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3/6/15 Car Wash

Mom played a little trick on me today. Not that it was a bad one, but it was a trick nonetheless.

Mom wanted to take Zeus to her favorite car wash, but she didn’t want to leave me and put me in the crate. So she slipped a little pill inside a lump of peanut butter, which I gratefully gulped down, then felt sleepy and rested. All the while I was resting, Mom was getting things ready: a fleece blanket in the back seat, a new air freshener unwrapped, any trash (Mom is nutso about trash in Zeus) thrown away.

After about an hour and a half human time, Mom said it was time to go. I crouched near the floor, thinking it was “crate time”, but Mom laughed at me and called me silly girl and said, “Let’s go outside to the potty, then we’ll take a ride.”

We got outside and there were some interesting ice formations, like this free-standing one inside the bush:


and this breathtaking one that Mom says looks like a chandelier:


It flows from the roof to the tree to the Evergreen all the way to the ground.

Speaking of ground, when we went out back I saw the two black cats sunning themselves in my backyard. I perked up my ears but did not bark or raise my hair. Mom patted me and told me, “Good girl, let the kitties be” and I snorted and went about my business. Mom was very proud. See, my harness (this is something new) hasn’t arrived yet and I could have easily broken out of my regular collar if I had wanted to chase the furry critters. I know I could have. But I didn’t. Mom says this is “progress”.

Finally, when we were done snooping outside, Mom led me toward the garage. I was excited and happy! I love rides in the car, but usually get sick. Mom smiled at me and told me the little pill should keep me from any discomfort. So into the back I hopped and sat on the fleece blanket.

I enjoyed being in the car but whined a little since I didn’t know where we were going. I have to hand it to Mom, she drove smoothly the whole way to the car wash, and pretty soon we were in the bay. A strange Man sprayed foamy stuff all over Zeus and then we magically went into the dark tunnel.

I was very frightened and lay down on the seat, but Mom talked to me the whole time. I have to admit the soap smelled good, but the huge rags that dangled like monsters’ tongues scared me. They made Zeus nice and clean, though:


See? All shiny. Here is a picture of me in the car. I look a little nervous.


However, I’m still glad Mom took me with and played the trick with the pill on me. My tummy was fine and I did not get carsick. And, I didn’t have to be in the crate! All this excitement has made me sleepy, so I am going to nap on my chair, now. Woof!

Love, Maggie


1/29/14 The Day After

I’ve had a pretty good Day-After-My-Birthday.  One toy is destroyed and the other has a nice dent in it.  I was able to take a nap in the sunshine at my spot at the top of the stairs.  It got up to a balmy 22 today, so I got to tag along to pick Jamie up from school (but I had to wear my coat).

I was happy to take a ride in Zeus, the little Fiat, and watched the scenery out of the window going by for a couple of blocks.  Then I figured out it was all snow, and more snow, and more snow, so I put my head on the seat and relaxed instead.

Mom didn’t give me wet food today, but she did put some of the juice from the chicken on my dry food.  Delicious!  Mom had cooked the chicken in beer and told me not to get drunk.  I wonder what she meant by that.

I also got to read the next chapter in cb’s book he is writing.  Check out http://www.contrafactual@wordpress.com for a mind-blowing zombie story, and some cool sci-fi chapters, too.  You’ll be hooked in no time!

Aside from one Hairy Bullet blanket-stealer incident, the day has been great.  Hope yours was, too!

Woof!  Love, Maggie