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7/29/13 Mischief


(My work here is done…time for a nap!)

Today I felt full of (dog) pee and vinegar, and I was showing it off to everyone.  I dare you to put a lead on me…I’ll snap at your hand!  And did you say you needed that duct tape?  Cause I’ve got it in my mouth and heading out to the backyard for a nice chew.  Muahahaha!  Slippers?  Oh, those were YOUR slippers?  Cause I chewed one up and buried the other one in the tall grass by the fence. 

What do you mean, they’re Dad’s lightbulbs?  Well, I guess I’m kinda glad you got that box away from me.  Hee hee hee!  Just don’t ask how I got into the laundry room!!

Can of dog food on the counter?  What can of dog food on the counter?  It’s on the kitchen floor now, half-eaten…shouldn’t have turned your back, I guess!

Well, my work here is done.  Time for a nap.  I don’t want anyone thinking that just because I attended one class, I’ve turned all “Labrador” and stuff.


Love, Maggie