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6/1/15 Floaties

So, it’s June 1, huh?

Feels more like a nice October day here.

Jamie and Mom spent a great deal of time cleaning out the garage. I thought I would get upset at not being allowed to run loose in the garage with them, but they propped the door open with a cd/radio player and, after letting out a couple of choice whines, I just lay on the floor and watched them. They talked to me and chucked me under the chin a few times, and it was good. I felt OK, and surprised myself!

Mom uncovered a large, black, plastic bag and said, “Oh, yes! The floaties!” Jamie hurried over to look. They brought the bag into the kitchen, and with it, a small, evil-looking pump.

The pump made a LOT of noise for being so small. I lay my ears back and watched them with a “you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me” look on my face:


Pretty soon, the kitchen was filled up with stuff like this:


Mom and Jamie explained that these strange-looking toys were floaties for the pool, and the pump had filled them up with air. They were both very excited and wanted to go swimming after their back-breaking work in the garage. It became quite cold, however, and began to rain, so that was the end of THAT.
Jamie found room in the newly-cleaned garage and put the inflated floaties back. They are hoping that Thursday will be nicer so that when Laurel comes to visit, they can play in the pool.I don’t understand why they aren’t sensible, and chew on sticks in the shade if they want to cool off.Woof! Love, Maggie