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A fun weekend in the city (by Mom)

Hi, it’s Maggie’s human Elizabeth. Jim and I went downtown (Chicago) this weekend with our fabulous friends, the Serafins. We were celebrating our July birthdays; Joyce, 16th, Jim, 18th, and me, 19th.

I want to apologize in advance for the lack of pictures. While I was out, my phone suddenly died, and then reboot itself and I lost EVERYTHING. So please feel free to use your imaginations!

Our first stop was the Indigo Hotel (Holiday Inn’s “boutique” hotel). I fell in love with this place, because it was all decorated like a beach house. I will caution you that the rooms are very small, so if you’re planning on staying there with kids, get adjoining rooms. On the 2nd floor, they have a fitness center and spa, (which I didn’t get to use this time), but may the next time we go. The hotel was very clean, smelled great, and the staff was friendly. Parking is in the garage next door.

After meeting up with Jim (the other Jim) and Joyce, we went to The Greenhouse Theatre to see their production of, “Little Shop of Horrors”. It was wonderful! Those folks put on a GREAT show, lots of fantastic music and singing, and also very, very, funny. Tickets were only about $20, very reasonable, and live entertainment beats a movie any day in my book!

The staff was also very kind and accommodating. Jim had purchased tickets for the four of us but inadvertently signed us up for the 3:00 matinee. We were nowhere near the city at 3 p.m., so he called the box office and they switched out our seats to the 7:30 p.m. performance. They didn’t charge us anything extra, and were very nice about the whole thing. I would definitely go back there to see another play.

After the show, we walked down the street to the Aquitaine Restaurant. Again, I can’t say enough good things about this little gem. We were their final seating, yet the chef prepared our food fresh to order, served it on real china, and didn’t rush us out the door. The food was excellent and the prices reasonable. The main doors were opened outward, so the cool breeze (it had just stormed) blew in gently while we ate. I had the pear salad and French onion soup. It was just right for a late evening meal.

Overall, despite the electrical storm, it was a perfect weekend celebrating with our friends. Jamie stayed home to keep Maggie company, and he did a terrific job of “holding down the fort”.

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and again, I apologize for the lack of pictures. I am probably going to have to take my phone in for repairs.

Your friend,






11/15/14 Oh, boy, a new toy!!

Mom and Jamie went out. When they came back, they had brought me a brand-new toy!

This isn’t just any old toy. It’s very, very, tough – even though it is made from fabric. I think it’s stitched together out of Batman’s old uniforms. It has two squeakers, and if you bite it just right it lets out a noise. I love it!

Wanna play?


Oh, you are not seriously going to try to get this toy, now, are you?


Ha, ha! I beat you to the top of the stairs! MINE!!


Oh, I’m tired now. But you’re still not getting my toy. Muahaha!


Woof! Love, Maggie

11/7/14 A Dog and Her Boy

We are getting to the time of year where it changes to dark time very quickly. It is not even 4:00 Human Standard Time here and already the sun is setting. Yesterday it was gloomy all day.

Today, however, the sun came out for a little while. Mom had put me in the crate (I always know when she is going to, even when she acts nonchalant about it) but explained that she had to get Jamie from school. I understand “Jamie” so I knew I’d be seeing him soon. I was glad, because I miss him while he is away studying all day. So the crate wasn’t too bad. I wasn’t in there too long.

When Jamie got home, I was let out with lots of petting and praise. Mom gave me a rawhide shaped like a donut and I chewed the living daylights out of it. Jamie took off his good clothes, meanwhile, and when he was done changing, we went into the back yard to take advantage of the fading sunlight. Jamie bought a K-9 Cannon that shoots the tennis balls all the way across the yard, and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was playtime.

To be honest, I am not good about fetching balls. I’d rather play with my stick instead. Which is actually a beat-up yellow Wiffle bat. I like the larger sticks, since I have a big jaw, and the bat works just fine. Dad hinted I might be getting a new one for Christmas.

Anyway, Jamie shot the balls out of the Cannon and I ran around like I was going to fetch, but instead I doubled back, crouched low to the ground, and Hairy Bullet-ed to my stick. I ran around with that while Jamie gave chase. Then we had a couple of great tug-o-war sessions:


I did end up victorious in one round. Jamie slipped and went rolling over and over on the grass. I happily chewed the stick. Mom brought Jamie the gardening gloves, and then he won again.

I had a good play, and now it’s time for a nap.


Woof! Love, Maggie

5/25/14 A Perfect Day That Ended In Disaster

Erik came over and the humans put up a volleyball/badminton net.  I had no idea how fun badminton was until I chased that birdie all over the yard!

Dad made a delicious cookout and Mom gave me some scraps.  The day was perfect and I spent the whole day chasing sticks, balls, and the birdie.  Until I found something more fun to play with.

Mom wandered over to the badminton net to check things out and noticed I wasn’t there.  She scanned the yard and did not see me.  She eventually found me in the shade by the pool with my new chew toy that I was destroying.

Except…it wasn’t a chew toy.  It was Erik’s glasses.  They fell off his shirt and into the grass, where I saw them winking in the sun and decided I just had to have them.

I have never seen Mom go nuclear before.  But I did today.

Dad managed to get one of the lenses put back into the frame.  The lens was damaged but Erik was able to at least drive home.  Mom and Dad are buying him a new set of glasses Tuesday.

I ended up on the tether after that one.


No more catching birdies for me.  The end of a perfect day, that ended in disaster!

(droops tail) Love, Maggie

5/9/14 Guest Blogger: Mom, “Mexican Getaway”

Maggie has forgiven me for the unexpected trip to the College (she had a super fun time, but still likes to act miffed at me), and kindly let me hijack the blog to briefly tell about our wonderful Mexican getaway.

My husband was awarded the trip from his company.  We were thrilled at the opportunity to go to Mexico and this time, take Jamie with us!  Unfortunately, Erik and Jenny had work schedules that would not permit them to go.  But at least I had my youngest with me, and that was a true blessing. 

The plane trip had Jamie a little nervous from the outset, and at first he just wanted the middle seat.  Once we really got moving, however, we switched seats so he could look out the window.  He loved flying!

We stayed at the NOW Sapphire Resort in the Riviera Maya area.  The resort was, of course, breathtakingly beautiful, and our room was right on the waterfront.  We could literally walk out our door and onto the white, “sugar sand” beach. 

We took a day trip to visit the Mayan Ruins at Chichen Itza.  It was fabulous to learn so much about Mayan culture and see the amazing pyramids and structures that the ancient civilizations built.  That was probably the best part of the trip.  While we were out in the scorching sun, it suddenly turned very grey and ominous, and out of nowhere, a bursting downpour was upon us.  Our guide, Manuel, told us that, “In this part of the country, the rain is a blessing” and he was right!  It cooled everything off.  We were soaked to the skin, but as Jamie said, “We were wet in the pool and happy, so why not now?”

Why indeed, not now?  Here’s to hoping that you are happy at this very moment!

Your friend, Elizabeth