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6/20/15 A Pre-Father’s Day Celebration

Since the humans are so spread out in their obligations, we are having a Pre-Father’s Day celebration here. Mike and Erik and Jenny are coming over for a late dinner, and probably a bonfire in the back yard. Mom is calling it, “Father’s Day Weekend”. Dad will open his gifts tonight.

Mom has been busy all day, making sure things are as close to “just right” as she can get them. What a fussbudget!

Mom baked this lovely pie for Dad. It’s a butter-and-vodka crust with triple berry filling, made from fresh blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. It’s Dad’s favorite.


Naturally, I’ve been smelling the pie all day, and naturally, too, that’s all I’m getting: a sniff. However, I did overhear Mom saying that she had a peanut-butter Pupsicle for me, so I’m getting dessert at least!

The other thing Mom did is to get me the most ginormous tennis ball I’ve ever seen. It’s so big I can barely get my jaws around it. So I ripped off a small piece of the covering and have been carrying it around by this “handle” I made. I think I’m rather clever!


I’m really having a good time with the tennis ball. Mom wants me tired out so I am good with company tonight.

Tomorrow, Dad, Mom, and Jamie are going to see their friends for lunch, and to a Classic Car Show.

Right now, Dad is snoring on the couch. Mom asked him to turn off the TV because she was tired of hearing the Bud Light “Fiesta” commercials. Dad turned off the idiot box and put his feet up and promptly fell asleep. He’s snoring. I tried to lick his face, but he must have RADAR in his sleep, because he pushed me away and kept on sawing logs.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there! Remember, just about anyone can be a father. But it takes someone special to be a dad.


Love, Maggie


6/16/13 Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a great day because it is all about Dad.  I love Dad!  He is the Best!  I don’t get to see Dad a lot, so when I do, it is always a special time filled with love.

Dad works 6 days a week so Mom can stay home with Jamie and me.  I have a lot of love for him for that!  I have a lot of respect for Dad, too, because of something new I learned about him.  I realized just how responsible he is by piecing together bits of conversation between him and Mom.  Apparently, there was a time not long ago when A Certain Family Member dropped off half her litter at our front door for Dad and Mom to raise, because she didn’t want to be a Mom anymore.  The rest she left to Other Family.  (I have seen this many times in the Animal Kingdom.)  This was Before My Time.

Dad and Mom had their own kids at home and Grandma duties.  At times, there were 9 humans living in the house, and not a lot of food left over.  Dad was doing all the supporting but he never complained, because he didn’t want anyone to be abandoned or Stray.

When the kids got older and moved out, Dad opened his big heart to me, and I left the Shelter after 6 months.  So to me, he is the Best Dad Ever!

Since it is Father’s Day, I got to meet Mike, Dad’s oldest son.  Mike does not live here at home anymore.  But, he came over and spent time for a visit so that Dad and Mom and Jamie could go out with their best friends, the Serafins, for something called, “brunch”.

Mike stayed and watched over Grandma and me.  We had a wonderful time!  Even though Mike is a real grown-up, he still loved to play with the tennis ball and throw the stick to me.  I like Mike a lot, and hope he comes back soon!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there, whether you had your own litter or took on a litter of someone else’s and made them your own.  Thank you for your love, hard work, and responsibility.  Woof!