, “No more cookies!”

It’s going to take her a couple of days to eat some, I think. Meanwhile, I keep looking slyly at the containers, willing them to fall off the table. Then I’ll be able to say, “cookies MINE!” Woof!

Love, Maggie