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10/9/16 Dinner Party

Dad had his friend, “His Royal Gines*,” over for dinner last night. Mom made the occasion into a little dinner party. She used the nice dishes and glasses and everything looked sparkly. She told me not to jump and put my paws on the table, because I might accidentally pull everything down. So, I was good and kept all paws on the floor.


(*Gines is prounounced, “He-nez”, and one time, cb said, “His Royal Gines” and it kind of stuck.)

The fresh grapes and triple cream brie smelled wonderful, but Mom told me I could not have any Demon Grapes, because they are bad for dogs. She did slip me a little piece of cheese when no one was looking. Yum!

We were all happy to see Gines. Last year, you may remember, he’d had a run of bad luck where he was very sick and in the hospital, and then he lost his job. Gines is an artist and a hair designer. He had owned an upscale salon and retired. Due to the economy, his retirement was short-lived and he had to go back to work. Gines is a Continental gentleman from Venezuela, and has lived all over the world. He speaks fluent Spanish, French, and Portugese. English is his fourth language. We love Gines very much. He is family to us.

After dinner, Mom cleared away the dishes (she didn’t want anyone else to touch them) and Gines and Dad talked business while I got comfy on the couch.


They talked for a long time. Gines needed a new cell phone, and Dad was helping Gines pick out one that would be most helpful in his (Gines’) job. They talked for a long time, comparing prices and plans and “no contract!”

By this time, Mom was finished with the dishes and had seated herself next to me with a cup of coffee. Jamie was finishing up a project, and it was getting late.

Gines left amongst hugs and handshakes. It was a nice dinner party, and I will be happy to see Gines again, hopefully soon!

Woof! Love, Maggie





A fun weekend in the city (by Mom)

Hi, it’s Maggie’s human Elizabeth. Jim and I went downtown (Chicago) this weekend with our fabulous friends, the Serafins. We were celebrating our July birthdays; Joyce, 16th, Jim, 18th, and me, 19th.

I want to apologize in advance for the lack of pictures. While I was out, my phone suddenly died, and then reboot itself and I lost EVERYTHING. So please feel free to use your imaginations!

Our first stop was the Indigo Hotel (Holiday Inn’s “boutique” hotel). I fell in love with this place, because it was all decorated like a beach house. I will caution you that the rooms are very small, so if you’re planning on staying there with kids, get adjoining rooms. On the 2nd floor, they have a fitness center and spa, (which I didn’t get to use this time), but may the next time we go. The hotel was very clean, smelled great, and the staff was friendly. Parking is in the garage next door.

After meeting up with Jim (the other Jim) and Joyce, we went to The Greenhouse Theatre to see their production of, “Little Shop of Horrors”. It was wonderful! Those folks put on a GREAT show, lots of fantastic music and singing, and also very, very, funny. Tickets were only about $20, very reasonable, and live entertainment beats a movie any day in my book!

The staff was also very kind and accommodating. Jim had purchased tickets for the four of us but inadvertently signed us up for the 3:00 matinee. We were nowhere near the city at 3 p.m., so he called the box office and they switched out our seats to the 7:30 p.m. performance. They didn’t charge us anything extra, and were very nice about the whole thing. I would definitely go back there to see another play.

After the show, we walked down the street to the Aquitaine Restaurant. Again, I can’t say enough good things about this little gem. We were their final seating, yet the chef prepared our food fresh to order, served it on real china, and didn’t rush us out the door. The food was excellent and the prices reasonable. The main doors were opened outward, so the cool breeze (it had just stormed) blew in gently while we ate. I had the pear salad and French onion soup. It was just right for a late evening meal.

Overall, despite the electrical storm, it was a perfect weekend celebrating with our friends. Jamie stayed home to keep Maggie company, and he did a terrific job of “holding down the fort”.

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and again, I apologize for the lack of pictures. I am probably going to have to take my phone in for repairs.

Your friend,





12/26/15 Pitmas Day

After all the excitement of Christmas Eve, Mom was happy that Christmas Day was going to be a lot more low-key and quiet!

In the morning, we opened gifts from Santa Paws, and you can see how excited I am from this blurry picture:


I got a new stuffed squeaky toy and lots of treats! (No chicken or beef – Santa Paws must have got my letter about my food allergies!)


Dad’s friend from work, Gines, (his name is pronounced, “He-nez”) came over for a quiet dinner. We played Christmas carols in the background, and worked on “tavern puzzles” that Gines had brought over for the occasion.

Tavern puzzles are elaborate metal puzzles that have to be taken apart and put back together again. They are very difficult, yet enjoyable! The humans worked on them for a long time while I chewed on my new toy.

