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7/22/13 Busy

Hey, I’ve been really busy the past couple of days and apologize for not being on here more often.  We’ve had lots of company over and I’ve had to spend some time in the crate, since Mom says she can’t trust me yet around people.  Saturday, obedience school – here I come!  Hopefully we can ditch the crate.

It’s been really, super hot and Mom says the pool turned green (which, of course, I cannot see) and she’s been working on it for two days nonstop.  Shock, vacuum, filter.  Shock, vacuum, filter.  All Mom and Jamie really want to do is go swimming, but they can’t.  Maybe tomorrow.

Jamie and Mom went to the gym on Saturday, and when they arrived, Jamie jumped out of the car and threw up all over the ground next to a tree.  Mom settled him down and put him back in the car and turned it around to go home.  Suddenly, Jamie told Mom to pull over and you know what happened.  Fortunately, Mom had some of my Doggie-Take-Out bags in the car and Jamie utilized them as sickness bags – all the way home.  Now, I wasn’t there for that, but I heard Mom telling Dad the story around 3:00 Human Standard Time.  Jamie went to bed, but continued being sick for 6 more hours.  Mom frantically called the doctor when she could not stop the vomiting, and they were going to take Jamie to the hospital, but he snapped out of it around 9:00 p.m. and was OK.

Apparently, Jamie had eaten a piece of watermelon that had gone sour, and it hit him like a ton of bricks.  It probably wouldn’t have been so bad, except for the fact that he recently had a bout of food poisoning and I think he was still susceptible to tummy problems.

Although there was a lot of sickness and rushing around, I kept my post for the entire time, laying at the foot of the bed and keeping a close eye on Jamie.  I’m very glad they didn’t have to take him to the hospital. 

So, keep cool everybody, and double check that watermelon!

Love, Maggie