After a simple Christmas dinner served by Mom and Dad, Gines made the family dessert crepes and Spanish hot chocolate. They were fantastic, and he even started the crepes on fire before serving them:



Gines is from Spain. His whole family moved to Venezuela, and is still over there. Gines was recently very ill and was hospitalized for five days. He lost his job, and when we invited him for Christmas, he was at first, shy to accept, because he said he was in a “bad financial situation”. Dad and Mom assured him that what they wanted was his company. When he visited for the holiday, he said that his time and talent (in making the crepes) was “all” he could give us. My humans thanked him profusely and assured him that this was the best gift of all.

When Gines left to go home, he hugged everyone and said, “Thank you for having me over as family.” I thought Mom was going to cry!

Truly, this was the best Christmas ever.

I sincerely hope all of you have had a wonderful, meaningful, joyous, holiday.

Woof! Love, Maggie


3/5/15 Harboring Fugitives!

I can’t believe Mom is harboring fugitives (cats in the Cat Sanctuary!) Moreover, she is thrilled whenever she sees one (humpf!)

Let me explain: Our weather has been crazy here, and the snow has a thin, light, sheer coating of ice on it. This makes everything outside look sparkly and bright. It is also difficult to crunch through to use the bathroom – but! This is not a potty-complain post.

The streets are dry and whitewashed with old salt. The temperature rose a bit and Laurel came over for a brisk walk, some fun play, and coffee and a chat with Mom. As Laurel and I sauntered out the door, Mom brought up the rear with a suspicious-looking bag in her arms. “I’m going to replenish the food at the Cat Sanctuary,” Mom explained. (Double humpf!)

So, while I was frolicking on the street, trying to avoid the wind blowing up my tail, Mom waded out to the side yard, where the frosted snow reached nearly to her knees. She trod through using the path that she’d made earlier in the week, and, after making sure that no cats were about to be frightened off, she refilled the food and checked the hay. She checked the tracks of the cats to make sure they weren’t getting trapped in the snow, and made sure the window wells and behind the air conditioner unit was all clear. (I know all of this, because I heard her talking with Laurel, later on).

Then Mom trudged back to the house. We returned shortly, too, and then Mom made the coffee. I was happy to see Laurel and spend time with her, and so was Mom. Company is always nice.

In a little while, Laurel had to leave and Mom and I went back to cat-watching at the window. Sure enough, it didn’t take long for one of the black-and-whites to make itself comfortable:


Before long, the black-and-white dashed away and his friend, an all-black cat, came into the picture. But he/she is REALLY hard to see:


As evening fell, I was on sentry duty at the dining room window when the black one – or one of the black ones – reappeared on my porch. I went into a frenzy of barking and was surprised when Mom lay a gentle hand on my back and softly told me to shush. She said I should be nice to the kitty, and they are learning where the food and shelter is coming from. This made me shut up quite quickly. I do NOT want Mom to suddenly stock the house with cats!

I have to admit, though, they are kind of fun to watch from the window.

Woof! Love, Maggie

Thanksgiving 2014

I have a lot of things to be thankful for this year. I’d like to share a few of them with you.

Last year at holiday time, I was in boot camp and boarding, since I was new and my family didn’t know how I would react to having company over. This year, they are providing me with a leap of faith and I am home for the holidays. I may have to do some crate time, but at least I am home.

Home = Family and I am so thankful for my family. Last night I was having a terrible dream, crying and shaking, when Mom woke up and started petting and stroking me, talking to me the whole time, until I came out of it and licked her hand. The thing is, Mom didn’t act like I was inconveniencing her or anything, even though it was the middle of the night. The love that comes from family is truly a wonderful thing.

And friends. Where would we be without friends? I am grateful for your friendship, and I do consider you friends. 266 followers is a huge number for a simple (former) shelter dog and I am humbled and overwhelmed by you. A blog is no fun to write with no one to read it, and although people might laugh at the idea of a big old AmStaff Terrier sitting at the computer, it is true that I try to provide you with a quality blog that makes you smile at least once in your busy human day. After all, you take the time to visit me, so I certainly want to make it worth your while. I look forward to your visits – not to pump my numbers – but because I genuinely enjoy our interaction. Many of you have corresponded with me or Mom personally, and I know I can speak for Mom when I say that we are proud to call you friends and (Vanessa) family. Thank you, from the bottom of my Pitbull heart!

Happy Thanksgiving! And if you are a member of the military service, or some other profession (nurse, doctor, police, etc.) that keeps you away from your family this holiday, please accept my thanks to you for all you do for the rest of us. Sending you out a dogsmile, a big tail wag, and a happy Woof!

Love, Maggie